"North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. As I said, they will be met with the fire and fury and, frankly, power." - President Donald John Trump. ICHEOKU says the Michelin Tire midget at Pyongyang is definitely courting trouble and messing with the wrong man. He probably thinks Barack Obama the redline president is still in office; but unbeknownst to him there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald John Trump and he does not mess around. Hopefully China can rein in the little man before he commits mass suicide with his North Korean people.


"When you lose to somebody who has a 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things — Comey, Russia — you blame yourself. So what did we do wrong? People didn’t know what we stood for, just that we were against Trump. And still believe that." - Senator Charles Schumer, Senior Senator from the State of New York and Democratic Minority Leader in the Senate. ICHEOKU says the statement spoke volume and it spoke for itself. Finally it seems the Democrats have finally turned the corner and are now ready to face up to their abysmal performance in the last presidential election by acknowledging that the American people indeed choose Trump over their Hillary Clinton. Thankfully, they will also now rest their "Russians Did It" cockamamie and find a message they can present to the people and for the good of the country.. Time to move the process forward is now as American people did not buy into the crap of a Russian collusion which they tried unsuccessfully to sell to them.



ICHEOKU says August 26 is the day history will be made as two of the world's most interesting athletes square off in the ring. Boxing champion Floyd MayWeather and mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor, will fight on August 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ICHEOKU says not in a position yet to place bet on who will win the fight. Salute


ICHEOKU says the time has come and the time is now for the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra to be allowed to choose their self governance and exit from Nigeria going forward.. A referendum on the future of Biafra is a legitimate demand of the people and it is their right to so do. The people of the Nation of Biafra want to of their own way because of the hostilities from other member nations of Nigeria. Let the United Nations order a referendum and let the people decide in their own Biafraexit.


"There can be no coexistence with this violence. There can be no tolerating it, no accepting it, no excusing it, and no ignoring it. Every time a terrorist murders an innocent person and falsely invokes the name of God, it should be an insult to every person of faith. Terrorists do not worship God; they worship death. If we do not act against this organized terror, then we know what will happen and what will be the end result. Terrorism's devastation of life will continue to spread, peaceful societies will become engulfed by violence, and the futures of many generations will be sadly squandered. If we do not stand in uniform condemnation of this killing, then not only will we be judged by our people, not only will we be judged by history, but we will be judged by God." - President Donald John Trump.


ICHEOKU says it is worth fighting for, self determination and it is not a crime for a people to aspire for self governance. Indigenous Peoples of Biafra are marching forward and hopefully they will soon get to the promised land. Viva Biafra.

"When two raging fires meet together, they do consume the thing that feeds their fury. Though little fire grows great with little wind, yet extreme gusts do blow out fire." - William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew


“I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have little joy. Non-stop pursuing of wealth will only turn a person into a twisted being, just like me. God gave us the senses to let us feel the love in everyone’s heart, not the illusions brought about by wealth. Memories precipitated by love is the only true riches which will follow you, accompany you, giving you strength and light to go on. The most expensive bed in the world is the sick bed. You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear sickness for you. Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost – Life. Treasure Love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends. Treat yourself well. Cherish others.” - SJ


"The threat of evil is ever present. We can contain it as long as we stay vigilant, but it can never truly be destroyed. - Lorraine Warren (Annabelle, the movie)


“I’m not that interested in material things. As long as I find a good bed that I can sleep in, that’s enough.” - Nicolas Berggruem, the homeless billionaire.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


His name, Orji Uzor-Kalu known by many as the rabble-rouser of Nigeria politics and to Icheoku, as the Nigeria's real maverick! Unlike the other discredited worn-out mavericks, such as Arthur Nzeribe, Orji Uzor-Kalu is not a praise-singer and does not carry water for anyone. Orji Uzor-Kalu rather takes them head-on. His spectacular affront to Olusegun Obasanjo's ill-advised third term bid, stood him out among the pack. It is this his singular attribute of fearlessness among many others, that have particularly endeared him to our mind. This made Icheoku to once again, take a look at his viability for the office of the presidency of Nigeria and our verdict, without mincing words, is in the affirmative. Icheoku therefore affirms and urge Nigerians to give Orji Uzor-Kalu a chance at the presidency.

This is our second time at pushing his candidacy in recent times and we strongly believe that he can deliver for the people of Nigeria. Orji Uzor-Kalu has the mean, the style, the form, the substance, the mix and mingle, the reach, the ability, the look, the presence, the wherewithal and the charisma to be an effective president of Nigeria. Above all he is acceptable to other tribes and regions of Nigeria including the north, the west, the south and the east. Orji Uzor-Kalu is without any gainsaying, a presidential material!

Formerly a foundation member of the Nigeria ruling People Progressive Party (PDP) under which he became governor of Abia State in 1999; before quitting the party to form the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA). This former governor of Abia State is currently the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the PPA and also chairman of board of Slok Group of companies. Although PDP has been wooing him of late to come back to the party, but he has rebuffed them so far, scoffing at the possibility of his rejoining their fold. He is presently mobilizing the other smaller parties in Nigeria to come together to mount a formidable opposiiton to the ruling PDP. But whether he will succeed, knowing the treacherous political landscape of Nigeria leaves much to be desired. Icheoku says, Orji Uzor-Kalu should reconsider his resistance to rejoining the ruling party, since that will be his surest guarrantee to the presidency. Already, he has the wealth, contacts and experience to make him a serious contender for the office but what is lacking is a credible platform to launch him to Aso Rock. Icheoku knows the political terrain of Nigeria well enough to understand taht the incumbent party always muzzles every opposition out of contention, and hence encourages Orji Uzor-Kalu to swallow his pride and see the ruling PDP as his only viable and meaningful sea-route to Aso Rock. At worst, he should use the PDP as a ladder of opportunity to get into Aso Rock; thereafter he can kick it to the curbside or reform it to be more accomodating of other descenting view-points! Also all the Ali Baba and the forty thieves politicians in Nigeria are not reliable and they will sabotage his effort at the crucial moment when push comes to shove, like they did with Muhammed Buhari's ANPP.

Orji Uzor-Kalu's fury over the utterance of the leadership of the PDP that it plans to rule Nigerian for the next 60 years is one area of agreement with Icheoku as such idiotic comment exhibits crass arrogance. But for Orji Uzor-Kalu to be prepared to wait for Nigerians to rise up against the PDP will be a wait till hell freezes over as Nigerians are the most complacent and cowardly human-beings ever to walk the face of the earth. Like a paid call-girl, Nigerians will always stoically take it through the rear than to push for desirable change - from Buhari/Idiagbon to Babangida to Abacha to Abudulsalam to Obasanjo it is same old same old; Nigerian timidity in the face of oppressive earth-scorching brutality in the hands of their leaders. Fela Anikulapo Kuti preached resistance but died before any meaningful headway; Tai Solarin also went away unfulfilled; Beko Ransome Kuti also went home to his fathers, disappointed; Gani Fawehinmi has been like John the Baptist shouting from the mountain-top ever since this blogger can remember, but nobody seem to be listening to his clarion call that Nigerians should effect their destiny; so expecting Nigerians to rise up aganst an incumbent party is an unreasonable expectation under the circumstance. Orji Uzor-Kalu therefore, must come to terms with reality and explore the best option possible available for him - join the PDP in oder to realize his dream sooner than later.
That Nigeria will one day become a failed state like many others in Africa or lapse into a conflagrating culdrum, if the current pervasive downward-spiral trajectory is not checked as a matter of ultmost urgency; the henchmen of Nigeria having blatantly refused to yield the levers of power ever since independence, with one section of the polity continuously being blatantly marginalized is not a far-fetched possibility.

In conclusion therefore, Icheoku, not known to be a water-carrier of anybody, sees in this ebullient man, Orji Uzor-Kalu what the doctor ordered for Nigeria's emacipation from its doldrums. He is brave; he is successful, he is dynamic, he is sociable; he is hungry for the right reason - to bring desirable change to Nigeria; he exudes hope and confidence; he is young and he has made some exploitable contacts both in Nigeria and abroad. Orji Uzor-Kalu is, simply speaking, the missing link between Nigeria and the heights it can attain as a nation. Icheoku has written on this man before, and once again we are emphasising his attributes as the most positioned amongst the Igbo nation to take on the Nigerian project. Although some antagonists may label him as 'crooked' but Icheoku asks, who in Nigerian politics is a Mother Theresa? It takes a thief to catch a thief, so a smarter thief is all that Nigeria needs instead of a dumb one like Olusegun Obasanjo.
Now that we have thrown our hats in the ring, Icheoku will continue to urge Orji Uzor-Kalu to move back to the PDP and exercise his options from within, knowing fully well that succeeding from outside will be a deathly impossibility. Orji Uzor-Kalu has several contacts inside the PDP which he can effectively exploit to re-position himself and eventually secure the party's eastern nomination at the end of Umaru Yar'Adua's term; when it will be rightfully the turn of the Igbos to produce Nigeria's presiedent. Remember that even if Orji Uzor-Kalu were to be a Barack Obama of Nigeria, the Barack Obama of USA at least used a well established existing-platform of the Democratic Party, rather than one inconsequential third party, to secure the White-house. Orji Uzor-Kalu, Icheoku hopes you get it? Until then, let every Nigeria keep HOPE ALIVE! The Nigeria Project is a collective effort! All hands should be on deck! Nigerians, in one resounding voice, shout, YES WE CAN!

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