"When two raging fires meet together, they do consume the thing that feeds their fury. Though little fire grows great with little wind, yet extreme gusts do blow out fire." - William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew.


Icheoku says only a movement we can believe in to bring the change we desire can summon this mammoth attendance to a campaign event. November 8 is but less than sixty days away. Go Trump; Vote Trump and together help make America great again.


Icheoku says whatever you do, understand what is at stake in this election, VOTE TRUMP-PENCE and help make America great again.


Icheoku says whatever you do, whatever may be your fears and reservations against Donald Trump, think twice before voting for Crooked Hillary Clinton. She does not give a damn, never did and brings nothing new nor any fresh ideas towards fixing all that is broken with America. If she could, her over 38 years involvement in politics would have since enabled her. But she lacks the midas touch as well as clear thinking to make it happen. America, lets put politics of fear aside or vote for me because the other guy is more dangerous; and give Donald Trump a chance to make America great again. Donald Trump is not your bogey man nor the monster they are making him out to be; he is just a rookie politician not yet fully seasoned in politically correct speaking. He will burnish off whatever shortcomings in speaking he may have during this presidency.


"The Clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into a complete new art form, making for themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in the process." - Donald Trump. ICHEOKU says it is called the Clinton Cash Initiative.


“I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have little joy. Non-stop pursuing of wealth will only turn a person into a twisted being, just like me. God gave us the senses to let us feel the love in everyone’s heart, not the illusions brought about by wealth. Memories precipitated by love is the only true riches which will follow you, accompany you, giving you strength and light to go on. The most expensive bed in the world is the sick bed. You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear sickness for you. Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost – Life. Treasure Love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends. Treat yourself well. Cherish others.” - SJ


"The threat of evil is ever present. We can contain it as long as we stay vigilant, but it can never truly be destroyed. - Lorraine Warren (Annabelle, the movie)


Icheoku says regrettably his Vice President Osibanjo, a lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, is fidgeting around, while the president is wrecking havoc to Nigeria's hard fought democracy. Icheoku says by flagrantly disobeying court's orders, the president is doing grave damage to the very foundation on which every democracy is based. Osibanjo, Icheoku says defend your honor as a servant of the law and tell your boss that he has no choice in the matter of releasing detainees who have been granted bail.


Icheoku says the more they hold him, the bigger, the better and the larger he becomes; and more resolved on his quest for an independent homeland of Biafra. A thinking government of Nigeria would let him go and just monitor his activities if they have the time. Icheoku calls on President Muhammadu Buhari and his advisers to let Nnamdi Kanu go, moreso now that two courts of competent jurisdictions have granted him bail, one unconditionally.


“I’m not that interested in material things. As long as I find a good bed that I can sleep in, that’s enough.” - Nicolas Berggruem, the homeless billionaire.

Monday, September 26, 2016


Icheoku says delude yourself all you want but truth be told, no minority will smell the White House again; at least not in our lifetime nor any time soon following. The experiment with President Barack Obama did not work out well enough to so soon push another person forward; and no American, particularly white caucasian, would ever stray into that arena again. Anyone still in doubt about the resolve of white Americans not to ever dabble into allowing another minority presidency should take a good look at the presidential tickets of the four parties running in this election 2016, particularly the two dominant parties - Republicans and Democrats. 

All of them have both presidential and vice presidential candidates who are all white caucasians and you wonder why? Not even Democratic Party's Hillary Clinton picked a minority vice presidential candidate, especially coming so soon after a vacating of the White House by a black minority president? It is not as if there are no well qualified minority candidates who would have so easily, dutifully, filled that position, including Senator Cory Booker and HUD Secretary Julio Castro. But nope, the tacit understanding among white Americans is deep rooted and it is that no more minority will be allowed near or so close to the seat of the American presidency, their White House; hence their decision to field an all white candidates for all the parties such that head or tail, a white person will become the next president and vice president of the United States of America.  

Icheoku says the apprehension in the land is palpable, white people are afraid of the existential threat to their stranglehold on power, both political and economic, and they will no longer take chances with anyone else from outside their race toying with their power hold. Obama had his moment in the sun until he screwed it up with his queasiness and indecisiveness. Leaders do not show weakness or touchy-feely knee jerk approach to issues of great concern and Obama did not learn this lesson and it cost him and minorities in general dearly. With him gone, goes too, every other opportunity for another minority candidate to be ever allowed back in the White House, not in our life time. But did blacks and minorities even fare better under the minority president, one may ask? Your guess is as good as Icheoku's and apparently no; and anyone arguing otherwise might as well still be drunk on the first black president's coolaid, What a missed opportunity to really shake things up and improve the fortunes of black peoples of this world. But hey, life goes on.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Icheoku says what a magnificent work of art it is, crafted in the finest of steel, with bronze-hued exterior, which on one side looks like an ark (ship), possibly designed after the many ships in which millions of Africans were forcibly brought shackled down to the Americas. The museum indeed is quite splendid and makes a very powerful presence, standing majestically so close to the Mall of Washington in Washington DC. Icheoku says congratulations to the team that made it possible; who midwifed the project and who finally brought that aspect of American history this up close and in the face. 

They labored in order that people will not forget how long the journey traveled so far by African Americans is; a journey which still continues till today in various forms of roadblocking racist discrimination throughout the country. But in the old negro song, we shall all overcome and as long as we keep the hope alive and keep on marching on. The team did a very great job - from its choice location, design, architecture, construction and finishing; and including of course the many artifacts which were painstakingly collected and assembled therein. Indeed it is a very beautiful and statement-making edifice and hopefully it will become a major draw for tourists and students as well as people from all over the world interested in actually learning about the ugly history of slavery and slave trade which still haunts America till today. 

It is equally a good thing too that the museum which was authorized by a white president George Walker Bush in 2003 was completed and opened during the presidency of a black president Barack Hussein Obama in 2016; thus once again bringing the two races that constitute America historically,  crossing paths and making another history all together. In his remarks at the opening ceremony, President GW Bush called the  museum "fabulous" and said "It shows our commitment to truth. A great nation does not hide its history, It faces its flaws and corrects them."  Representative John Lewis who led the struggle to have the museum built, said "This place is more than a building; it is a dream come true." 

The museum choreographs a history steeped in rich struggle for freedom and equality, from slavery to civil rights to the latest Black Lives Matter movement and every other thing in between. Icheoku says it is a "clarion call to remember" the past and the journey so far, but whether this sordid past will continue to plague and hound present and future generation of black Americans, who will always feel intimidated by their story, is a possibility. 

According to Peter Kovler, "How can you fail to see the links between current events - Charlotte, Tulsa, Black Lives Matter - and the brutal death of Emmet Till all those years ago. You have to be deliberately not looking at things to not see that there are things from that era that still applies to our era." Another woman said "it was dangerous then to be black in America and it is still dangerous to be black on America now." President Barack Obama bemoaned that blacks are not a burden to America and in his own words, said  "We are not a burden on America or a stain on America or an object of pity or charity for America. We are America." Icheoku says whether white Americans agree to this statement is an entirely different matter all together. Overall, a good structure and curation of stories history of black peoples struggle and contributions in America.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Icheoku says all deplorables of America as well as other non deplorables, who are collectively vested in the Make America Great Again agenda, heartily welcomes the endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz of our flag bearer and chief spokesman of the movement Donald John Trump, who by special grace of God, will be elected the next president of the United States of America. That Ted Cruz finally came around is commendable, admitted he took a little too long before arriving at this epiphany. 

There is nothing so joyful like being on board a winning team's train or boat; and luckily for Ted Cruz, he did not miss the cruise boat sailing to the White House. Thankfully, Ted Cruz was able to find the sportsman in him to come through with this needful act. He also brought out the gentleman in him by honoring a primaries commitment he made to endorse whoever finally emerged the nominee of the party. Icheoku says admitted the primaries was rather very contentious and albeit ultra competitive, but at the end of the day only one presidential candidate can emerge and one did in fact convincingly emerge; so why Ted Cruz strung out this far before coming through with his endorsement is a matter better left until post election victory deliberations. 

Hopefully the other 16 members of the Class 2016 Republican Party presidential primaries will similarly come through with their endorsements and honor their various primaries commitment to endorse the party's nominee, and when they can still honorably do so before the November election is won without their effort. Particularly of note are Ohio State Governor John Kasich whose state is very important in this election; JEB Bush of Florida despite his father's bizarre endorsement of Crooked Hillary Clinton; Ron Paul of Kentucky and Carl Fiorina; and hopefully she is no longer mad for  the "look at that face" comment. This four former contenders for the nomination are about the only ones still visibly missing inside the Team MAGA train and Icheoku will like to see them onboard immediately.  

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Mark 9:40 rightly taught us that he who is not against us is with us; and on this note, Icheoku says welcome aboard Ted Cruz as ever vote counts. In as much as Donald Trump would have won both Texas and the national election without Ted Cruz's endorsement and/or support, but any endorsement is good endorsement as it only adds but does not remove from the movement's support. Icheoku says will not necessarily try to second-guess Ted Cruz's motive, but says his wife being allowed to return to her job at Goldman Sachs, seeing that Donald Trump will win, as well as revved up pressure by vice presidential candidate Mike Pence and other evangelicals of America possibly forced his capitulation. 

Icheoku says Ted Cruz would have given this endorsement when it would have weighted most, at Cleveland; but he lost his mojo and thereby blew away the golden opportunity to truly attain political greatness. His endorsement coming now and so very late into the campaign and so close to the election, it will be valued and treated for what it is, a reluctant gift made just for the heck of it. But regardless, it is still a welcome development as better late than never is always preferred. Moreover in politics, the more the merrier holds true as with many people comes many more votes.

In his own words of endorsement, Ted Cruz said:-
"This election is unlike any other in our nation’s history. Like many other voters, I have struggled to determine the right course of action in this general election. In Cleveland, I urged voters, “please, don’t stay home in November. Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket whom you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution. 

After many months of careful consideration, of prayer and searching my own conscience, I have decided that on Election Day, I will vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. I’ve made this decision for two reasons. First, last year, I promised to support the Republican nominee. And I intend to keep my word. Second, even though I have had areas of significant disagreement with our nominee, by any measure Hillary Clinton is wholly unacceptable — that’s why I have always been #NeverHillary

Six key policy differences inform my decision. First, and most important, the Supreme Court. 

For anyone concerned about the Bill of Rights — free speech, religious liberty, the Second Amendment — the Court hangs in the balance. I have spent my professional career fighting before the Court to defend the Constitution. We are only one justice away from losing our most basic rights, and the next president will appoint as many as four new justices. We know, without a doubt, that every Clinton appointee would be a left-wing ideologue. Trump, in contrast, has promised to appoint justices “in the mold of Scalia.” For some time, I have been seeking greater specificity on this issue, and today the Trump campaign provided that, releasing a very strong list of potential Supreme Court nominees — including Sen. Mike Lee, who would make an extraordinary justice — and making an explicit commitment to nominate only from that list. This commitment matters, and it provides a serious reason for voters to choose to support Trump. 

Second, Obamacare. The failed healthcare law is hurting millions of Americans. If Republicans hold Congress, leadership has committed to passing legislation repealing Obamacare. Clinton, we know beyond a shadow of doubt, would veto that legislation. Trump has said he would sign it. 

Third, energy. Clinton would continue the Oba ma administration’s war on coal and relentless efforts to crush the oil and gas industry. Trump has said he will reduce regulations and allow the blossoming American energy renaissance to create millions of new high-paying jobs. 

Fourth, immigration. Clinton would continue and even expand President Obama’s lawless executive amnesty. Trump has promised that he would revoke those illegal executive orders. 

Fifth, national security. Clinton would continue the Obama administration’s willful blindness to radical Islamic terrorism. She would continue importing Middle Eastern refugees whom the FBI cannot vet to make sure they are not terrorists. Trump has promised to stop the deluge of unvetted refugees. 

Sixth, Internet freedom. Clinton supports Obama’s plan to hand over control of the Internet to an international community of stakeholders, including Russia, China, and Iran. Just this week, Trump came out strongly against that plan, and in support of free speech online. 

These are six vital issues where the candidates’ positions present a clear choice for the American people. If Clinton wins, we know — with 100% certainty — that she would deliver on her left-wing promises, with devastating results for our country. My conscience tells me I must do whatever I can to stop that. We also have seen, over the past few weeks and months, a Trump campaign focusing more and more on freedom — including emphasizing school choice and the power of economic growth to lift African-Americans and Hispanics to prosperity. 

Finally, after eight years of a lawless Obama administration, targeting and persecuting those disfavored by the administration, fidelity to the rule of law has never been more important. The Supreme Court will be critical in preserving the rule of law. And, if the next administration fails to honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights, then I hope that Republicans and Democrats will stand united in protecting our fundamental liberties. Our country is in crisis. Hillary Clinton is manifestly unfit to be president, and her policies would harm millions of Americans. And Donald Trump is the only thing standing in her way. A year ago, I pledged to endorse the Republican nominee, and I am honoring that commitment. And if you don’t want to see a Hillary Clinton presidency, I encourage you to vote for him.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Icheoku says is there anyone out there who convincingly believes that marriage works or is it a mere societal imposition on people to keep them in bondage of misery and always struggling to be freed? What exactly is the demon afflicting marriage or is the demon itself hiding in plain sight in marriage itself? It is always one story after another, especially of couples who seemingly have a perfect marriage only to later surprise people with their announcement of gone their separate ways? 

Icheoku like every other commentator can only second guess the root causes of the trouble with marriage, as no one can with specificity and assured certainty zero them down to exactitudes. To say that the latest travel to the land of Splitsville by the Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was surprising is indeed not true. What is rather surprising is that they lasted as long as they did, nearly, twelve years together. Icheoku says either parties could readily score anyone of the opposite sex they desired, both are good looking, famous and rich, the right resume for any single and available. So short of a burning love for each other, nothing else would explain their longevity in matrimony thus far, all things considered and their very high profile life taken into view too. 

Icheoku says irrespective of which party pulled the out-lever, the fact of the matter is that Angelina and Brad loved or tolerated each other long enough for anyone to conclude that they tried. So whatever it is that finally did them in was one such of a helluva issue that had neither a remedy nor an alternative. Many a man would not accept an Angelina Jolie with so many weird interests and a lifestyle steeped in near mythology, both as a wife and mother of his children, her feminine beauty notwithstanding. It takes a really good loving man to marry a woman who once had a veal of blood pendant of a love; who tattoos her body like it is going out of fashion; whose love for strangeness is indeed unnerving; who adopts children left, right and center from everywhere and who not too long ago had health scare leading to double mastectomy; flies airplanes and is busily engaged 24/7. 

What time does she actually have for Brad Pitt, working full time, both as an A-List actress, United Nations ambassador and mother to so many children from diverse backgrounds. Icheoku admits that Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but there is more expectations in a wife other than just how pleasant to the eyes she may be. However, the fault might not just be solely Angelina's as Brad, like every other human being, is not infallible. So far they are not telling what exactly finally broke the camel's back and until then, Icheoku is not in a position to say with certainty who did what resulting in the divorce; but the above observations are merely what their name say - observations. Between them, they have gone through some marriages before: Brad was previously married to Jennifer Aniston and Angelina to two men prior, Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton. 

Icheoku says like with every other failed marriage of the past, ego and selfishness likely played their usual pivotal roles in the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce. The feeling and acting out like "am better than the other party; am the reason for the season of the marriage and without me the other guy amounts to nothing attitude" is usually the bummer, marriage killer. The "me, me and more me, take it or leave it, my way or the hit the road Jack highway," attitude, that spells doom and seals the fate of marriage and many other relationships possibly played a role here too. As always, the victim-party, would stoically take all that are being shoved down the throat until he or she cannot take it anymore. Like one woman once explained, a working marriage is one lived like a dog and dog owner, where party A dictates everything and party B merely says 'Yes Honey"; begging the question for how long would anyone party continue to robotically answer this "Yes Honey?" 

Most times, many parties are left wondering why 'did I get married;' which one woman explains is the reason why some people cry on their wedding day, rehearsing what awaits them going forward - a life lived in agony, sorrow and tears and sometimes even blood. Icheoku does not hold anything against anyone who cannot take the heat anymore and decides to bolt away. A divorce is still a far better option than a homicide; and spousal homicides are increasingly becoming a way out of many bad marriages. But is it worth it? Life will go on and just like both parties moved on from their previous marriages, they will similarly survive this current divorce and will move on to some other person, if they so desire. Until then, Icheoku says what Mr & Mrs Smith put together, something terrible has put asunder; and the only one possibly now laughing must be Jennifer Aniston, the other woman who was once left by Brad for Angelina. Icheoku wishes Angelina and Brad best of luck in their future dealings. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Icheoku says for a man so obsessed with himself and who sees everything through the Obama lens, many were not surprised watching him mouth off about preserving his legacy. The president was at a Congressional Black Caucus event, touting his steeped legacy and how he wants black people to troop out en-masse and vote for Crooked Hillary Clinton as that is the only way to ensure the preservation of his legacy. According to the president, it will be a personal insult to him if black people do not vote in this election and thereby make Donald Trump's victory an easier one. 

Icheoku says what exactly gave the president the impetus to say this and how does he know that blacks who are voting in this election are so satisfied with his government that they would want to continue with it through Hillary Clinton? How does the president even know to second-guess that black people have forgiven Crooked Hillary Clinton for disparagingly branding them Super Predators to want to vote for her? Why did the president not insist that Crooked Hillary Clinton chose a black vice presidential candidate Cory Booker as many had anticipated and expected; to ensure that black people will feel they have a dog in the fight to want to give it their all to vote to elect Crooked Hillary Clinton. 

But nope, he would rather come down with a marching order, do as you are told and vote for the Queen of the plantation, Crooked Hillary Clinton. Icheoku says what is in it for black people that they should once again vote because Barack Obama said so. What did they benefit from the 99.9% vote and feverish support they gave to Obama through out the past eight years to motivate another such a-la-carte plunge into obvious failed policies. 

The president who spoke as guest of honor at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner said: ""If I hear anybody saying their vote does not matter, that it doesn't matter who we elect -- read up on your history. It matters. We've got to get people to vote. I will consider it a personal insult -- an insult to my legacy -- if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. You want to give me a good sendoff? Go vote." 

Icheoku says which history is the president talking about and which elected president ever took the black cause fervently, including the first black president himself, to warrant this appeal to communal herd block voting. Why did the president not drum a similar message right into the ear of Crooked Hillary Clinton that if she wants black peoples vote, she must chose a black vice presidential candidate? Why did the president not insist it was going to be Cory Booker or no deal at all in black support of Hillary Clinton? Icheoku says no one is in chains anymore in America, therefore the president has no right whatsoever to give out marching orders to black people to vote as instructed. Crooked Hillary Clinton is not anybody's Queen that must be obeyed and plantations no longer exist in America except in the minds of those who have not mentally freed themselves from herded bondage. 

What personal insult is the president talking about and who cares anyway how he feels about how black people vote. A president who disappointed so many black people with so many unfulfilled expectations and under whose watch many black people have been killed in America both by the police and gangs, is here talking about personal insult? Was it not a personal insult on black people that the mayhem in Chicago is continuing under his watch without a far-reaching intervention by the government to reign it in? How about millions of black people who have been forced out of their job places by policies of the president which is more interested in pleasing other races and pandering to other interests than the black people. 

Was it not a personal insult to black people that so many black people have lost their homes under a black president? How about the increased dysfunctionality among black families with continued high incarceration and longer prison sentences? What exactly does the president think is the incentive here for black people to go out and vote as instructed and not boycott the election since they have no dog in the fight. Icheoku says a President Barack Hussein Obama, desirous of preserving his legacy would have set out initially establishing some legacy to be preserved. But nope, he hightailed and is now coming back to shamelessly mouth off preserving his legacy. Icheoku says which legacy are we talking about anyway that need to be preserved Mr President? 

Possibly the legacy of red lines that was drawn without consequences following their breach? Possibly the legacy of Arab Spring and the attendant mayhem that is still consuming the entire Middle East and some parts of North Africa? Perhaps the legacy of murdering a repentant Muommar Gaddafi who ponied up his nuclear development; paid restitution for the Lockerbie plane disaster; handed over two of the intelligence officers implicated in the planing and carrying out of the bombing, who were convicted and sentenced. May be the legacy of not visiting the country with the highest population of black people on earth, Nigeria, and think that black people will not remember that slight? 

Possibly the legacy of refusing to come to the aid of Nigeria under attack by Boko Haram Islamist terrorists including refusing to sell weapons to them with which to fight off the menace and discouraged other would be alternative weapons sellers from so doing? May be the legacy of not granting Africa any special free trade status with America like he pursued with other geographical regions of the world? May be the legacy of not helping solve any African economic and political problems? Possibly the legacy of trying to force sodomy on African countries and possibly the legacy of bathroom laws in America? 

Icheoku says should black people be excited about the legacy of a black president who never lighted the White House in black or other African colors during Kwanza weeks while the same black president have lighted the White House green for Irish Saint Patrick's day; rainbow colors for Gay Pride weeks etc? A president who readily goes to commiserate with other races whenever they are killed but who has ever visited the blacks killing field that is Chicago. What exactly is the legacy the black president wants black people to be so enamored with preserving that they should care about helping the president preserve it? 

Icheoku bemoans that President Barack Hussein Obama has never surprised himself before as he did at the Congressional Black Caucus, thinking that he still holds any special place in the hearts of millions of black people. The greatest nightmare facing the president is barreling down the pike and on November 8, he will be shocked at the percentage of black people who will telling him to take a hike as they vote to elect Donald Trump. Icheoku says President Barack Hussein Obama has no legacy with black people to preserve. Further, black people are not buying into the nonsense that they have any inheritance in the presidency of Crooked Hillary Clinton and will not vote for her either. The president is rather afraid that his government will be investigated and is trying to protect and shield himself from possible long prison sentence with the election of Hillary Clinton; and is masquerading it as a need to preserve a non existent legacy. Who is fooling who, Mr President? 

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Icheoku says the good Lord must have factored in Crooked Hillary Clinton as similarly implicated when speaking about the Pharisees in Matthew 6:5; otherwise how else could anyone explain the ever meandering candidate, who believes that American people are too deplorable to remember her tall history of contradictions and associated brazen lies. A candidate who speaks from both sides of her mouth and who often vomits some unprintable contempt for others and feigns ignorance or loss of memory when confronted with her vomit is now holding out on something that is not even hers to drag out. Crooked Hillary Clinton is a drowning candidate who is on a free falling presidential polls and is not desperately trying to cling to any straw her craw can catch or snag. 

Now her latest antic is trying to dredge up an old remark in order to divert attention from her plummeting poll numbers.  Icheoku is emphatic that her latest attempt to resurrect a long resolved birther question of President Barack Hussein Obama will not catch momentum. The matter remains conclusively resolved and  Donald Trump said as much himself. Good enough too, the final seal of approval of resolution of th matter was affixed by President Obama who said that the matter stands resolved and should be allowed to rest. According to the president, there is no need re-itigating the matter again and not in this election, in face of more challenging mountain of problems facing America.  

But the crookedness of the Crooked One is in overdrive as the rotten dirty lying Crooked Hillary Clinton refuses to let it go. In her reaction to Donald Trump's affirming that Obama was born in America, Hillary Clinton retorted that Donald Trump should not be allowed to make the affirmation. In her usually very warped and senseless analysis and questionable flawed judgment, Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump should not be allowed to take back his former insistence that President Barack Obama should conclusively prove his born in America constitutional requirement to be president. What a farcical daughter of Eve this Hillary Clinton is.

Icheoku says nobody walking the grounds of the United States of America is least qualified to make this demand than the Crooked Reject of American politics, Hillary Clinton. This is a candidate who have severally compartmentalized and branded American people with the worst slurs ever known to mankind, later apologized when called out on them, then asked to take them back and claimed to have taken them back. Icheoku never recalled an instance when Crooked Hillary Clinton was refused her request to take back those slurs; but here she is trying to serve another person the bitter pill she will not herself swallow? 

Purposefully feeding someone what one would not take herself is poison defined and she has no scruples nor compunction poisoning anyone who stands in her way to achieve her unbridled lust for power grab. Colin Powell was definitely right that Crooked Hillary Clinton has an unbridled ambition for power and that everything she touches she ruins. Further, Barack Obama said too that Hillary Clinton will say and do anything just to get elected and now she forgot to first look in the mirror before her latest antic. If only Crooked Hillary Clinton is a christian, she would have advised herself properly on the first take out the log in your eyes admonition of our Lord in Matthew 7:5 before making her latest foray into her usual land of contradictions. 

Crooked Hillary Clinton called African Americans "Super Predators" and held that believe for several decades without ever having a rethink or repentance until few months ago when she was confronted for ever spewing out such disparaging slur. Icheoku says but for her pandering to African American votes, she would not have taken that remark back; yet she took it back and no one ever chastised her nor insisted that such a racist remark is too demeaning to be allowed to take back. But the sanctimonious Crooked Hillary Clinton was quick to condemn and judge Donald Trump, insisting that a remark so long ago made which did not disproportionately impact anyone should not be taken back. Now you see Hilary Clinton being Crooked Hillary Clinton and very selectively pious.

Yet being the tone-deaf bimbo she is who does not care a hoot about any other person but herself and who would do anything and say anything to get elected, Crooked Hillary Clinton again pigeonholed millions of Donald Trump's supporters, branded and bunched them in a basket of deplorables. In her own words, she called everyone and anyone constituting the one half of Trump's supporters lost in a basket of deplorables. She was called out on this highly offensive remark and she mouthed a shallow regret and said she took the slur back; yet she is quick to condemn another person who similarly ended a mere inquiry into a certain contested validity. Icheoku says a screaming evidence once again that Crooked Hillary Clinton is not a Christian nor reads the bible otherwise she would have learned from John 8:7 not to be too judgmental of others who did far less and committed far less than her many infra digs. 

Icheoku will not belabor this matter as so many instances of the Crooked One putting her foot in her mouth only to later regurgitate it abound; but she will not hesitate to rush off in condemnation and criticism of others for doing less. The good news is that Crooked Hillary Clinton is running on empty and as Colin Powell rightly pointed out, is not transformational and has been around for too long. American people desire and deserve a change and Crooked Hillary Clinton is not that change they want nor can believe in. Icheoku says come November 8, all the deplorables of America as well as every Super Predator in America will. together and alongside other Americans she is yet to brand,  vote to change direction. Icheoku is emphatic that no sane person wants to continue in the direction America is currently going and will vote for change and luckily Crooked Hillary Clinton is not that change. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Icheoku says what an irony of no mean magnitude that a candidate who goes about publicly preaching "Stronger Together", would simultaneously in her private moments with big donors and people drunk on the Clinton coolaid, be this divisive and derisive. Crooked Hillary Clinton divided Americans into three - those supporting her candidacy, those supporting her opponent whose grievances are genuine and then those others still supporting her opponents who are irredeemable deplorables. 

According to her, this category of Donald Trump's supporters belong into a basket of deplorables. Icheoku says for a candidate who went into a tizzy because illegal aliens were called out as well as the need to control our borders emphasized, to now call out fellow Americans as illegitimate losers is indeed very mind numbing.  Then ask yourself in the event an accident of her presidency happens, where she plans to ship off these no do gooders of America who are currently wasting away in a basket of deplorables? Hillary Clinton, always putting her for in her mouth. What a deplorable human specimen who thinks that millions of hardworking Americans are a piece of excrement. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Icheoku says President Barack Obama can campaign all he wants, from now until November 7, but he will not a needle move in the direction of the Crooked One. First, he has since lost his mojo and the tingling feeling he once elicited on some americans including Icheoku is no longer there. Second, the Crooked Hillary Clinton he is trying to resurrect her campaign is damaged and disliked so beyond reproach that nothing the president would do now would a person sway in her favor. Lastly, black Americans who gave then candidate Barack Obama close to 96.1% of their votes are turned off and would not show up in this election. So what exactly is the good the latest waste of time that is Philadelphia's solo campaign by the president and others similarly lined up going to do to Crooked Hillary Clinton? 

Icheoku in answer says nothing, zilch, nada. Instead it is going to stir more resentment especially among those who can't wait to see Barack Obama out of the White House and also in those who cannot believe that Crooked Hillary Clinton rejected a highly recommended would have been black vice presidential vice candidate Cory Booker in preference for her fellow white caucasian, the hillbilly from Virginia Tim Kaine.  So for those black people and other minorities of America, who are used since this past eight years of seeing a black minority president family in the White House, to now face the stark reality that there would not be any more colored faces in the White House this time, especially from Hillary Clinton's side, is simply too big a shift for them to bear. Such betrayal  will be treated by them as the height of total disavowal of their black president. At least honor his trailblazing legacy with a replacement vice president, they would argue.

So what then is in it for them afterall, they question? Why would they pull for either of the candidates since they have no inheritance in any of them, especially in the Clintons? Like the people of Israel said to Joshua, blacks and other minorities of America are saying loud and clear that they have no inheritance in the House of the Clintons and to their tent they have recoiled and would most likely watch the elections on televisions from the comforts of their living rooms. For them, white people have taken back their presidency, a fact made more succinct when Hilalry Clinton rejected a recommended black Cory Booker and latin Julian Castro and settled for an equally white guy. So what is there for these minorities to fight for and having no dog in the fight for th presidency, they have lost the enthusiasm and the will to go on putting their skin in the game. 

Icheoku says a none racist and right thinking Crooked Hillary Clinton would have deployed this masterstroke handsomely and today would have opened a wide lead against her opponent with the added frenzied minority support, so excited in their desire  to still retain some minority faces in the White House. But nope, she didn't, couldn't and wouldn't; not an option for a white bimbo who called black Americans Super Predators and few days ago upped the ante of her insulting remarks by calling over 14 million Americans despicables. So Icheoku says President Barack Obama is running on empty in backing a tired old mare without the support of any of his core constituency of voters - not the youthful voters, not the Hispanic voters and of course not the black voters. 

The easily excitable youthful voters wanted their Bernie but the conspiracy of Crooked Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Shultz deprived them of that choice and they are still hurting. The Hispanic 'si se puede' voters wanted a real Spanish vice presidential candidate like Julian Castro to compensate them for all their age long support for the Democratic Party and not a white guy who merely speaks Spanish. Then of course, the black voters who wanted a retention of some black faces in the White House, especially so soon following a black president. Cory Booker would have supplied this need, but he was rejected by Hillary Clinton, acting in concert with the white peoples unspoken resolve to get rid of blackness from their White House and went for a 100% white caucasian candidates for both parties. 

This certainly makes it a very tall order for the president to fill trying to sell Hillary Clinton to American voters; and you wonder why try if you know you are going to fail. That the tears and excitement of 2008 and 2012 are long dried and never coming back to those expectant faces, many of whom were disappointed in the many unfulfilled dreams of this past eight years, is also a fact of great consequence in his belated effort to help elect Hillary Clinton. 

Moreso, Americans are craving for change and Americans will vote to change the current direction of this country including a knee jerk foreign policy which has left the world more fractured today than it was in 2007. Icheoku says there is no American who wants to continue with the trajectory of the failed leadership at the world stage, leading to the rise of Iran, North Korea as well as the continuing intransigency of a now more emboldened China and of course Russia. The case of Russia is more troubling as many Americans would rather America does not confront Russia which the continuing bellicose is suggesting is now becoming more likely than not. What Americans are hearing from Donald Trump concerning possible rapprochement with Russia is encouraging and they are ready to give peace with Russia a chance. 

Icheoku says for President Barack Obama to have lost Icheoku's support shows that he has lost majority of his fans of 2008 and 2012. He has lost his goodwill among so many blacks of America who were extremely disappointed that his presidency practically left them in worse condition than it met them in 2008. Again, they gave him a remedial benefit of the doubt by voting for him in 2012 but again were disappointed. 

Icheoku makes bold to say that black Americans did not fair better as anticipated under Barack Obama's presidency. Many more blacks have lost their lives under his presidency than during any other time in recorded presidencies. That he has not made out time to visit the killing field that is Chicago Southside to commiserate with the many bereaved African American families is also a strike against him. A matter made worse because he went to Connecticut as well as to Orlando to grieve with the killings of other races. But Chicago Southside with its astronomically high causality, is yet to factor in the president's itinerary, to visit to say sorry for your losses. That many job losses and joblessness among African Americans is still high is a fact too.

Further, the president never lit the White House with black colors in commemoration of Kwanza; but has repeatedly lit it  green and rainbow colors for Irish Saint Patrick's day as well as Gay Pride week. Motherland Africa did not fair any better either; with the president refusing to visit the highest concentration of black people on the face of planet earth Nigeria, while repeatedly visiting other races citadels from China to Japan to Latin America to Europe. Also the president refused to sell Nigerian weapons with which to fight Boko Haram muslim terrorists as they besieged the country laying human lives and properties to waste. But the same president rushed free weapons to Iziddis of Iraq, Iraqis, Syrian rebels, Saudi Arabia etc as they engaged their own security challenges. 

So why would any black person cast his lot in a Crooked Hillary Clinton because Barack Obama said so, when Obama himself did not deliver for black people? If he did not deliver or could not deliver, what guarantees then is there that Hillary Clinton would or that Obama would make her do so? Still wondering why Oprah Winfrey, P.Diddy, Denzel Washington, Ice Cube, Jay-Z and other high profile African Americans have distanced themselves from Obama as well as remained very lukewarm with the prospect of a Hillary Clinton's presidency; afterall she called them Super Predators. They have since abandoned the Obama ship and are not eager to hop on board Crooked Hillary's dinghy either and would rather remain marooned in the  Island of apolitical this time around. 

The joker in this election is that if blacks and other minorities stay out the election, majority of white people will vote to have their White House back and Donald Trump wins; and they will vote Donald John Trump the next president of the United States of America. Obama lost many of black people and he might be the last minority president America will ever have; at least in this century. For all the disappointments and so many hopes dashed and left unfulfilled, echoing Crooked Hillary Clinton, Icheoku says 'shame on you Barack Obama'; this time, for campaigning for a candidate who called black Americans Super Predators. Such very derogatory labelling, calling fellow human beings and fellow American citizens, Harambe the gorilla, is too demeaning and so offensive that it is indeed an unforgivable sin. It will cost Crooked Hillary Clinton dearly in this election. Go Trump; Vote Trump and let the healing begin.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Icheoku says inferring from her body language, just make sure to keep those basket of deplorables out of my way; except that unbeknownst to Hillary Clinton, some of them might be among those holding her arms to make her stronger together as she struggles with climbing the steps. What a derisive and very condescending branding of honest and hard working Americans whose only fault is that they are standing in the way of her dream presidency. Like Donald Trump rightly said, Crooked Hillary Clinton owes these Americans a sincere apology and should apologize for such disparaging classification of bona fide Americans, who have not stolen nor lied their way to riches.

Monday, September 12, 2016


Icheoku says nothing is worth risking anyone's life or even health for in this manner, including the presidency of the United States of America. To this effect therefore, Icheoku calls on the Democratic Party's presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to do herself a big favor and quit her current presidential aspiration. That her health is not good is a fact and that her condition is getting worse, if not deteriorating, is shrouded by her minders who are simply interested in her becoming president and not minding at what great risk to her person. The country has watched several instances of her health episodes, including spasmodic coughing, labored walks and involuntary shaking of heads; yet some persons want the American people to believe that all is well with Hillary Clinton and there is nothing to worry about? 

Icheoku says please give Icheoku a break that any one salient observer would buy into such malarkey that pneumonia manifests in such fits and starts as was witnessed today at the World trade Center. If for the heck of discussion, Hillary Clinton was indeed diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia, why did they wait until Sunday, following the episode at 9/11 memorial to cough that information up? What took them so long to announce the diagnosis of last Friday and is it possible and a safe argument to make that but for the frightening episode witnessed globally in New York, that the country would never have known or be informed about the pneumonia diagnosis? 

First it was shortness of breath; followed by overheating and rehydration; then when it was pointed out that the whether in New York was fall-like and hovering around 75 degrees with slight breeze and incapable of triggering such "overheating" even in an older sick person, the story suddenly changed. Now they are telling the nation that it must be her pneumonia that triggered such concerned sight that everyone witnessed. Icheoku says enough of all these cover-ups; if Hillary Clinton is sick and seriously sick, her minders would do the nation a huge favor leveling with us. At least people understand that people fall sick and presidential candidates are people too. Such news or information would be better received than the apparent cover ups which is forcing people to second guess what is actually wrong with Hillary Clinton and whether it might be worse than imagined and life threatening. 

Icheoku says it is about time people who are very close to Hillary Clinton and who actually loves her, including her husband Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky, to intervene and save Hillary Clinton from herself and prevent all those vultures waiting to profit from her presidency from accelerating her health decline. Hillary Clinton is not well enough to withstand the rigors of the office of the presidency assuming she wins; and her inability so far to withstand the tedious campaign for the presidency is a huge indicator. She has made enough name and fame already for herself both as a First Lady, a Senator and a major party's nominee for president. So winning the presidency is not necessarily enough incentive to mortgage her health or even life. 

Only those who are alive can be something including president and this message must be drummed into Hillary Clinton's ears the way she could actually hear and understand that. Those two closest persons to her are therefore duty bound to intervene and recuse her from furthering her presidential ambition and by so doing, help buy her some more time to enjoy her life. Running a country as complex as America and to a large extent, taking on the additional responsibility of managing the world at large, could be stress defined. It is not a job for the weak or sick and this must also be drummed right into Hillary Clinton's ears, despite whatever ego trip she might be embarked on to write her name as the first female president of America. Being first presidential nominee of a major political party should in the circumstance suffice. 

Hilary Clinton's health issue has become a great concern to many, including those of us supporting the other guy, as no one would like anything untoward to happen to her. It is all politics of jaw, jaw, but no hate, hate that we are all engaged in presently and no one would wish nor want any harm coming to her or any other person for that matter. But when a possible serious health issue is involved and factored in, then all that has love in their mind must come together and urge that she do the needful - withdraw from the race. She first tried to explain her bouts of spasmodic coughing as being allergic to Trump; then a video appeared of such bouts inside her private plane without any Trump within the vicinity. Then there were several instances of her uncontrollable head shakes, help through stairs and labored walks that were also captured on video before today's mega crisis in New York. 

Her minders have come out with series of unconvincing explanations which Icheoku and millions of Americans are not buying simply because none of them makes any sense whatsoever, especially the today's "overheating" tale, the whether in New York considered. Moreso pneumonia does not manifest like what was witnessed today.

Now her fund raising trip to California has been cancelled and you wonder if all the tales told so far concerning her health are indeed true and not made up stories to deflect concerns and attention. Query, why would a scheduled fund raising trip be suddenly cancelled just because of pneumonia? Further, if fund raising trips, which they blame for her sickness, could take such exerting toll on Hillary Clinton, imagine what a rigorous and laborious work of running America would do to her. Yet her minders are parading her as very fit and able to be president and commander in chief of the United States of America and at her very advanced female age and health issues. 

Icheoku says whatever is afflicting Hillary Clinton apparently has to do with her motors and other neurotic issues, possibly her immunology is affected. She bubbles her head; she sometimes labors to speak and even walking proves somewhat difficult. That she stares blankly into space is also noticeable. Even watching her in that Friday fund raiser where she called Trump supporters a basket of deplorables, showed someone laboring under something. Pneumonia manifests as cold but not in "overheating" and does not induce head bubbling nor labored, staggered walk. That she wobbled and stumbled before being loaded into the van today was also a fact of consequence and pneumonia does not indicate as these symptoms either. Icheoku says for the love of Hillary Clinton, enough of this presidential campaign; she should send it forthwith so that she can rest and actually seek and get the care she deserves. Please Crooked Hillary, get better as Icheoku and millions others can't wait for the debates. 


Sunday, September 11, 2016


Icheoku says if not robotically falling in line behind the anointed Queen of the plantation, not questioning her many lies and stonewalling, including her unreleased Wall Street speeches as well as the 33,000 bleach-washed deleted emails etc, makes one a deplorable, that is a title Icheoku would gladly accept any day, rather than support Crooked Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidency with what is known about her.  

Icheoku says this is not the first time Crooked Hillary is losing her cool and calling people names:- she once called African American males 'Super Predators' and encouraged her husband President Bill Clinton to sign into law the Crime Reform Bill which saw a large portion of African Americans locked away to rot in prisons and in their millions. She also once said to Barack Obama, "Shame on you Barack Obama" and now this latest off the handle loss of cool, branding millions of Americans a Basket of deplorables.

In her own words, Crooked Hillary Clinton said:- "I know there are only 60 days left to make our case — and don't get complacent, don't see the latest outrageous, offensive, inappropriate comment and think well he's done this time. We are living in a volatile political environment. You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric. Now some of those folks, they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America." 

"But the other basket, the other basket, and I know because I see friends from all over America here. I see friends from Florida and Georgia and South Carolina and Texas, as well as you know New York and California. But that other basket of people who are people who feel that government has let them down, nobody cares about them, nobody worries about what happens to their lives and their futures, and they are just desperate for change. It doesn't really even matter where it comes from. They don't buy everything he says but he seems to hold out some hope that their lives will be different. They won't wake up and see their jobs disappear, lose a kid to heroine, feel like they're in a dead-end. Those are people we have to understand and empathize with as well."

Icheoku responds to Hillary Clinton as follows:- Hillary Clinton herself is a homophobe who once would not support same sex marriage as she declared in an interview with Christ Matthews. Hillary Clinton herself is a racist who called African Americans 'Super Predators' which Bernie Sanders confirmed is a racist statement. Hillary Clinton is also a sexist of the worse kind as her wild-eyed brand of feminism is totally anti the male specie and anyone in doubt should look at how she has totally and completely emasculated her husband Bill Clinton and every other man in her space. So what are we actually talking about here or is it simply a case of the kettle calling the pot black. One thing the Clintons are not in short supply of is their rush to brand others what they are. Just a few days ago, Bill Clinton re-baptized "Make America Great Again" a racist  speak, except that several instances abound where himself used that sloganeering during both his and his wife's campaigns. 

Icheoku says imagine Hillary Clinton complaining about someone making inappropriate, offensive and outrageous comment and you ask yourself what is more offensive than calling millions of Americans deplorables and Super Predators? Icheoku laments that were this a gaffe, an apology would suffice to wipe it off the slate of Crooked Hillary Clinton. But no, it was an agreed upon line of statement and written down on her teleprompter and she also repeatedly rehearsed it before making it public. Her audience were also observed cheering and clapping that millions of us supporting Donald Trump were named basket of deplorables. It also did not also matter to either Hillary Clinton or her select audience that we are not in jail or prison nor committed any offense of disrepute either; but are dutiful Americans doing our jobs, obeying the law and paying out taxes; yet to Hillary Clinton, we are a basket of deplorable and her audience agrees with her. Our only offense is simply that we have refused to buy into her candidacy. 

All that needs to be said have been said, but this very particular comment now puts Hillary Clinton into the same square-box as Barack Obama with his 2008 "Clinging to their guns and religion"  comment; as well as Mitt Romney's 47 percent comment. Hillary Clinton is surprised and scared stiff that once again she is going to be denied and not coronated this year with the presidency of America. Now she is fighting dirty, resorting to general insult and name calling; and abusing the same people whose votes she is desperately seeking and people who would ordinarily constitute the people she would be their president in the event that accident happens. To say that in this one half of Hillary Clinton's basket of deplorable could be found lawyers, doctors, engineers, businessmen and women, workers of all trades, drivers, bankers, techies, policemen, fire service people, teachers etc is immaterial to Hillary Clinton. 

As far as Crooked Hillary Clinton is  concerned, if you are not supporting her, you are not elitist enough nor good enough, hence must be a deplorable and fit only for the basket of deplorables. What a bunch of deplorables that dare to support the other guy and not me appears to be her stance. Anyway, November 8 is but less than sixty short days away and we basket of deplorables shall remember who it was that so dismissively and so derisively branded us all basket of deplorables.  Icheoku says if Crooked Hillary Clinton must know, each and everyone of us supporting Donald Trump, irrespective of the basket in which she has grouped us, share the same common frustrations. Together, we are also determinedly gunning for a change we can believe in and we also hold the supreme belief that only Donald Trump holds out the best possible hope for attaining that desired change and with it an improved life situation. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016



Icheoku says aging is not necessarily good especially when it makes mockery of one's former vibrant articulation and self. The man from Hope Arkansas suddenly forgot that he once used the same slogan which he now accuses another who is using it of blowing the dog whistle of racism? Icheoku says it is either the former president is indeed confirming what many have long since concluded that he is a racist white Southerner himself or he is afflicted with early stages of dementia and Alzheimer's  disease. 

For a man who severally used that same exact slogan during his own campaign for president in the early nineties and also during a paid television slot for his wife's earlier presidential campaign in 2008, to now bold-facedly accuse Donald Trump of being a racist simply for using same slogan, is indeed telling on the veracity and candor of Bill Clinton. This by necessarily implication confirms that the lying glue holding the two Clintons together in their life of lies and marriage of convenience. Icheoku wonders how those two people co-habitate under the same roof only to remember that they live a life of lie and are always gaming each other; seeing one another as only a necessary tool and means of getting from point A to B. 

Icheoku says there is nothing racist in an expressed desire to improve what is or make things better. This is the sole message encapsulated in 'Make America Great Again' and nothing more; otherwise so many people including Icheoku will not be possessed by the Trump mania. Icheoku says a campaign slogan never captivated the American people before as this particular Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again and the people are agreed that America will be made great again. The Clintons are out of their mind in trying to re-baptize the slogan into what they would rather it becomes at this particular time. It is akin to when everything else fails, pile up the mud hoping that the people will not remember what is and then see the fellow in front of them as too dirty and so muddied up to be president. But this their worn out tactic will not work, not this time as Americans are in unison that change is needed in Washington and change will come to Washington.

In the former President Bill Clinton's own word, he said  “I’m actually old enough to remember the good old days, and they weren’t all that good in many ways. That message where ‘I’ll give you America great again’ is if you’re a white Southerner, you know exactly what it means, don’t you. What it means is ‘I’ll give you an economy you had 50 years ago, and I’ll move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down. What Hillary wants to do is take the totem pole down, and let us all go forward together.”

Icheoku bemoans this as exactly what is wrong with politics as politicians lie and lie just to befuddle and deceive the people into electing them. If believed, it sure then looks like a case of the pot calling the kettle black; or the former president is gone off the reservation as some light switches are beginning to turn off in his brain. A case of misfiring neurons one would say, because the former president in 1991 at a campaign event in Little Rock Arkansas used similar phraseology when he declared "Together, we can make America great again." Bill Clinton repeatedly used the same slogan throughout his presidential campaign through 1992 both on campaign stumps and during television interviews. Once again in a television commercial for his wife Hillary Clinton in 2008, Bill Clinton said, “It’s time for another comeback, time to make America great again.” 

Icheoku says American people to be the judge as it is about time this lying couple Clintons are permanently retired for good just like the Bush family. Away with the Clintons and let America move away from them in order to truly move forward. America is not a monarchy nor is it a family only governed country. This will be a great opportunity to pivot and move forward and away from a couple whose only trademark is always telling barefaced lies thinking and hoping to beguile the people. Imagine Bill Clinton claiming now that "Make America Great Again" is a racist dog whistle when himself repeatedly used same in the past and as recently as 2008. Icheoku says voting to elect Hillary Clinton will be validating their lying behavior and this is a very bad. So reject Hillary Clinton and let the lying couple Clintons not have their way with American people again, not this time. Enough of the "I did not" either have sex with that woman or email classified emails tales. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Icheoku says glad that the Crooked One finally agreed to step out of her hiding from the media cocoon to answer to some questions about her several misdeeds, especially the 33,000 bleach-washed missing emails, her judgments and of course why her longevity of over 30 years in politics have not accomplished all the things she is now promising to get done? Further, why didn't Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama do all these things she is now bandying around as her would constitute her task if elected? Hillary Clinton also admitted that her vote on Iraq and the war was a mistake and you wonder why she did not explain her "we came, we saw and he died" guffaw over the later murder of an innocent and changed Libyan Muommar Gaddafi? 

Anyway, the then presidential candidate Barack Obama was right that Hillary Clinton would say and do anything just to get elected; but this November 8, American people will vote to reject politics as usual. The American people will vote for change as the country definitely needs a new direction from this past eight years of knee jerk governance and voting Hillary Clinton will only be a continuation of the same failed Obama's wish-washy policies. Good enough, the verdict of this CNC forum is already out and Donald Trump trounced Hillary Clinton 63% to 37%. Icheoku says Go Trump; Vote Trump and help America get the right Commander in Chief with the right judgment call, who will think things through before sending our men and women into harms way. Vote Donald Trump and together help make America great again.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Icheoku says it is certainly a cause for concern and should cause American voters to weigh their options properly before pulling that lever for president come November 8. It does not bode well for Crooked Hillary Clinton to repeatedly have these bouts of coughing and simply dismissing them as her allergy for Trump. If only she will release her medical records for the American people to see how well enough she is to be president. But unfortunately, this will also be a very tall order to make, considering that the very secretive candidate who refused to release her Wall Street speeches, her deleted emails, would so willingly release her medical records. Anyway, American people will certainly have this weighted on their minds inside the polling booths.

Monday, September 5, 2016


Icheoku says it was as unprovoked as it was undiplomatic and defies every diplomatic niceties, especially coming from a supposedly friendly nation. For anyone, especially a president of another country to allude or categorically state or infer that a sitting president of another country is a son of a prostitute is to say the least very uncomplimentary, rash and insulting. A matter made worse, because it was coming from the president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, a supposedly friendly country and an ally, against President Barack Obama of the United States of America. That the two countries have a relatively cordial relationship is arguable; hence no rhythm or reason for this unprovoked insult and diatribe against both the president and his mother. 

Icheoku says were it some other country which does not have a comparable relationship with America, such as Iran or North Korea, that their president used such unflattering words against the president, may be people could read some continuing pattern of same acerbity to the current insult. But for the Philippines' president, a country for which America has done so much and still continuing; and for whose protection, America is also currently embroiled in a face-off with China over the South China seas, to mouth off so insultingly, is unacceptable. Icheoku says President Rodrigo Duterte needs to apologize and apologize speedily for his remarks; because such uncouth remark is capable of damaging existing cordial relationship between the Philippines and the United States of America. 

By saying what he said, President Rodrigo Duterte cast unfathomable aspersion and ridicule on the person of President Barack Obama, the president's mother as well as the entire United States of American people. By calling the president's mother a common prostitute, an allegation which is both factually and legally incorrect and which cannot be in any other manner substantiated; President Duterte defamed the president mightily. It is of such magnitude that were it between two persons who are subject to the local jurisdiction of courts, it could have triggered an action in defamation. Possibly with a hefty punitive damage for damaging the personal reputation of the president, his mother as well as the American people, who according to President Duterte elected a bastard as president? 

That the president's mother was legally and lawfully married to the president's father and was not a prostitute but a wife, when the couple had the president is an incontrovertible fact known to Duterte but which he chose to ignore. Admitted  President Barack Obama did the right thing by not meeting as earlier planned on the sidelines with the Philippines president in Laos; but additional action is needed to send a clear message that insulting an American president will not be tolerated by Americans. Such should be considered as an insult to the entire country and the people whose president he is and who elected him twice as president after serious dueling verified his legitimate birth. 

What a week it has been for a president who is on the last lap of his  presidency starting with China which humiliated the president by denying his a red carpet reception upon his arrival for the G20 summit; then their was the evil faced showdown or stare-down with Russian President Vladimir Putin culminating in Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte calling the president a son of a whore. 

Icheoku says it was not just the president that President Duterte insulted; the president's mother's decency and reputation was also disparaged by calling her morality and virtue into question. This is very offensive and President Duterte ought to pay a hefty price for such mean spirited personal attack, especially one not provoked or warranted. Although Icheoku is no longer a personal fan of the president because of the manner he forsook blacks and Africans in general; as well as his refusal to sell Nigeria weapons with which to fight Boko Haram Islamist terrorists, but truth be told, he is still the president and deserving of respect, especially by a supposed ally. 

If Philippines and their irascible president Rodrigo Duterte is not made to pay a price, it will only embolden others to similarly rebel against America. Already Turkey has told America to hell with you over the call for them to pull back from attacking Kurds in Northern Syria and has continued with their incursion therein. Iran the other day told America that they are no longer afraid of going to war with America. Vladimir Putin is also huffing and puffing. North Korea is there waging its finger, then add China which openly snubbed America by denying the president a ceremonial red carpet reception, in addition to Philippines president uncouth remark. So query, has the world finally had it with America and now ganged up to call America's bluff? 

Icheoku does not know about you but a time like this calls for a hard nosed charging president in the White House who will be either respected or feared again. President Barack Obama failed in this department as he neither elicit either. Donald Trump will be that type of president America needs at this trying testy times. America can use his bold and brash persona, faced with all these conspiracies gone wild which is starring America down. President Barack Obama scored below average with his international diplomacy and relationship. It has never been this low, America's rating and standing in the world; and such demeaning look down attitude against America by the world will only get worse if the accident of a Crooked Hillary Clinton's presidency happens. America do the needful and regain respectability, Vote for Donald John Trump.