ICHEOKU says she got the gravitas and she has the personality to use charm offensive to rebuild France and quickly too. Away with Islamist terrorism and help make France safe again, VOTE MARINE LE PEN for president.

"When two raging fires meet together, they do consume the thing that feeds their fury. Though little fire grows great with little wind, yet extreme gusts do blow out fire." - William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew


ICHEOKU says there is a female leader in Germany, another one in Britain; so lets get the French one. That way the three major countries across the pond would be on the same gendered leadership platform. Lets empower another woman, elect Mademoiselle Marine Le Pen president of France. She is exactly what the doctor ordered for a France in dire straits and in need of quick recovery from extreme Islamists terrorism. ICHEOKU says make France great again, Vote Le Pen. Help the French recover their homeland, Vote Le Pen. I am ICHEOKU and I approve of this message.


“I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have little joy. Non-stop pursuing of wealth will only turn a person into a twisted being, just like me. God gave us the senses to let us feel the love in everyone’s heart, not the illusions brought about by wealth. Memories precipitated by love is the only true riches which will follow you, accompany you, giving you strength and light to go on. The most expensive bed in the world is the sick bed. You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear sickness for you. Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost – Life. Treasure Love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends. Treat yourself well. Cherish others.” - SJ


"The threat of evil is ever present. We can contain it as long as we stay vigilant, but it can never truly be destroyed. - Lorraine Warren (Annabelle, the movie)


“I’m not that interested in material things. As long as I find a good bed that I can sleep in, that’s enough.” - Nicolas Berggruem, the homeless billionaire.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


ICHEOKU says there is simply no comparison as the difference is clear and the choice so obvious. In this election, who will lead France and give France the leadership it deserves is not controvertible. Mademoiselle Marine Le Pen is the one and only her can indeed free France from the ravaging Islamist extremism. 

Make France free again and help to ensure leisurely living for locals, tourists and visitors alike, elect the only candidate who is prepared to lead from the front and on day one. VOTE to elect Mademoiselle Marine Le Pen for president and watch France bounce back again to live and into a country which is finally rid of the pestilence Islamist terrorists. She is a nationalist and patriot whose love for France and the French people is beyond any second guessing and together with motivated French people will make France great again. I am ICHEOKU and I approve this message and urge you to consider the many things at stake and cast your vote to save France from a determined foe of Islamist terrorists. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


ICHEOKU says let France empower another woman and help add France to the list of countries across the pond who has bridged the gender gap. Let the French add their country to the list of three top countries of Britain, Germany and France that is effectively under the control of women. This is the right thing to do and this is the only meaningful way to actually let women know that their time has indeed come. The French people should therefore vote right and vote to become a top partner of the United States of America under President Donald John Trump. Any other thing would be interpreted as anti-change and anti any meaningful participation in the President Donald John Trump led new world order. 

President Trump is a change candidate and would be more favorably disposed to a France under the leadership of a change president too who he can indeed relate with and happily too. Emmanuel Macron is not that person; he is too youthful and his political philosophy is not in alignment with President Trump's declared new world order and he wont get along smoothly and seamlessly with the current White House. ICHEOKU says whether the French people would like to have a president who is beloved and readily welcomed in the White House is one thing and whether they will make use of this great opportunity and make this good chess move is another. But whatever they decide to do, they must not let their exuberance overwhelm them into empowering a boy-president who would only be extended diplomatic niceties instead of real camaraderie. The Obama smiling days are over and in the current serious world, only serious players will earn their rightful place as the world changed on November 8, 2016 and France must understand this as they go to the polls in the runoff election.

France cannot afford to be a minor partner or player in any future relationship with Trump's America by voting in a boy president who, like Canadian Justin Trudeau, would not be accorded France's deserving place in the perking order of the new world order under President Donald John Trump. Russia has their Tsar Vladimir Putinya, China has their Xi Jinping, Germany has their Matron Chancellor Angela Merkel; Britain has their Margret Thatcher 2.0 Theresa May and of course America has their President Donald Trump. These are all fully grown adults, some of who are old enough to be fathers and mothers to Emmanuel Macron. So why would a politically adept calculating France want to have a boy president and not a fully grown woman with stature and gravitas manning the affairs of their state and fully representing them among the comity of nations. Madam Marine Le Pen is that woman and Mademoiselle Le Pen will do a great job making France great again, so elect Le Pen. 

Madame Marine Le Pen is the answer to France problems and she has the necessary gravitas and presence to represent France and represent France effectively. In this times of trouble, only a steady hand on the tiller of state is what will help France get rid of all the Islamists death merchants who are wasting French lives one venue at a time. How many French lives must be lost to these beasts terror before the French said enough, not any more. ICHEOKU says only a committed patriot and nationalist who thinks France first will do the needful to free France of the pestilence of Islamist terrorists. For the good of France it is better to elect a president who has direct access to the White House and who will be in the good books and hearing distance of America. It is good too for France that Hollande is not technically left behind in Champ Elysee as they cannot afford to have another highly charged testosterone-filed male riding scooter incognito in the middle of the night sneaking into a paramour house. 

At 39, Emmanuel Macron is simply too young to give France the type of effective leadership it requires at this time of great challenges bothering on security and safety of the French people.  ICHEOKU is convinced that the French people do not want to end up with an Obama 2.0 or Trudeau 2.0 running their affairs; and no true blood French would have such  as a bargain for inducement. Simply put, Mademoiselle Marine Le Pen will be a bridge over troubled waters that is France today, a country which has lost its innocence as no one knows where the next lurking Islamist terrorist might strike again. ICHEOKU says French people cannot continue to live in this climate of fear and uncertainty and it is about time the problem is solved. Mademoiselle Le Pen will do a wonderful job restoring safety and security in France and she will also make France great again. Vote Le Pen. Viva Le Pen. Oui, elect French first president who is not ashamed of her femininity and who is proudly female and yes, Madam Le Pen is eminently qualified to lead and represent France. ICHEOKU says lets be ready to welcome Mademoiselle President Marine Le Pen into Champs Elysee.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


ICHEOKU says with a friend like Tom Brady no one, not President Donald John Trump, needs an enemy. A friend in need is a friend in deed and Tom Brady turned out to be neither, not as far as President Donald John Trump is concerned. What manner of a man would after all the support the president gave him just dismiss the president in this manner? 

A president who stood by him during the Deflate-Gate scandal, publicly defended him at every given opportunity, publicly declared him the best quarterback God ever made and during the last Super Bowl championship, was rooting for Tom Brady and his team even when they were losing in the first three quarters of the game. What manner of man would so cavalierly dismiss such a quantum show of affection and throw away such an important friendship just because his wife said so, compelled him and made him to. What other thing could she possibly make him do and you wonder what manner of a man would tolerate such a public humiliation from his supposed wife. Not one ICHEOKU knows or would associate with as such men are what Arnold Schwarzenegger calls girlie men and such men are dangerous and unreliable and cannot be trusted because they would betray you for a woman. 

ICHEOKU says where is his conviction and where is his fidelity to a friend, who cared and loved him so much and was a loyal chief cheerleader for him and his team throughout. What manner of man would not remember a friend who got his back when it mattered most and on a whiff, could so carelessly dishonor him, not caring about the hurt feeling which his action would and did in fact cause, boycotting a president who pride himself in calling him a friend. What a sissy man would make excuses of a family illness and parents' anniversary on the same very day that his team was scheduled to pay a visit to the White House, knowing that his presence or lack thereof will speak volume. 

Also the scheduled visit was made ahead of time and an honest and trustworthy Tom Brady would have had enough time to make necessary accommodation to be in that visit but he choose not to. But assuming he must be with his family on that same day, why did he not sneak in just one hour to be in the White House and then catch a private jet to wherever the heck his parents' anniversary was going on. But simply put, he was too cowardly to stand up to his wife and convince her on the imperative of his attending the White House reception. 

There is no amount of explanation from Tom Brady that would excuse what he did. It is betrayal of trust and it is a betrayal of friendship and as far as ICHEOKU is concerned, he is but a cheap woman-wrapper who has no balls or even the power of conviction over his wife and make her see the implication of her order that he not join the Patriot team to the White House. Who actually is marrying who and wearing the pants suit in the house of Tom Brady if he could not lead his team to the White House to present a hard won Super Bowl trophy. 

ICHEOKU says does this Tom Brady has any morals and sense of fidelity governing his affairs and conduct; and whatever happened to his reciprocity of love and affection. What if the wife divorces him tomorrow as many American women would do in a heartbeat when they fall out of love with you. Is she worth losing such a dear friend as President Donald John Trump and what other thing could she possibly compel him to do just to prove that she is the big dog in the house and the one calling all the shots? 

What if Tom Brady had balls and demanded the wife let him go to the White House or the marriage is over; or must it always be a wife who would be loved by a husband and who must command obedience and never  the other way round. What is wrong if a wife truly loves her husband and their relationship not being merely an arrangement and a game show where the husband is subjected to all manners of subservient behavior and compelled to continuously please her, including by obeying very stupid demands. What would have happened had Tom Brady braved it to the White House; at worst she will walk away or divorce him, so? 

As for his overbearing and controlling wife, whose name ICHEOKU will not mention in this essay because she is not the one that betrayed a friend, ICHEOKU says, what she did is not only an insult on Tom Brady but a testament on the manner of person she really is. A controlling freak of nature who subjugates her husband and brings pubic shame to him. ICHEOKU says any woman who could go to such a length as to publicly humiliate her husband and tell the whole world that she is running every aspect of life in the Tom Brady home and in such impetuous way, is not a nice person to say the least. 

ICHEOKU says many a men would damn the consequences, go to the White House and be prepared to sign her divorce papers if it gets to that. Some men will after divorcing her, marry her best friend or even sister just to teach her a lesson and in some cases if her mother is relatively still youthful, make a play for her. Were the shoes to be on the other feet and the wife wanted to attend a Hillary Clinton's event and Tom Brady says not to attend, would she listen to him? Where is her respect and love for her husband not to deprive and deny him such a glaring opportunity to lead his victorious team to a White House in occupation of a president who publicly declared him a dear friend. 

Were ICHEOKU Tom Brady or was married to the wife, would rather move into another house upon returning from the White House, but not 1000 of her would have humiliates ICHEOKU so publicly and in such a manner. What a way not to marry a woman or rather, not to allow a woman to marry you. But Tom Brady messed up and by so doing have drawn the wrath of 33 million irredeemable deplorables as well as other Trump supporters who are raging mad at his disrespect of the president. What a jerk Tom Brady is and a castrated one for that matter, who has lost his testicles to a controlling freakish woman, who he calls a wife but who is indeed not a wifely material or a definition of a good wife, Pitiful. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017


ICHEOKU says is not taking sides nor holding a brief for anyone, but in America, women will get you once they are determinedly honed in on project take you down. They will tell their stories movingly and most times people are moved into giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are indeed telling the truth; admitted that many a times, their version of the truth might either be exaggerated or heavily embellished or even an outright lie told to deceive and hoodwink. 

Many alpha males have fallen victim to this machination as women consider them threatening and then mark them for destruction and elimination; removal from their feminist society being an inconvenient obstacle on their way to total domination of the sphere. Whether former Fox News Bill O'Reilly is guilty of the charges leveled against him leading to his current tribulation and forced exit from Fox News, ICHEOKU does not know nor can affirmatively assert; but if precedents are any guide, possibly he was innocent of all the charges and merely a victim, who possibly made an innocent jocular banter complimenting a female, who took it wrongly as sexual harassment. Yes, it is America and in America women rule and dictate what is acceptable in their relationship with males; including what compliments are acceptable, if any. As far as the relationship between them and the males are concerned, they have to have both the beginning say as well as the final say, at the peril of the male who thinks otherwise or utters anything to the contrary. 

One of the accusations accusations against Bill O'Reilly is that he mouthed a "Hot Chocolate" at a black female employee at Fox News and you wonder what the harm or hurt here is, that a probably very good looking ebony female was complimented as being delightfully delicious or who does not like hot chocolate. Sometimes, even when you compliment females as being beautiful, they complain; you compliment their outfit as being nice and sexy, they complain; you compliment their figure as being exactly what nature ordered, they complain. Then conversely make the mistake of calling them fat or ugly or not enticing for any man to desire, and they will smack you and make a whole lot of trouble for you for not being sensitive and for being a pig and a dog and every other manner of thing not fit to co-habit this earth with them. It is a troubling situation indeed and sometimes even when they give you the common on and you respond, they turn around and accuse you of sexual harassment and of making the work place environment unbearable for them. 

ICHEOKU knows about this guy who his female colleague in the office was in the habit of flirting with and each time she is passing through his desk will stop to give this guy a shoulder rub. She will tell him complimentary things and sometimes even give him a peck. It happened continuously until this guy convinced himself that her overtures were a common on invitation to treat and he decided to express his interest. One day the guy went over to her desk and rubbed her shoulders and complimented her for her perfume and then left. A day later, their supervisor invited him to his office to say that the girl complained of his sexual advancement to her and that she considers same harassment and creating an unsettling work place environment. The guy was given an option to resign or face prosecution and that was how the guy lost his nearly six figure job. 

Mike Tyson was sent to prison because an aspiring model visited him in his hotel suite close to midnight in a see through lingerie; they had sex and she left only to later allege rape. Clarence Thomas nearly lost his Supreme Court judgeship to an accusation of sexual harassment of and by a female. Very recently, then candidate and now President Donald John Trump, was nearly forced out of his presidential campaign by a litany of accusations by females of various manners of unwanted sexual advances, some of them bothering on even rape. ICHEOKU says in the matter of Bill O'Reilly, he has lost his gig at Fox News due to similar allegations and accusations, but whether he did them or not, ICHEOKU does not know; but it sounds similar to what has become a common place occurrences in America where females sometimes make up stories just to take a man down. 

ICHEOKU says Bill O'Reilly made the mistake however by settling other previous similar allegations, which made people believe that he probably did it otherwise why settle. Bill O'Reilly's explanation that he did it to protect his family fell flat because if someone accuses a totally innocent person of some misconduct or crime, it behooves on the accused person to vehemently exonerate himself and not act in any manner that is suggestive of the possibility of the accusation being real. However, unlike so many other non rich and not so famous none white males, Bill O'Reilly secured the proverbial golden parachute of $25 million parting pay from Fox News. So in as much his face will no longer adorn the Network's evening program, he will still have a good life and possibly might follow in the path of Dan Rather and other former network faces in establishing an Internet based podcast. His audience from Fox News might follow him to wherever he decides to pitch his broadcast tent. 

ICHEOKU prays that men of America will learn their lesson from this that the women of America have become too sensitive and know how to shut their mouth around them. Just says nothing, see nothing and hear nothing about that female colleague of yours if you want to keep your job and not be accused of one harassment or the other. So long Bill but Fox News is the loser in this case as the Network seems to have lost its backbone and cannot stand firm and back their alpha male employees, faced with advertisers boycotts and threats of some crazy wild-eyed feminists females. Roger Ailes is gone; Bill O'Reilly is now also gone and you wonder who follows next in the attempt of some extremist anarchists to cut the Network to size by getting rid of the Network's retinue of alpha males who are not afraid to air their opinion and not given to political correctness. That the Network has steadily been beating other networks and stations and for several years now in viewership and ratings, also did not help matter in the drive by these invisible forces to equalize the playing field by silencing its ace anchors and now removing them one after the other. Sad.    

Monday, April 17, 2017


ICHEOKU says salute to courage. He is a member of the few, the proud, the marines. He lost his leg in Afghanistan fighting in defense of what we all hold dear; but it did not deter him from competing and finishing the Boston Marathon 2017. ICHEOKU says whoever this brave and courageous American is, on behalf of the men and women of America and a grateful nation at large, ICHEOKU says thank you for your sacrifice. The country is safe today because of men and women like you, whose selfless service has secured our freedom and safety. Thank you for your service and congratulation for completing the Boston Marathon.

Monday, April 10, 2017


ICHEOKU says Alexander Rodriguez is the latest victim of the lecherous Jennifer Lopez, who seems not to ever satisfy her apertite for catch and release of men. Whether all those men are the ones walking away from her after fulfilling their hearts desires or it is Jenny from the Block that is doing the offloading of them, in her quest to see how many men she can seduce before she finally gets wrinkly, ICHEOKU has no conclusive evidence. 

But whatever be the case and however the revolving door around her turns, the relevant thing here is that Jenifer Lopez has moved on to yet another man, her man number twelve and he is the former New York Yankees outfielder Alexander Rodriguez aka A Rod. ICHEOKU says if man number 12 is now with Jenny, when will number 13 appear and displace him? It is a safe bet to make that any woman who has traveled through this many number of men within just the last two decades has possibly not yet reached her end-station in her conquest of men business. The possibility of her ending up yet with another man before too long is not a too far fetched conjecture. So what is it that drives Jennifer to and away from men or is it just an addiction she has to see how many men she can catch and release within her lifetime, especially now that she is still presentable. Is she trying to break a world record as the super star who broke the records on how many men they allowed into their lives during their life time.

ICHEOKU says what exactly do these men find in her that like a moth to the light, they are prepared to plunge into her only to be tossed aside within a few short period.  What is the magic potion that is making these many men line up, waiting for their turn to date Jenny from the Block?  What pleasure do they drive from being had and dumped, smothered and left holding only their memories of having dated that Latina woman with the big butts?  Icheoku is at a loss on the dangerous attraction men have of her and why any responsible man should want to just be a number in the many that have traveled through her gap. ICHEOKU is not being a moral avatar here or overtly judgmental; but truth be told, what value is still left of a woman whom so many men have gone through and openly; since there is no more uniqueness about her. What is that take home personal experience that one can treasure being with Jennifer Lopez or which man likes to know that the woman he is with has had about a dozen men travel through her and that he is merely eating a leftover. Simply put, Jennifer Lopez is not better than any street hustler, standing at the corner street and turning tricks; the only difference being that she might not be asking for payment in cash. 

What else is there in Jennifer Lopez that would make a man want to dive in to see and find out; not after several men have been there before and you wonder what actually drives these adventurers into the cave of Jennifer Lopez. With such high traffic of men through her straits, what is left there for such an overused woman who, were she a car, would have been due for the junk scrap yard. Like a rug in a walkway, Jennifer Lopez, considering all the men that have traversed her, is technically speaking, a spent and used or rather, disused person. Her epitaph will possibly read, "Here lies Jennifer Lopez, a woman who was traversed by so many men." What a role model indeed she is to the millions of young and impressionable ladies who see her and look up to her as their heroine. ICHEOKU also wonders whether Jennifer Lopez would like to see her daughter having this many men traveling through her gates or is she so selfish not to even blink that her dalliances might be shaming her family especially her mother, a devout catholic. Anyway, is it Jenny and she is from the Block; admitted nothing is edifying nor dignifying about her sharing her body with this many number of different men and so publicly. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017


ICHEOKU says Islamist terrorists have struck again. This time in Egypt, on Palm Sunday and at two churches respectively - one in Alexandria and the other in a Nile Delta town Tanta. When the dust finally settled, 44 people are dead and 100 others wounded and the toll might still rise depending on how the wounded respond to treatment. 

Unfortunately no one has any solution on how to best corral back these miscreant terrorists and prevent their recurring mayhem. The only meaningful reasonable thing in the circumstance is eternal vigilance as it has become a virus that will live with the world forever or at least a long time to come. They kill indiscriminately just to make a point and you wonder why would any sane person kill in the name of whatever "God" they profess to worship. ICHEOKU says it does not make sense and defies every logic that people would kill for God. May the soul of all those Egyptians dead rest in peace. Very unfortunate.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


ICHEOKU says all finally said and done, give it up for the steely backbone of Senate majority leader McConnell for shepherding the nomination of Neil Gorsuch through to the finish line as he is confirmed associate judge of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. He delivered on his promise to have Gorsuch confirmed and for this, McConnell is hereby congratulated for a job well done and a promise kept. It is good to be tough and resolved on one's conviction, especially when informed on reason and good grounds. 

The slot at the Supreme Court was for conservatives to fill, being a slot left vacant with the death of Anthony Scalia; so it falls flat the argument made by Democrats and other liberals alike that President Obama was denied a chance at nominating and filling the vacancy. Good enough Mitch McConnell stood firm and refused to move on Judge Garland's nomination and rode out Obama's presidency. ICHEOKU says the trouble with the Democrats is that they are still horn mad angry at the Republicans for stalling on Judge Garland and at President Donald Trump for routing their Queen Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election. So regardless of who was nominated, as long as it was by President Trump and supported by the Republicans, the Democrats would still have filibustered and not supported the nominee. 

The Democrats complaint was more of an angry agitation rather than any rational reasoning based objection to a judge who is eminently qualified erudite judge and who have previously passed through similar confirmation process as then Appellate Judge nominee. So, what has Judge Gorsuch done since his appellate court days to now override his previous confirmation, if not for silly partisan retaliatory politics of you did not confirm our own judge Garland and so, we will not confirm your own Judge Gorsuch, puerile antic of the Democrats. Good enough they found their match in Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and the rest as they say is now history. Query, if not Judge Gorsuch, who else could the Democrats possibly have confirmed, nobody. Thankfully, McConnell has some backbone and did not cower nor yield grounds and Gorsuch is now the Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. 

ICHEOKU says the Democrats need to be taught a lesson for their obfuscations and for trying to derail the nomination of this fair minded Judge Gorsuch who is not extreme by any definition of that word. So the next time an opportunity presents itself to fill a gap in the Supreme Court, President Donald Trump should consider nominating an ultra conservative far right wing Judge and have the Republican majority nuclear option him into the Supreme Court and let the Dems jump off if they want. ICHEOKU says when would all these petty partisanship bickering end and how can the country truly move forward with each party always holding to their position without yielding any grounds whatsoever. What happened to the spirit of camaraderie of 'give and take', where things are negotiated out and not the current gridlock stance of 'either my way or the highway.' ICHEOKU thought the Democrats would have shown some love and not objected to Judge Gorsuch, but they did not or rather refused to deal and the same revolving door continues to spin. 

Judge Neil Gorsuch, 49 years old, was confirmed by 54 to 45 votes to become the 113th justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. ICHEOKU wishes him all the best in his new endeavor at the apex court of the land. Congratulations Judge.

Friday, April 7, 2017


ICHEOKU says President Bashar al-Assad lied when he told the world that he has destroyed all the chemical weapons in his country's military arsenal. A promise he made following his crossing of former President Barack Obama's redline on chemical weapons and in order to avoid a retaliatory action from America. But to the dismay of a surprised world, he once again gassed his people, women, little children and beautiful God's babies, all of which died very agonizing suffocating deaths. 

ICHEOKU queries which monster would wreck such a havoc on the very citizens he was elected to protect as president and whose safety and protection should be his number one priority. He has played the world for seven long years while slaughtering his people and destroying their country; it is about time the world said enough is enough and forcibly take him out if he cannot be taken alive to face war crimes prosecution at The Hague. Therefore Bashar al-Assad should be considered a fair game in any future strikes, barring his change of heart and model himself into a more humane president who would not so lackadaisically waste his own people's life and in such a callous devious manner. 

ICHEOKU says it is only someone who has not watched those little babies writhing in pain and laboriously gasping for breath that would not feel convulsed at the magnitude of ruthlessness of the Assad regime. ICHEOKU says time to hold Bashar al-Assad accountable is now, admitted it came a long time ago with his crossing of Obama's red-line without consequences whatsoever. It also shows that those whose time has come act in such a reckless cavalier manner as would suggest that they intentionally are speeding up their rendezvous with death. Here is a man who would have relaxed and allow the newly elected American President Trump to first help him crush ISIS and then renegotiate his presidency thereafter. But no, less than two weeks after America said that regime change in Damascus is no longer a priority, this unthinking Assad went ahead to commit the most egregious crimes against the humanity that call Syria their country, which they know will attract America's ire. Bashar a-Assad is evil and like all evils, he must be stopped now, killed if thats the only option, to help resolve the so many seemingly problem which he represents.

The ongoing slaughter in Syria has lasted for too long, seven long years without any end in sight; so it is about time the civilized world ended it and however they see fit. Hopefully today's tomahawk strikes on one of his military airbases is a significant right step in the right direction as the world led by America cannot continue to standby and watch hands akimbo as Assad ruthlessly deals with the lives of his country men and women and children and babies as he sees fit and as suits his maniacal fancy. But this time, Assad miscalculated and did not take into account that a new sheriff is in town and in the White House and his name is President Donald Trump. He also forgot that President Trump is very unpredictable, decisive and can swing the hammer of the awesome fearsome United States military at a moment's notice and without publicizing it in his usual stealth fashion. Now one of Assad's government military air base has been decimated and completely obliterated by the power of 50 (1000pounds each) Tomahawk cruise missile which rained down thereon and he did not have a whiff they were coming down. 

This is a man who lied that he had destroyed his stockpile of chemical weapons; failed to reciprocate the goodwill gesture of President Trump whose government had expressed the desire not to prioritize his removal from office and said so just two weeks ago. But in return, he once again gassed his people. ICHEOKU says next time, President Assad should himself be lighted up for a laser guided missile to make contact with him. What did he need to achieve gassing his people at this time he has the prospect of getting some reprieve from the new government in America. He blew it and with the wind goes that single best opportunity to make amends and govern in peace and in one piece. If Assad was smart, he would have mellowed down and encourage Americans in their decision to engage ISIS on the ground and have his country restored to normalcy. But no, leading to the question, what was he smoking. Bashar a-Assad, ICHEOKU says enough of your suicidal tendencies because America will come and get you if you make them. Stop the madness in Syria and stop killing your people, whether with barrel bombs or bullets or even Sarine gas. 

Monday, April 3, 2017


The biafran war may have come and gone but to the victims of the war, especially the people of Asaba, delta state, the pains and agonies as well as the scars left by the war have created a permanent box of memory inside of them. To them, October 7th, 1967 was a day they had continued to rue and will forever do so for generations to come. It was the day soldiers of Nigerian 2nd division under Murtala Muhammad, Ibrahim Taiwo and Ibrahim Haruna carried out one of the worst crimes against humanity in human history. 

The Nigerian troops had entered Asaba on the 4th day of October, 1967, in pursuit of Biafran soldiers who had earlier crossed Ore after taking Benin and dislodging Nigerian troops there. But because the Biafran soldiers had blown the Niger bridge to make it impossible for the Nigerian side to pursue them, Mortala Muhammad and his boys simply settled in Asaba where they started going from house to house killing people of the town who he accused of aiding the Biafran soldiers. 

On the 7th day, after the house to house killing had gone on for days, the leaders of the town, in a bid to convince the Nigerian troops of their loyalty and support, summoned their people to come out in the street. Hundreds of men, women and children had obeyed the summon and came out, mostly dressed in ceremonial white attire, singing, dancing and chanting "One Nigerian" to the hearing of Muritala and his boys. But the moment they got to the Ogbe-Osewa village square where the Nigerian troops were gathered, the soldiers separated the men and teenage boys of 12 years and above from the women. 

Orders were shouted. And the men and boys were pelted with bullets. At the end of the bullet festival, not less than 700 people of Asaba lay lifeless. There were dead bodies everywhere. Most of them were later buried in mass grave while the Nigerian troops still occupied the town afterwards, hunting down men and boys who escaped the Oct. 7th massacre and raping and forcefully 'marrying' off women and young girls. 

Today, the war criminal, Muritala Mohammed is celebrated as a national hero even in death. Only in Nigeria! After the Asaba massacre, people living across the river were constantly threatened with the Asaba treatment should they help the Biafran soldiers in anyway. And because man's first rule is Self Preservation, some of them started cutting off ties with the Biafrans. Niger Delta leaders were told by Nigerians that the Igbos only wanted to dominate and enslave them just so they would take over their oil. And they swallowed this tale. 

After the war which Biafra lost, the Nigerian state came up with demomc policies to further humiliate and impoverish them. And even though Effiong, a non Igbo was Ojukwu's 2nd in command in Biafra which proves that Biafra was not for Igbos alone, Nigeria believed it was engineered by the Igbos. So the demonic after-war policies were targeted at the Igbos. Your only chance of escaping the devilish policies like seized properties, seized job, seized monies in the bank etc was to cut off every ties with the Igbos. 

In a bid to survive, some Igbos from across the river --Ikwere, Delta, etc-- started denying their Igbo ancestry. Towns and streets in Port Harcourt bearing Igbo names were renamed and the original Igbo names hugely corrupted. Full fledged Igbo men and women with Igbo culture, Igbo name, Igbo food, Igbo everything including language, would look you in the face and tell you, "Aburo m onye-Igbo" just for purpose of self preservation.  Some Niger Delta communities seized Igbo properties in a bid to prove their loyalty to Nigeria. And so, the seed of rancour, strife and enmity was sown between brothers and neighbours who are not enemies and have absolutely no reason to be enemies. 

The trend continued and was inculcated into children born after the war all through the period of 47 years and still counting. And because, the murderous Nigerian state removed history from school curriculum, the younger generation of some Igbos across the River who only heard their parents tell them they were not Igbos without knowing what informed the denial now strongly believe what they heard from their parents. And the fear of Igbo domination, enslavement and coveting their oil is still very much alive among many people in the Niger Delta even as I write this. 

The biggest tragedy of this whole thing is that some scions of the victims of the Asaba massacre are not angry with Nigeria for murdering their fathers and brothers and raping their mothers and sisters. Rather, they are angry with the Igbos whom they blame for everything. On the other hand, in the Niger Delta, the Fulani Oligarchs have always owned the oil there. They have hanged notable sons of the region and made the environment uninhabitable for the people. They live in opulence with monies from the Niger Delta oil while the Niger Delta people live in penury. But criminally funny enough, some Niger Delta people are more concerned with the fear that the Igbos might dominate and enslave them in future than they are about the fact that the Fulani Oligarchs are not just currently enslaving them but equally killing their sons and daughters and making it impossible for their future generations to have a place to call home. 

Some Igbos on their own are not even helping matters with their arrogance and the condescending tone with which they talk about these people. When a people have been given the impression that all you want is to dominate and enslave them and you go ahead to use lines like "all these small small minorities sef", "all these hausa/fulani slaves, who is begging you to join Biafra?" etc. You are not exactly showing wisdom. You don't have to beg anyone but you certainly need to apply tact, wisdom and diplomacy in everything you do. And you've got to take a crash course on how to build alliances. 

Meanwhile, both the Igbos of the 5 SouthEast States and their siblings from across the River and the Niger Delta people are victims, with a common oppressor; The Scions of Danfodio. But strangely, they are busy fighting amongst themselves rather than channelling all their anger towards their common oppressor. Apart from the artificial division and enmity created by Nigeria during and after the war, there has been no known record of any clash between the Igbos and their brethren and neighbors from across the rivers. 

Over 3 millions Igbos were killed by mostly hausa/fulani soldiers during the Biafran war. Hundreds more are still being killed and bathed with acid by the same people. Ken Saro Wiwa and 8 other Niger Delta Chiefs were hanged by the Hausa/Fulani. The oil wells there are virtually owned by the same Hausa/Fulani. Even the Asaba massacre was presided over by 3 Hausa/Fulani soldiers. I am now left wondering: Why are these common victims finding it so hard to realize that all their pains and sorrows plus petty differences and artificial division and enmity are created by one dark-hearted common enemy who seem well sophisticated in the art of using Divide and Rule to weaken his opponents before subjugating them?

Sunday, April 2, 2017


There is a simple formula for serving God.  It was provided by Jesus Christ himself in the following words: “Follow me. If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me,” he says in Luke 9:23. 

Christ is always very clear about the standards of the Cross.  In his template on how to pray, the “Our Father,” he is similarly eloquent.  It is a prayer indexed on forgiveness: his followers are to praise God, and then present their requests, including praying for forgiveness and protection from sin and evil. Notice, in particular, “lead us not into temptation.”  Christ knew the nature of man, and that he will always be challenged by temptation.  Five words that are both an appeal and a warning.  An appeal for strength when we are tempted; a warning not to underrate the challenge. 

The trouble with temptation is that it has unlimited form and remarkable persistence.  It returns again and again, perhaps wearing a fresh face or a different smile; an indifferent phraseology or a changed taste or color.  Or it may retain one irresistible form with which it tries to wear its subject down. But human beings often yield.  For which Christ urged mutual confession of sins, and repeated forgiveness “not just seven times, but seventy-seven times”, he told Peter.  Furthermore: “If you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift." 

High standards that recognize the nature of human beings, but also provide practicable solutions.  Christ provided for the forgiveness of sin, but not for changing of the standards he laid down. I am speaking about the Word of God, not politics, particularly Nigerian-style politics.  I make this distinction because, as we all know, the pulpit and the political stomp are now sometimes indistinguishable. Politicians steal from the poor and give to pastors, who—fully aware the money is filthy—accept it and enlist in the politician’s front lawn.  The pastor joins in the politician’s false lifestyle to which the outsider is the poor believer, who continues to contribute to the church—as he should—in the faith that he is supporting the work of God. 

There is no question some rich pastors are genuine, or some genuine pastors rich; their mission and their pockets enriched beyond measure by their faith, and their faithfulness.  We’ll never be able to tell by the ordinary eye who is whom, except perhaps, through some knowledge of how they deploy their wealth in the service of their fellow man, especially strangers. But good pastor or bad, inspired or fake, even they will at some point come eyeball to eyeball with some form of temptation or another, including greed, lust, insensitivity, and arrogance. For some reason, during this Christian season of Lent, one rising Nigerian pastor has been accused of a few of those.  

Lent is a solemn 40-day observance characterized by prayer, fasting, and abstinence, in preparation for the resurrection of Christ at Easter.  Somehow, fate chose this season for Mr. Johnson Suleman, the General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries, to battle allegations of lust and serial adultery. 

It began with one Stephanie Otobo, a Canada-based singer, alleging that between 2015 when they met and 2016, they slept together in three cities on three continents: Naples, New York and Lagos.  But when she became pregnant, the married Apostle Suleman, who had also promised to marry her invited her to Lagos, she alleged, where he personally and forcibly aborted the baby. 

Mr. Suleman has denied the story, but at least one other woman has made a similar allegation.  “I dated Apostle Suleman while I was a member in his church, he was my pastor, spiritual director and mentor aside being a boyfriend, from August 2013 to 2014 April,” one “Queen Esther, chambers,” told Premium Times. On March 9, the pastor asked Festus Keyamo, the widely-known lawyer whose chambers in Lagos is representing Ms. Otobo, to apologize publicly and pay him N1bn for alleged blackmail and injuries. He said Mr. Keyamo and his unidentified “paymasters” were plotting to kill or cause bodily harm to Ms. Otobo and blame him for perpetrating the act.  They were also plotting to “clone” his voice in a forthcoming video on the scandal, he alleged. 

Keyamo's Chambers warned Apostle Suleman the following day to focus on the facts, not conspiracy theories.  Stressing that their principal, who was in Abuja at the time had nothing to do with the case, it said, “Other unfortunate victims of this same self-proclaimed “Man of God” are also in touch with us now and are also itching to tell their story, with proofs. Another published story appeared to demonstrate that an expensive car belonging to actress Daniella Okeke was registered to the pastor. Last week, social media outlets were reporting that Mr. Suleman has sued Ms. Otobo and SaharaReporters—but curiously not Keyamo—for N1billion. 

What does Ms. Otobo, who is already being prosecuted by the police on such charges as blackmail, terrorism and intent to steal from Mr. Suleman, want?  A public apology to her and to his congregation, she said.  “I want him to publicly accept his sins, and beg for forgiveness from God.” That seems to be fair enough.  In fact, it seems to be what Mr. Suleiman or any pastor might have counseled in the circumstances.  But that would mean admitting guilt, a notion the pastor clearly abhors. 

The church’s website suggests Mr. Suleman’s birth was akin to that of Christ.  “...Few days after he was born, some Prophets came from Warri to Benin (the place of his birth) with a message [saying] God told them “a prophet who would minister in God's presence has been born...”  “God gave His choice servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman a divine mandate to: “wipe out tears, restore people to their destinies by the revelation of the word, manifestation of power and reality of the Holy Spirit.” There is evidence that Mr. Suleman is a gifted, generous pastor.  And is not difficult to see the dilemma his accusers have placed him.  But even if Ms. Otobo has lied against him, the challenge before him as a Christian is to forgive and pray for her, leaving vengeance to God.  Christ’s standards have not changed. 

If the pastor has sinned—and only Christ did not—Ms. Otobo is right: only through confessing his sin can he find forgiveness and that strength which only humility can bring.  Through fire is iron forged.  Christ does not regret a sinner because he sinned; he rejects only those who persist or who refuse to take responsibility.  Christ made it clear he did not come to save the perfect, but the sinful. And if Mr. Suleman sinned, he was not the first; he was a man before he became a pastor.  But it would be his choice to enlist with those who, having been given the special spiritual gift to which he lays claim, devalues it by assuming superiority to that gift, and suggesting he is impenetrable to sin. And we must never forget how fondly Christ sees himself in the little man: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Because that personal cross is a daily commitment.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Lately, I've found it irritating when I meet people and they ask if I'm Muslim or Christian. Could they be so shallow not to know that -- at least in this era -- religion has had absolutely no effect on our morals, conducts, and dispositions? The reality is glaring for all to see. From the civil servant with no holes in her ear to the trader with loose clothing, its the same story of deceit and hypocrisy. Call it false generalization if you want. 

Some illiterate "kobonaires" who can hardly feed quote the revealed text to justify the perversion of their dangling testicles while the nation keeps bearing the brunt through spiraling hooliganism and brigandage. At the other end of the line -- as with the former -- it's their way or no way; every commercial bus is an altar, all the classes in the university are pulpits! These go on while the enemies of the people keep destroying the nation. Till 1999 or thereabout, Christians still eat our Sallah Ram; my family also enjoy the Christmas Chicken. 

Presently, from north down to the south, we have allowed religion to destroy our socialization so much so that the Sheep and Goat now toss their compasses at us. Love between a lass and lad -- the purest form of socialization is most hit in this regard. A Jehovah Witness fella must never marry an outsider -- that includes everyone without a witnessing bag; Aishah cannot date Raphael. Are we not in soup? We are no longer human beings first, but Christians or Muslims. To be a traditionalist is to receive a wink of eternal condemnation. 

Our sense of justice has become so perverted and tainted that truth now undergoes a semblance of Einstein's relativity theory via rationalization under spiritual lenses. With 85 million Christians and 85 million Muslims, Nigeria became and remains the most corrupt nation on earth. With over 1000000 Churches and 1000000 Mosques, the killings keep increasing. The injustice in the land is so widespread you would think that all the inhabitants here are Children of the Satan. 

The Human Brain was supposed to perfect us as superior creatures. With 100 billion cells within it, the termite should be learning from us,  not the other way round. I've laid bare my thoughts as a confused creature who believes, as Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, that "there are no facts, only interpretations." For the first time, I'm not being critical over an issue of serious importance. It pains me to see us divided over what ordinarily should unite us as descendants of Adam -- or Monkey. We cannot move forward as a people with a baggage this heavy. We cannot.

Friday, March 24, 2017


The members of Nigerian parliament have developed a penchant for wasting public funds on irrelevant things that do not add any quality to our lives. They waste our money, they waste our time and they play with our collective intelligence. We do not get any value for the money we spend on them. They have a short attention span on any matter. Different mundane things easily catch their attention while matters of national importance are quietly and deliberately kept off their radar. 

They have now taken a fancy to uniforms. They like uniforms. They like Police, Army, Customs, immigration, Civil Defense uniforms. Uniforms! Our honourables and senators have turned uniforms to an issue of national importance. They want to see as many as possible in uniforms. They are not interested in the person, just the uniform he wears. The servile retinue of police aides in uniforms who waste our taxes guarding them from us, their employers has conditioned them to look down on service uniforms. They feel that they are superior to the wearer of any kind of uniform; after all, their police guards clean their shoes, carry their bags, escort their wives to the market and play the servants to their children. Appearing in anything but a uniform is considered an affront by these members of parliament. They send you out of their presence. They disgrace and humiliate you. Ask Hameed Ali. They were irked to see him in their parliament without his uniform. They wanted him to deck up like one of those police officers that carries their bags. He refused to oblige them. They walked him out. They hammered Hameed. They were not interested in hearing him on the performance of his charge or the reason why he dreamt up payment of  import duties on old and tired vehicles which his own men allowed into the country. They were not interested in Nigeria. They were interested in their ego. They invoked a redundant law to prove their point. Where on this God’s earth do parliamentarians waste taxpayers’ money on discussing in which clothes an employee of the State must appear before them? Hameed Ali did not come in his skin. He came in a decent and non-flamboyant outfit. But these senators wanted to see him in uniform by all means.
Their obsession with uniforms has limits however. They want others to wear uniforms, but not them. They dread the idea of changing their babarigas and agbadas for any kind of uniform. Just a couple of days ago, a tailor who sews uniforms for greedy politicians passed by their senate to ask them for confirmation of his appointment. He wanted them to confirm him as the official tailor for their future uniforms. They were horrified. They mugged Magu the Tailor. They did not hear him. They could not. They were deep in mental imagination of themselves in badly sewn short uniforms. They all know that Magu the Tailor already has their sizes. They also know that he has already purchased the cloth to sew their uniforms. They knew that if they confirmed his appointment, they would sooner or later be obliged to wear their short Made by Magu uniforms.  Individually, under their breaths, they muttered, “I reject it”…”this is not my portion”. Collectively they chased Magu, the EFCC chief tailor out of their presence like a demon. They exorcised him from their collective system.
And just down the road, in the House of Representatives (of themselves), the honourables are considering a bill to nominate their own tailor. They do not want to hear of Magu or any other tailor chosen by Mr. Buhari. They want one of their own to be their tailor. They want well-made agbadas and babarigas, not the kind of ill-fitting shirts and shorts built by Magu who learnt the trade from Ribadu. They believe they can pull it off. They know from history that Ibori built his own High Court in Asaba where Justice Marcel Awokulehin gave him favorable verdict for an unprecedented list of economic crimes. The honourables know that it is possible in Nigeria to eat your cake and have it. And they know that Nigerians will just take this intended coup against decency in their stride. After all we had Waziri and Adoke and nothing happened. We have had all sorts of nightmarish people in important places and nothing happened. We just wring our hands in the face of unimaginable crimes against us and our country.
But what is Mr Buhari going to do now about Magu the Tailor? Is he going to oblige the senators and find a more merciful and compliant tailor? Is he going to tell Magu to burn the block note of the sizes of the senators that he has diligently compiled? Will Mr. Buhari ask that the clothes that Magu bought to sew the uniforms be burnt? Mr Buhari should understand that none of these options is open to him. Magu does not know any other trade than to sew clothes for politicians with sticky fingers. See what happened to tailor Ribadu when he was sent out of his shop by Jonathan & Co. Ribadu lost his bearing. He is still reeling from the shock.  Ribadu, like Magu is a dedicated specialist tailor. Both cannot practice any other trade. Therefore, Mr. President Buhari, Mr. Magu cannot be sacked by those to whose wardrobes he wants to add more clothes. Magu has exposed more thieves of our commonwealth than the combined total number exposed since our independence. He has shamed them even if the courts are dragging their feet to send them to jail. Mr. Magu deserves a national honour and not a disgrace.
In the case of Hameed Ali, Mr. Buhari should let these senators understand that it is not the uniform that makes the brain. They should look elsewhere to massage their egos. Mr. Buhari needs to make it clear to the clients of Magu that if Hameed must wear a uniform to appear before them, they also will have to wear their own uniforms to appear before the people, Magu or not, and sooner than later.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The adulterous affair between the founder and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Apostle Johnson Suleman and 23-year old Canadian-based singer Stephanie Otobo has become news staple for many days, so much that it needs no retelling. 

One of the great epidemics of the Christian Church today is adultery. The plague of sexual immorality has made Christianity a mockery. These days, people feel Christians, and particularly pastors, are nothing more than heathens who go to church on Sunday to socialize. Pastor scandals have been happening for a long time. It's not new. The Christian world is full of such reports. Since the beginning of Christianity, pastoral failings stretch as far back as Christian history. The Bible is replete with such stories. Sex and adultery show the so called “men of God” as big-time hypocrites. The call to priesthood is more than having the oratorical gift, sugar-coated tongue, and the persuasive marketing skills of a salesman. It is as much as about thoughts and temptations. Adultery is one of those temptations. 

Adultery is like a fire that can and in fact consumes the clergy as well as the parishioner. However, there is a higher bar set for pastors and church leaders. As self-professed earthly representatives of God, pastors must be held to a higher standard. Some people feel adultery among the “men of God” is treated with levity and approval because the sin of adultery doesn't attract the degree of sorrow and shame from the pastor-offenders. 

Apostle Suleman is like the rest of us. He's human. He's frail and fragile. He's not the only one who indulges in sex or adultery. Pastors are not different in make or in value, but in responsibility and expectation. Being a pastor attracts a higher level of criticism because of the higher standard expected of them. Many pastors believe they are above criticisms by quoting verses in the Bible that says you cannot touch the “anointed.” These pastor-hypocrites believe that disagreeing with them means disagreeing with God. 

What are the implications of Apostle Suleman's alleged adulterous affairs? 

Spiritually, his alleged adultery means Apostle Suleman has chosen Satan over Jesus, death over life, and hell over heaven. It is impossible to be an adulterer and a pastor or “man of God” at the same time. They are mutually exclusive. 

Other ministers who are not involved in adultery are tainted by being in the same profession as Apostle Suleman. The pastor's victim or victims have been wounded and their families have paid a price. The guilt from the act will haunt Suleman the rest of his life. His congregants will doubt and question and invariably find out whether he was “called by God' or by men and what he really believes. Those who believed in him and supported him feel betrayed. People whom he was trying to reach for Christ now have a convenient excuse to fall away. His family is wounded, perhaps irreparably. Atheists and others hostile to the Christian faith have a field day. In the future, his ministry is more limited – a miniature version of what it used to be and what it could have been. 

Apostle Suleman's enemies will take his sin gleefully: “Oooh, he was so righteous! But look what he's doing. He's worse than us!” His influence over his congregation will be slim to none. His humiliation will be severe. The shame will be a heavy burden to bear. 

Now what for Apostle Suleman?

Like all Christians, Apostle Suleman struggles with sin. The sin of adultery disqualifies a pastor from his role of spiritual overseer of his ministry. Suleman needs the correction and accountability of his congregation. He needs clear speech, direction, and repentance not sentimental sweets or braggadocio. The ball is in the court of Apostle Suleman. Let him come out of his closet today like his accuser Otobo did, and confirm or deny the accusation of adultery. Truth is the greatest disinfectant.

Monday, March 13, 2017


ICHEOKU says this particular Pope Francis is an agent of change and he is moving the Catholic Church in an entirely different direction and at such a dizzying speed that it is quaking the church to its foundations. His transformational agenda is such that by the time his papacy ends, he would have succeeded in tilting the church's axis so faraway from where he met it to something which even Saint Paul would hardly recognize anymore. His latest idea is to have married men ordained priests and you wonder what changed to make the church finally become responsive to the rapidly changing demographics and a society which seem to have since moved on without the church, thus leaving the church behind, still stuck in its old ways. 

ICHEOKU says but the reasoning behind his delineating or rather limiting the marital priesthood to only those who are married and wants to be ordained priests; and not also allowing those who are already ordained priest who would like to be married is the 64,000 dollar question needing an answer. Whatever wisdom founds this apparent discriminatory disposition remains to come to the surface. Whether the pope is technically bribing married men and lobbying them to join the priesthood with the carrot of marriage and somewhat "punishing" those who already made the sacrifice of celibacy, albeit unwilling because they had no choice, is another puzzling matter. 

But regardless of how this question is finally resolved, it would appear that marriage is not necessarily what priests wants; they just want to be allowed the right to get laid, period. Icheoku says it is sex and not the commitment of matrimony that discourages entering into vocational priesthood by able bodied men, who cannot imagine a life of celibacy, completely devoid of sex and without a periodic humping. This is the crux of the matter and not necessarily marriage; a fact of consequences which has seen the urge for priesthood further decline, with the new awareness about pedophile priests and what they subject alter boys to. Even gay priests are also finding the restriction on sex intolerably too difficult to bear that they too are turning their backs against ordination; which has invariably affected enrollment for the vocation. 

The imperative is sex and not marriage as those able bodied men in white cassocks are human beings with biological impulses and cravings too. They want to indulge themselves and experience periodically, the spasmodic good feeling which comes with good sexual intercourse. They need to relieve themselves every once in a while and quench the animalistic fire burning inside them and in between their groins; but not necessarily to be encumbered by the demands of marital commitment and relationship. They want to have the ability and choice to get it when they want it; and the pope should be properly apprised of this and then tailor his new to be canon in such a way as would achieve the objective of allowing sex, with marriage as an option. Taking the step further, ICHEOKU says priests and sisters can as well pick and choose among themselves and even start marrying themselves too. 

It is arguable that pedophile priests do what they do because they prey on the least resistant innocent children who would hardly out them or complain in their quest to satisfy their sexual cravings. A predatory sexual problem which the pope can and could have solved  by letting priests love and get sex whenever they can; instead of forcing them underground and into all manners of pervert practises including molesting innocent alter boys. Icheoku therefore says that marriage is not the problem nor the thing which priests desire or which keeps would be priests away from the priesthood. No, they just want to get laid and this is the driving wedge between them and the priesthood. This matter could easily be solved by encouraging priests to date sisters and making it possible for Reverend Fathers and Reverend Sisters to get together, date each other and and if they want, to marry each other. 

ICHEOKU says even 1Timothy 3:2 similarly commanded on the marital status of bishops and since a bishop must first be a priest before graduating to a bishop, it technically follows that the command also appertains to priests. What a new day it will be to see reverend fathers who are husbands and fathers to real children and then deservedly earn their title fathers. What pope on a mission to demystify Catholicism and bring it up to date and not be yoked to centuries old dogmas. ICHEOKU says time for so many people who would like the added benefit of being married or at least getting laid without the scorn of society or a church that will deadlock them, to consider priesthood might have eventually come and hopefully the pope can put it into action sooner than later. The reason it is said that if you live a long time, you will be a witness to so many things and in this century, a catholic priest could also be a married family man. But how about allowing sisters to be ordained too; why not. If female could be doctors, lawyers, engineers, astronauts etc, why not priest. 

Monday, March 6, 2017


Icheoku says Obama's White House's wiretapping of then presidential candidate Donald John Trump's Trump Tower's campaign headquarter is to say the least unacceptable and calls for a thorough investigation. With the level of involvement of then President Obama in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, it is safe to say that the wiretapping might as well have been carried out by Hillary Clinton herself, because it is likely that Obama used whatever information mined as a result of the wire tap to advance the campaign of Hillary Clinton. President Richard Nixon was impeached and forced to resign and later preemptively pardoned by President Gerald Ford for a similar scandal, the Watergate scandal; which is not any different from what Obama's White House is now accused of doing, tapping the headquarter of a presidential candidate who was contesting the presidency against a candidate who President Obama was supporting and campaigning for. 

Richard Nixon did his eavesdropping at the Democratic Campaign headquarters inside the Watergate complex to secure an undue advantage against the Democratic Party and likewise President Barack Obama's White House which had sworn then that then presidential candidate Donald John Trump can never be elected president under his watch. So common sense dictates that the then President Barack Obama would go and did in fact go to the ends of the earth to make sure that his dream of not having Trump elected came through, admitted they were sorely disappointed. Icheoku says the former president and his minders can deny all they want, but the appearance of it, even if not in fact true, collaborates what many had suspected all these months, considering the passionate investment of both time and emotion of President Barack Obama into the flunked Hillary Clinton's presidential election campaign, that Donald John Trump was being monitored and likely wiretapped to trap him. 

ICHEOKU says never in the history of American presidential politics has a sitting president inserted himself in a presidential campaign to elect his successor like in the last presidential election which saw President Barack Obama taking it personal and campaigning for Hillary Clinton in what people later termed his third term. It saw then President Barack Obama declaring that his legacy was at stake and that he will consider the election of then candidate Donald John Trump as a personal insult on him as well as his fabled legacy. He also severally swore that Trump can never be elected president and not under his watch. However, American people ignored him and elected a candidate who they believed is what America needs right now and behold some of the antics of that period is beginning to effervescence tot he top, leading to all these denials and counter denials. Icheoku is not interested in the validity of the allegation since the Democratic Party has now resorted to making allegations which is not substantiated nor backed up with evidence. 

So if the Democrats could boldfacedly accuse President Donald John Trump of having illegal liaison with the Russians and without a scintilla evidence of any such thing, then it is all well and dandy for them and their president Obama to be prepared to nurse the allegation of wire tapping, whether or not there is evidence in support thereof. What good it serves is for them to also feel how hurtful it is to accuse a president who won an election fair and square of colluding with the enemy. An allegation which President Trump has since repeatedly denied but which the still sulking Democrats are not prepared nor ready to concede that they lost the election because of a heavily flawed and irreparably damaged candidate, which they fielded in the election who American people did not have trust in and thereby rejected. But to the Democrats, American people were influenced or rather forced by The Russians to vote as they voted. 

What an insult to the intelligence and candor of the millions of American voters who voted as they were convinced, that they could not have voluntarily decided for themselves to vote as they voted but had to wait for the Russians to direct them on how and who to vote for. ICHEOKU says if only the Democrats know how hollow they sound each time they mouth off this allegation and how insulting the narrative is to the American people who voted to elect Trump, they would have since apologized for the continuing insult that the Russians hacked the election and moved on. They would have found a way to properly rejig their party towards navigating a pathway that will possibly lead them back to future electoral victories. ICHEOKU warns that should they continue to thread on their current path of being perceived as sore losers who could not accept the peoples will and move on, it will be hard for them to ever smell the White House again, especially not with the current crop of leadership who are still running the Democratic Party. 

The irony of of it all is that whereas the Democrats are ready to accept President Obama's denial that he did not authorize nor had anything to do with the alleged wiretap, because according to them, President Obama speaks the truth; the same Democratic party is not willing nor ready to accept President Trump's repeated denial that he and his campaign had nothing to do with the Russians because according to them, Trump must has no capacity for speaking the truth and must first convince them on his innocence before they will accept his innocence - guilty until proved innocent. So why the double and disparate standards of proof required of the two presidents? 

The same crop of losers had earlier latched on Attorney General Sessions alleged meeting with Russian ambassador to ask that he resign the office, until their own photographic evidence of meeting and cavorting with the Russians came to deflate their balloon of holier than thou egotistic tripping. ICHEOKU says does not know about you, but these Democrats are increasingly becoming irritants who are always ready to point at the specs in other peoples eye as in this case President Trump and his cabinet, but chose to ignore the big Russian logs covering their own eyes. Further, if only the Democrats are Christians enough and ever bothered to read the Bible to understand our Lord Jesus Christ's admonition in John 8:7 that he who has no sin should cast the first stone, they would have done some introspections before casting an aspersion on Trump. But for the photographic evidence of them and the Russians, they would still be shouting themselves hoax that Jeff Sessions committed treasonable felony because he met with Russian ambassador in his capacity as United States Senator and not a Trump's surrogate. 

Now they have hushed, forced by their own contacts and winning and dinning with the Russians to beat a retreat into their mourning dark corners, where they have been confined since the November 8, 2016 shellacking. In the manner of "I did not have sex with that woman Ms Lewinsky", all of them had lined up to to denounce Sessions, claiming too that "they did not meet with the Russians nor had any contacts with the Russians." But the Gods are wise and there is a reason historical records and photographs are kept an dit came to the aid of Jeff Sessions and by extension the Trump administration which they were ready to force off the cliff. ICHEOKU says no one trusts the Democrats anymore and nobody is believing their defense of Barack Obama over the latest wire tap fiasco; and so, until a full investigation reveals what exactly truly happened, Americans would believe their President Donald John Trump that something fishy happened during the last campaign and that it was authorized  by the then White House, including wire tapping the campaign headquarters of then candidate Donald John Trump at the Trump Tower.