"When two raging fires meet together, they do consume the thing that feeds their fury. Though little fire grows great with little wind, yet extreme gusts do blow out fire." - William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew



Icheoku says congratulations. Vox populi, Vox Dei. Now lets go Make America Great Again.


"The Clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into a complete new art form, making for themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in the process." - Donald Trump. ICHEOKU says it is called the Clinton Cash Initiative.


“I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have little joy. Non-stop pursuing of wealth will only turn a person into a twisted being, just like me. God gave us the senses to let us feel the love in everyone’s heart, not the illusions brought about by wealth. Memories precipitated by love is the only true riches which will follow you, accompany you, giving you strength and light to go on. The most expensive bed in the world is the sick bed. You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear sickness for you. Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost – Life. Treasure Love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends. Treat yourself well. Cherish others.” - SJ


"The threat of evil is ever present. We can contain it as long as we stay vigilant, but it can never truly be destroyed. - Lorraine Warren (Annabelle, the movie)


Icheoku says regrettably his Vice President Osibanjo, a lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, is fidgeting around, while the president is wrecking havoc to Nigeria's hard fought democracy. Icheoku says by flagrantly disobeying court's orders, the president is doing grave damage to the very foundation on which every democracy is based. Osibanjo, Icheoku says defend your honor as a servant of the law and tell your boss that he has no choice in the matter of releasing detainees who have been granted bail.


Icheoku says the more they hold him, the bigger, the better and the larger he becomes; and more resolved on his quest for an independent homeland of Biafra. A thinking government of Nigeria would let him go and just monitor his activities if they have the time. Icheoku calls on President Muhammadu Buhari and his advisers to let Nnamdi Kanu go, moreso now that two courts of competent jurisdictions have granted him bail, one unconditionally.


“I’m not that interested in material things. As long as I find a good bed that I can sleep in, that’s enough.” - Nicolas Berggruem, the homeless billionaire.

Monday, December 5, 2016


Icheoku says once again the theory of relativity is called into question on how much a man necessarily needs to make or have in order to be able to support a woman? Icheoku used to know this man who said, if a woman is a good woman, she can make a meal out of mere vegetables, starch and bones and feed her family with that. But if a woman is a bad woman, give her one half of a cow, the family will still go to sleep hungry as she might either give the meat away or refuse to cook it because it was not enough? This is one such case where a woman proved impossible to keep or rather did not like or love the man but was in it for what she can gouge from him - binge spending. 

So many women have issues about what their husband makes or brings home and sometimes, complain that their man does not make enough to keep her happy and satisfied. Sometimes this complaining lingers on until it becomes a wedge in the marriage or relationship, often leading to divorce and breakups as the woman walks away complaining that the man can no long support her. For this type of women, the ever needy and ever wanting for more women who see their men as cash cow or ATM, how much exactly is really enough for them to be happy or at least agree that their man makes enough and is taking care of them adequately? If one hundred dollar is not enough, would one thousand dollars? If twenty thousand is not enough, would one hundred thousand? Icheoku says how much a man needs to bring home or make in order to keep or maintain a woman entirely depends on the woman in question; as any woman could decide to make due with what is available and in some cases like the latest Mariah Carey shenanigan with her former billionaire fiancee, no amount is ever enough. 

Query: if a billionaire with no apparent screaming money problem could cry out for help and ask for intervention by calling off an engagement to a woman, because the woman was going through his money like wildfire in a dried out summer grassland, what does this tell anyone. It says that no amount of money is actually enough to keep or afford a woman who is not there to help you grow; but to suck and drain you dry to the bone and separate you from your money. Icheoku says it actually is not how much a man makes or brings home that is important, but whether the woman loves him enough to want to make it work. Does the woman like the man enough that she is prepared to discipline herself enough to stretch whatever money he brings home or which the family have to meet the needs of the family? That Mariah Carey and her Australian beau, James Packer have gone their separate ways is now history but what put them asunder is the news - Mariah Carey utra-extravagant spending. When a man with such a deep pocket, about $3.6 billion, could not afford a woman, it spells utter ridiculousness. The proper narrative should be whether this particular  woman does in fact want to be taken care of, or was she a mere mercenary. 

Icheoku says even Bill Gates would have felt the heaviness of his pocket dropping low at the rate Mariah was spending James Packers' money: including renting a $17,000 a night private mansions, to flying in private jets; throwing private yacht parties, charter flights and a $10 million engagement ring; as well as indulging in other very expensive habits and vanities of a very high maintenance diva. Icheoku says luckily enough, James Packer still listens to his financial advisors and offloaded her immediately; otherwise, at the rate she was going through his money, he would have needed all the gold in Fort Knox to be able to keep, maintain and support her. The only good thing to come out of their breakup is that the matter conclusively rests the hitherto narrative that a man needs to first have money in order to find, keep and maintain a woman. The better narrative should be that a man needs to find a woman who really likes him enough, regardless of his financial standing, and together they can join forces to build whatever future they desire. Mariah Carey, definitely not a woman any responsible man should sweat a droplet for. She is not worth it; simply too expensive to keep. Also no other woman is worth it who wants to bring a man down by eating through his finances like it was going out of fashion. It would have been a case of 'behind the downfall of a billionaire was a woman,' instead of the usual 'behind every successful man there is a woman.' Good riddance. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Icheoku says the reason sureties and guarantors are required in certain circumstances is to have somebody to hold responsible for a primary person's actions and/or misdeeds. Bola Tinubu stood in as guarantor and surety of Muhammadu Buhari before Nigerians agreed to elect him president; and now that Nigerians are being shafted and getting what they did not bargain for, the natural cause of action should be for them to seek out the person upon whose vouching, they elected President Muhammadu Buhari and find out exactly what is going on? That Nigerians have tunnel-visioned their focus only on President Muhammadu Buhari and seem to have forgotten Bola Tinubu or to have unwittingly given him a pass is the problem here. Bola Tinubu is as guilty and responsible, if not more, for all the hardships Nigerians are going through right now and should be summarily held accountable too. Therefore the current aggression directed at only President Muhammadu Buhari is not far-reaching enough, because Buhari alone did not bring about the Buhari nightmare. Buhari did not put himself in Aso Rock, Nigerians did; and Nigerians did because somebody made them to. That somebody is Bola Tinubu. 

Three times did Buhari run for president and the three times did Nigerians overwhelmingly reject his candidacy respectively. Then on the fourth occasion, the snake turned to a gullible and hate-filled Bola Tinubu and convinced him to sell him to Nigerian electorates, who bought into Bola Tinubu's judgment that Muhammadu Buhari was a changed or rather repented democrat and voted accordingly. The result of this decision is a country that is now desolate, with hunger and starvation ravaging the land and stagnation is the new order of things. That the person, who conned Nigerians into accepting the person they had previously rejected on three occasions and for good reason, is not being harpooned for driving them into the current quagmire is rather surprising. This guy, Bola Tinubu, is the rightful person to whom all these anger in the land should be directed to; and not necessarily the fall guy who is in mere occupation of Aso Rock and who is at the tip of the spear of the current anger in the land. Nigerians knew Muhammadu Buhari very well as a despot without a heart and would have again rejected him in 2015 if not for Bola Tinubu, who successfully convinced them that Muhammadu Buhari is a changed person - a converted democrat and a safe choice for president. 

Why Nigerians are not attacking Bola Tinubu or taking their frustrations out on him, knowing fully well that but for Bola Tinubu, there would never have been a President Muhammadu Buhari to drag everything into the cold doldrums, is mind boggling. Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu showed up in 2014 to assure Nigerians that they are safe with a Muhammadu Buhari's presidency and that they should have no fear electing him president. Nigerians listened to Tinubu and now the result. It did not occur to those Nigerians who shouted change and held broom sticks high that a leopard hardly changes its spots and that an old dog cannot be taught new tricks. A known quantum despot with glaring record of despotism, suddenly became beatified a democratically elected president just because Bola Tinubu advised so? Unbeknownst to these gullible Nigerians who elected Muhammadu Buhari president, Bola Tinubu himself did not even believe that Buhari was a changed man, but his hatred for Jonathan Goodluck with whom he had some disagreements with, propelled his incensed desire to get him out of Aso Rock. President Jonathan buckled under intense pressure and now Nigerians are reaping the whirlwind which they voluntarily sowed by electing a draconian sadist, president.  

The good thing about time is that it has a very indeterminate way of playing cruel irony on  human beings. Bola Tinubu was intoxicated and possessed with a "Jonathan must go change agenda" and traversed the length and breath of Nigeria to spread his gospel of change. Bola Tinubu put it all to make sure that his hand man Muhammadu Buhari won the election; Buhari defeated Jonathan and is now the president of Nigeria. That it turned out Bola Tinubu swindled Nigerians with his parade of Buhari as the now messiah Nigeria needed, is a fact of consequence. Bola Tinubu knew all along that Muhammadu Buhari is very obtuse and more adamant than a donkey and that it will be difficult to keep him conformed; but his thinking that he will be able to keep him on a leech beclouded his honest assessment of the man Buhari. Unfortunately too for Bola Tinubu, he forgot the time honored saying that it takes only a gentle man to keep his promises and honor his word; and that a military man and a former coup plotter does not qualify as such a respectable person whose words is his bond. The ever cunning Fulani fox, having secured and consolidated his hold unto power, decided to push away the ladder with which he ascended Aso Rock and as far away as possible, hence Bola Tinubu became marked for demolition. 

First he rejected Tinubu's nominations for cabinet positions and kept his vice presidential nominee and vice president Bayo Osinbajo out of the inner circle of power in Aso Rock. He also made sure that all Tinubu's candidate for National Assembly officials were all roundly rejected and had to make peace with Saraki to further isolate and keep Tinubu out. As if that was not enough, he took sides with APC chairman John Odigie Oyegun and together they have ran rings around Tinubu to completely emasculate him and render him inconsequential.  To this effect, they rejected Tinubu's candidate for Edo State governorship and won the governorship with their own preferred candidate. Again, they dealt similar cards  on Tinubu in Ondo State and once again, they won the state with their own choice candidate and without his help; thus further demystifying Bola Tinubu as not the fabled political godfather of the Southwest. This is 'Politicking 101' and it is all about power and control of the political structures in the Southwest of Nigeria and so far, Bola Tinubu is losing the fight. Fortunately too, Bola TInubu will not be the first politician to have ever been used to get to power and later discarded. It comes with the territory and politicians are not men of honor and no honor should be expected from the current players in Nigeria, particularly in the APC. 

Query, does Bola Tinubu's current tribulations elicit Icheoku's sympathy? Hell NO; as Icheoku would rather his traducers tighten their vice more and more until he has no more juice to give up. Does Bola Tinubu deserve what is coming his way? Icheoku says HELL YES, because that is exactly what it will take to teach him a lesson that a weak benevolent democrat is better than a 'repented despot' or rather democrat as he would rather call himself. Icheoku was particularly miffed at Bola Tinubu when he ran around during the last election, campaigning for Muhammadu Buhari for president; despite his storied history of brutal dictatorship. That subsequent military men who ruled Nigeria after Buhari's first coming did not show mercy but ran amok in the land was also a consequential fact; but Tinubu was blinded by his sheer hatred for the man from Otuoke and his desire to bring him down and replace him with an avowed military man; and now here we are Nigerians. Bola Tinubu therefore owes Nigerians certain explanations for why the man he vouched for, who he said would lead Nigerians to the promise land, is just a few miles away from leading them to the gates of hell. Bola Tinubu has a lot of explaining to do because he is the reason why Buhari is Nigeria's president today and cannot be seen or heard pleading not his act. 

Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu is the only person responsible for the current Buhari-nightmarish situation in Nigeria. The Buhari-nomics stifling economic condition was midwifed by Bola TInubu; the Buhari-lost in the woods of Nigerians was Bola Tinubu's making too and therefore he should accordingly be held accountable for all of them. But for Bola Tinubu, there would never have been a Buhari's presidency. The only prayer now is that John Odigie Oyegun and President Muhammadu Buhari continue to squeeze Bola Tinubu and possibly take away his Lagos State from him too. Nigerians should pray that Bola Tinubu be made to feel the full weight of the government including the EFCC looking into some of his businesses; and then, remind themselves who made Buhari president. What a smack on the mouth of Bola Tinubu it would be, to someday, see him in handcuffs with a litany of corruption charges leveled against him. But will he learn his lesson? In conclusion, Icheoku shares in the sentiment of Lagos State APC Chairman Henry Ajomole that Asiwaju has been left out and marginalized; that he has been somehow taken out of the caucus of the party and its leadership. Icheoku agrees that nothing can be closest to the truth in the matter of Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu's current tribulations than this assessment, which shows that either he is been cut down to size or at least greatly diminished to the point of do no harm. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Icheoku says exactly what a strategic smackdown takedown really looks like. The Jagaband of Borgu Land and the hitherto go to demi-god of Yoruba-land politics has been neutered, completely diminished and totally emasculated on his own political turf, his backyard and by the more powerful and more politically adept political tacticians from the far North. He was sidelined as ordinary; his preferred candidate for governorship rejected and the APC still won the governorship election without his help or contribution. The political giant of Yorubaland, although physically a midget himself, must now be feeling what lilliputians and midgets feel in crowded places when stepped on the head - unseen and very inconsequential. 

Icheoku says whether or not Bola Tinubu deserves the fate which has recently befallen him in the political arena of APC party politics depends on who you ask. As for Icheoku, any politician including Bola Tinubu always deserves whatever they get. It is politics and politics is a game of positioning for power and anyone threatening another's power-hold is always marked for destruction. Bola Tinubu's ever growing influence probably needed to be curbed and hatchet men went to work and they succeeded. Bola Tinubu is well deserved of all the political conspiracies that gathered to pigeonhole him and consign him into irrelevance on the scheme of things in the All Progressive Congress. It is politics and in politics, the long knives usually do come out and Bola Tinubu has previously, severally wielded the long knife himself too. So with the trial run that was  Ondo State now successfully completed; proved that the party can make an inroad and even win election without Bola Tinubu's help, the final countdown to his removal from the party has indeed really begun, albeit surreptitiously. 

Here is a Bola Tinubu, a man who is supposedly a democrat and who had fought several democratic battles himself in the past and continuing, but who suddenly decided to cross over to the dark side and conspired with non democratic forces to impose an avowed dictator on Nigerians. So which type of a democrat would prefer a dictator over a civilian for the presidency of Nigeria, except one who is not truly committed to the ideals of democracy but is flying the flag just for his own selfish beneficial interest. That Bola Tinubu has enormously enriched himself in politics, both financially and politically, is a fact; but short of what is in it for him, his championing of democratic politics is to say the least, rather  very superficial. Like the saying goes, he who rides the tiger should not be surprised if someone day he too ends up in the belly of the beast as Bola Tinubu is now finding out in a bitter crestfallen way. Icheoku says Bola Tinubu got exactly what he deserves by losing face in Ondo State and hopefully his own very Lagos State will soon follow, falls out of his vice grip and control as it goes under the weighty jackboot of the dictator aka "repented democrat", to completely rout Bola Tinubu out of relevance. 

Icheoku has no sympathy for the little Tinubu and says may his political humiliation never ends nor ceases, but continues to pile up. Bola Tinubu thought he was all this and all that and that he has now grown into an almighty Iroko tree that cannot be easily chopped down with a machete; except that he forgot that no tree, no matter how big, contends with a bulldozer. Now it is two states to nothing, he lost influencing Edo State governorship and now Ondo State and it is out there that other Southwest Yoruba states are mumbling against his authority and might soon similarly revolt against him. Icheoku says congratulations to governor-elect Rotimi Akeredolu and the APC machine that successfully put him there. As for Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, he can pine away in misery for all Icheoku care as what he did to sabotage President Jonathan Goodluck in preference of Muhammadu Buhari can never be forgiven or forgotten by all true democrats in Nigeria. What an interesting time we live in and may the surprises keep on piling up. 

Friday, December 2, 2016


Icheoku says in the middle is the man who will help transform the Pentagon, the new Secretary of Defense, General James Mad Dog Mattis, sandwiched between PE Donald John Trump and VPE Mike Pence. What an amiable Team Make America Great Again that is being gradually and meticulously assembled. Icheoku says simply terrific and congratulations to the general of generals. 

Friday, November 25, 2016


Icheoku says he was a great man who stood firm for what he believed in; admitted his critics and detractors would rather diminish him as a despot and human rights violator in chief. Whatever may be anyone's opinion, he maintained a presence in the world stage throughout his 32 years hold unto power in Havana. He loved his country.

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz aka Fidel Castro was born in August 13, 1926 and died on November 25, 2016 of old age related infirmities. He was Prime Minister of Cuba from 1959 to 1976 and then elected president of Cuba in 1976 until 2008 when he voluntarily stepped down for his brother Raul Castro who is the current president of Cuba. Like all mortals, he has now gone to join those who transited before him including his friend and former president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Icheoku says rest in peace Castro.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Icheoku says the current talk about uniting the Republican Party as reason for the push of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State is not necessary nor merited and at least, not at this stage. There is a reason why elections are fought and won; and had every person towed the line of Mitt Romney, there would never have been a victorious President-Elect Donald John Trump to begin with, talkless of uniting a Republican Party nor offering any position to anybody including Mitt Romney. To the victor goes the spoils and to the vanquished, the bitter deprivation. Mitt Romney should rather be in the dog house begging and pleading for forgiveness and mercy but not being just a few short steps away from being admitted into the innermost part of the sanctuary of the incoming Trump government which a Secretary of State eminently bequeaths on the holder of the office. 

Mitt Romney did not work for the election campaign but instead sabotaged the effort in every way and manner possible including calling the President Elect names, some of them unprintable and unpardonable. He therefore did not earn the membership of the administration, the position notwithstanding and therefore the current flurry about his candidacy for the Secretary of State should be a non sequitur and should not by occupying the front burners of the Transition Committee agenda. Mitt Romney is not trustworthy and should not be trusted with any position in the government, not even a dog-catcher position. Had he left his disavows of PE Trump to just refusing to endorse him or even endorse another different candidate without more, that will be understandable; but to fully wear the toga of a partisan anti-Trump and Never-Trump hatchet job man he was is not something that should be forgiven; not so soon. He called Trump a "phony and a fraud", imputing criminality on the person of the president elect. That he also falsely alleged that every thing Trump ever touched turned into dust, dramatizing some failed business and intentionally ignoring the thriving ones, shows that this man cannot be trusted because if he could be persuaded or influenced to do what he did then, what is the guarantee that he will not once again go rogue and sabotage Trump as Secretary of State. 

Even the fact that Mitt Romney is seriously canvassing for the position, knowing fully well that he did not earn it, shows that his intentions are not genuine but clandestine. Possibly he is just looking for a way to get closer to Trump and cause or do him harm, either politically or even physically. If hired, he might become the Trojan horse that did the administration a great disservice from within. Mitt Romney is not a good person, he is evil, vengeful, jealous, angry and envious. He is too full of shit as he sees himself as the only one ever qualified for anything and none other. He will definitely deployed these his bad traits against PE Donald Trump which could lead to either non performance or downfall of the Trump government. Mitt Romney is not a happy person and is still jealous that Trump won the election despite his direct sabotage of his campaign, He also did not vote for Trump and instructed thousands of his followers including members of the Mormon church not to vote for Trump. He is also angry that Trump beat him to the presidency, having lost his own God-given opportunity when he could not beat Barack Obama in 2012 despite Obama's then high negatives. 

Icheoku says Mitt Romney does not like Donald Trump and he admitted to this much, when after seeking and securing Trump's endorsement when he ran for presidency in 2012 and also getting additional one million dollar donation from Trump, still came out full throttle to condemn Trump as a fraud and phony. Possibly if he get the opportunity to poison Trump he might readily take it, hence he should be put as very far away from Trump as is humanly possible.Icheoku says possibly William Shakespeare had Mitt in mind when he penned Julius Caesar, substituting the name Mitt with Cassius. Mitt is lean and mean and Julius Caesar warned us to stay away from such men because such men are dangerous and Mitt Romney shares these characteristics and Mitt Romney is dangerous and should be kept away from. 

What PE Donald Trump need to do is to find an opportunity to publicly humiliate Mitt Romney and tell him "You are fired" and in a setting that will cut off his legs from under his body. Mitt Romney does not deserve any other thing than this public humiliation because  alongside Ohio John Kasich, were among the worst anti-Trump forces in this election.  In a way what they did amount to treason against Donald Trump and the Republican Party. While other enraged Never Trumpers refused to endorse Donald Trump and stayed out of the way, Mitt Romney was front and center in his anti-Trump campaign and you ask yourself why should this hater be now admitted in the banquet to freeload where he did not contribute a thing. His activities were heinous, devilish and demonic and he does not deserve pity or forgiveness neither should he be rewarded with any position talkless of the Secretary of State. What he deserves is rather the coldest doldrums in this administration and not such a highly elevated office of the Secretary of State. He did not support Trump nor campaigned for him; instead he was the attack hound dog that barked at and nipped Trump all the way, trying to effectively undermine his campaign. Icheoku also understands that President Elect Donald John Trump rewards loyalty and he knows that Mitt Romney is not a loyal person. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Icheoku says every observer and keen watcher of Kanye West knows that all is not well with him. The life of Pablo character is under some weighty things which only him with the help of a shrink can unburden. He is a man under a tremendous burden which he sometimes acts out as tantrums and incendiary comments as well as actions. He is angry and sad at somethings which he expresses with his sudden outbursts. His latest rapid-fire stopping of several of his concerts halfway, followed with his total cancellation of all remaining concerts scheduled this year and taking a loss of over $10 million, says it all that all is not well with him. 

It did not start today as it has been a cry for help gone too far, either unnoticed or ignored; starting with the yanking of the microphone from Taylor Swift a few years ago.  Since the death of his ever doting and very protective mother to plastic surgery gone wrong, his greatest confidant and protector, the rapper has never truly fully recovered from her loss. The rapper and fashion designer has not been able to fully place a handle around his mental, psychology and emotional wellbeing. A situation compounded further and made even more worse by the choice of wife he made in Kim Kardashian, who is more obsessed with showing her naked body to the world than being a real caring wife who is interested in the welfare of her husband and family. 

Icheoku says such a dramatic hire-wire family as the Kardashians is not a wholesome environment for a man already on borderline to find himself in, still very much lonely amidst the general cacophony and  restlessness of never-ending 24/7 camera, lights and action. That Kanye West would have chosen differently if he were opportune at a do-over is highly probable; and had his mother not died, she would never have permitted his marriage to such a worldly Kim Kardashian as there is more to a wife or husband than mere money and fame or the ability to get someone pregnant or for someone to carry pregnancy to full gestation and give birth. Someone as hyper-active as Kanye West needed a much more mellower woman for a wife; a more traditional wife; a woman who would be a calming balm to him and who could step in and baby him whenever his restiveness goes into an overdrive. Kanye West is also too busy and so also is probably his wife Kim Kardashian and there is no real anchor in the family to ground him and take care of him after the day's hustle. 

Icheoku understands his recent lashing out at JayZ, who locked in in his choice of a wife, the more well grounded wifey Beyonce; who despite her fame and riches still knows what it takes to be a wife and mother. She has carried herself out very well and has by so doing, earned the respect and admiration of millions of people world-wide. Beyonce knows there is a line between business and family and hardly ever mix the two together and her life is not full of drama, unlike Kim Kardashian whose middle name might as well pass for dramatic. Icheoku says Kanye West will never recover from whatever he is going through as long as Kim Kardashian remains in his life and carrying on the way she is. The two do not compliment each other, rather, they are competing against each other and such is not good for any healthy marital relationship or any other relationship for that matter. Something has to yield or make way, particularly Kim stepping it down a little notch or they should just part ways in the interest of their health. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt just parted ways and so could and should any couple not in a healthy relationship, including Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Their world will not end and both will make a full recovery after a short time. A real wifey woman would have since found a solution to Kanye West's erratic and frequent outbursts; a real wifey woman would have since tempered down Kanye West certain impulsive behavior, including walking off concert stages and ranting about things that has nothing to do with his art. Icheoku only hopes that this his latest scare was only "exhaustion and severe sleep deprivation" as claimed by people around him and not something more scarier like real psychotic and total mental breakdown. May be it is about time, Kanye West and his family, Kim and their two kids, peeled off from the Kardashian clan and become somewhat independent in the true sense of it, starting with a private vacation somewhere in the Pacific for some down time retreat and stock taking. Icheoku wishes Kanye West a full recovery and prays he gets the rest as well as help he deserves and needs.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Icheoku says may be the better question to posit is which of them is not a racist? In a world where every one race is dug in, in the "we and them" battle of supremacy raging on among the races, it is a great disservice to just single one particular individual as being a racist while by the same token exonerating another as not a racist. A situation compounded more because there is no particular litmus test for determining who is a racist and who is not a racist; and what indeed qualifies or makes one a racist. 

Every race and its people are engaged in a tug of war with each other over who is superior and who shall dominate the other and in a small world that seemingly have little to no room for everyone. A world which is increasingly shrinking in size, with scarcity everywhere - in habitable spaces, in arable agricultural lands and water resources; and where people want to acquire everything for themselves and their kind, before allowing whatever is leftover to be scrapped by the others. This "we and them", "ours and theirs" philosophy is what drives people of the same race to bandy together to defend themselves from the others and in order to ensure their survival. This protectionism, which to the other side from which the protection is sort, manifests in the form of prejudice, discrimination, antagonism and exclusion, gives rise to racism. Racism is a belief that members of a race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race; especially as to distinguish it as superior to other races. A racist therefore is a person who believes and espouses this ideological philosophy that his or her race is superior to the other races. 

Icheoku says based on this premise therefore, who indeed is truly not a racist in this world; and does it therefore make any sense whatsoever pointing accusatory finger at another person or people as racist when we all nurse certain prejudices against people who do not look like us. Sometimes it is overt and some other times covert, but inside us all, there is always present this resentment against other people who are different from us and it manifests in one form or the other. It is also a given that while some people are good at masking their prejudice publicly, others are not so subtle about theirs. Even within our closer communities, discrimination exists including cronyism, nepotism, tribalism, sexism and other isms which are all forms of micro or quasi-racism, because it is implicated among the same racial group, sort of intra-racial but not inter-racial. What should be desirable or rather imperative is for people not to be the bad or horrible racist who wants to do harm or hurt other people who do not look like them. That way we all can learn to navigate the maze of racism as we all try to survive a very racist world.

This analysis is necessary in order to understand the futility of the current narrative by the Hilary Clinton's camp which is trying to pigeonhole Donald Trump as somewhat different from their Hillary Clinton or her husband Bill Clinton or even Chelsea Clinton or her husband Marc Mezvinsky. All these four people are whites, admitted Mr Mezvinsky is Jewish white while the other three are caucasian whites. Donald Trump shares similar if not the same racial equation as Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a white caucasian and married Bill Clinton who is also a white caucasian; and so did Donald Trump, himself a white caucasian who was previously twice married to two white caucasians and again for the third time, married to another white caucasian, his present wife Melania. Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton, a white caucasian married a white Jewish guy named Marc Mezvinsky; and so also did Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka, a white caucasian who is married to a white Jewish guy named Jared Kushner. 

It is also on record that Hillary Clinton's closest and best friends are mainly white caucasians and the neighborhood of Chappaqua New York where she calls home is populated largely by white caucasians too. Donald Trump's best and closest friends are mainly white caucasians and the neighbor of Fifth Avenue New York and Trump Towers in particular where he lives is also largely occupied by white caucasians. Then factor in the fact that Hillary Clinton, by marriage, is a Southerner and the Deep South is known for being more racist than the rest of the country; compared to New York which is largely cosmopolitan and more diverse and more inclusive. 

Further, both candidates ran for the United States of America presidency and had an opportunity to distinguish from each other their racial inclinations. To the chagrin of many people in the African American community, Hillary Clinton rejected the recommended black Senator Cory Booker as her running mate. Instead, she settled for her fellow white caucasian, the hillbilly from Virginia, Tim Kaine, leaving many wondering how deeply rooted was her fabled love for African Americans. A matter made worse because Tim Kaine did not bring anything spectacularly wonderful to the ticket other than that he speaks Spanish. If Hillary Clinton was courting Hispanics and not African Americans, why did she not pick someone like HUD Secretary Julio Castro who is 100% Hispanic American? But no, the same disdain she has for African Americans she also has for Hispanics who she once described as "needy Hispanics." Yet this is a woman many of her supporters claim is not racially biased, yet when an opportunity called to prove this, she failed and this is despite the fact that such a masterful choice would have galvanized the Hispanic or African American bloc to her side. 

As for Donald Trump, he is a straight shooter and the outcome of the presidential election shows that he was very pragmatic in choosing his vice presidential running mate and that he chose wisely. That Donald Trump recognized the gap between African Americans and their caucasian counterparts and made a direct appeal to African Americans to give him a chance is also very instructive. His slogan "what do you got to lose" has now entered the annals of political sloganeering and more African Americans voted for Donald Trump believing him, than ever voted for any other previous Republican Party's presidential candidate. As for Hillary Clinton, she made a calculated decision not to go there, not to provoke the discussion of inequality of races in America. As far as she was concerned, African Americans are satisfied with their place in America and they are not complaining nor have they threatened to jettison their support for the Democratic Party. 

Like her double-faced Janus character and her trait of bifurcated double-speaking, she lied and lied and lied, thinking to safely ride the campaign to the White House in her usual way of getting things on the cheap and without breaking such sweat. Her claim of always carrying hot sauce in her purse and speaking black whenever she is addressing black audience was the height of condescension ever witnessed in any modern political campaign. But black people saw through the sham phoniness and refused to troop out in numbers and thus helped saw to the election of Donald Trump instead.

It is also quite telling that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton has a personal assistant who is black or colored. At least Donald Trump was not pretentious about it but promised to help improve the lot of African Americans; while Hillary Clinton was coy about it and would rather ride it out than commit to doing something tangible about the glaring disparities. Icheoku says with the much that is known about Hillary Clinton and her relationship with people whose skin color is different from hers, there is no ground nor basis for emphatically stating that she is color blind, because she is not. Nothing she has done either by marriage or relationship or association categorically depicts her as loving the other people as equally as herself. She is a typical white caucasian who believes that her race is the superior race, hence her associations with mostly people of her kind only. She had several opportunities to prove otherwise but did not and having passed on them cannot pretend otherwise now. Her case is the worse type who pretends superficially that they are down with black causes but behind the close door are the cheerleaders of KKK and such other minority hating groups. 

In summation therefore, Icheoku says that Colin Kaepernick captured it very succinctly when he said as between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, they both were struggling to see who is the lesser racist than the other. Icheoku agrees with Kanye West too that everybody, whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, etc are all racists as each group is trying to be on top of the race ladder in this racist world. It is therefore not right nor correct to isolate  Donald Trump as the racist here, because he is not. And assuming he is, he is not the only racist in America nor the entire world. Hillary Clinton as well as the over 320 million people that call America home are all racists, in one form or the other. The better approach should be finding a way on how everyone could just get along despite our varied skin pigmentations. This way, it will be possible to avoid creating the bad racists who would wish death on other people who do not look like them. This is what is more important and not the failed attempt to paint Hillary Clinton as the color blind loving Mother Teresa of African Americans and other people of color; and then use a different brush to paint Donald Trump as the new African Americans-hating Jim Crow because he is not. 

Friday, November 18, 2016


Icheoku says except for those who fell into coma on Monday before the Tuesday election, the entire universe knows that Hillary Clinton has once again failed in her mad ambition to become the first elected United States of America's female president. First defeated in 2008 by then candidate Barack Hussein Obama and again now in 2016 by Donald John Trump; finally burying deep six, whatever was left of her chances of ever breaking her fixated on proverbial marble ceiling. Many people saw through it that Hillary Clinton's only major driving force was her desire to acquire the bragging right of being the first female president of America and nothing more. A conclusion which forced one woman to say that she did not vote for Hillary Clinton simply because she was in it just for the show and not because she truly has any plans to fix anything or has anything new to offer. 

So with Hillary Clinton and by extension, the Clinton Clan, now permanently retired from American political landscape, let us now examine which other things were simultaneously retired alongside the Clintons. The things which rode her coattail into sunset and were summarily consumed in the fiery afterburners of the now dead Clinton's meteorite,  simply vaporized into eternal oblivion. Needless to add that the Bush family was also similarly retired from American political landscape by the masterful stroke of the now newly enthroned political genius of our time named Donald John Trump. So the two political families, who like Colossus, have bestrode American political discuss for nearly three decades have now been permanently retired and consigned to historical dustbin. The Clintons and the Bushes are gone with the wind of the election victory of Donald John Trump.

The other thing that also went away with the Clintons into history is the first and last minority  president of America, ever. The fact of the matter is that never again would another minority be allowed to be president of America; at least not in this life time. The Barack Obama experiment did not work out well and it jolted the majority white people into thinking what did they do to themselves, watching as their country nearly drifted out of their control. Many of them also regretted that their very attempt at finally ending racism in America by voting for an African American president, nearly became their greatest undoing, their Frankenstein Monster. That Barack Obama went too far in trying to dilute the culture, religion as well as the population spread of America is without a doubt another anti-American disposition which rubbed Americans wrongly. Barack Obama sometimes appeared to be championing causes which are polar opposite to and detrimental to American people, whose president he is and supposed to be aggressively pushing. A case in point was the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando when the president was busy rationalizing the Muslim connection and warning against any retribution; instead of fiercely condemning the slaughter and whatever jaundiced motive that was behind the perpetrator. 

To buttress the point that there was somewhat an understanding among white Americans never again to toy with who is the occupant of the White House,  Hillary Clinton refused to choose a minority vice presidential candidate but settled for a hillbilly fellow caucasian who had nothing to contribute to the ticket other than his fluency in Spanish. This was despite the attendant beneficial boost such a move would have had for her campaign, by galvanizing such minority blocs for her. First there was Julio Castro the HUD Secretary who is of a full Spanish ancestry who Hillary Clinton should have picked but as far as she was concerned a white man who speaks Spanish was good enough to placate the Spanish people. Then there was the black Senator Cory Booker who would have swayed black voters to her side and helped drive the bloc to vote for her massively; but again, her disdain for black people made her to run away from such proposition. 

What Hillary Clinton did in rejecting minority vice presidential candidate sends a strong direct message to all minorities of America that white Americans are done with them and will never trust them near their White House, not again. Obama was a chance they took which nearly cost them a lot and they are not ready to gamble again with losing their relevance as well as their stranglehold on political as well as economic powers. Icheoku says it will not happen again, at least not in the distant future or our lifetime. instead they will implement a lot of immigration reforms and enact laws to guard against their becoming the new minority of America. If that does not work, they will outrightly legislate it that American White House is for Whites only through one way or the other.

Further, the election of Donald John Trump president shows that white people are still the majority race in this country and they were woken up and they responded mightily to elect Donald Trump president. White people were like the proverbial giant who was asleep while the midgets were running around and mouthing off, but suddenly woke up to reclaim what was rightfully theirs. Icheoku without mincing words says that white people, irrespective of what their pretentious outward posturing is, indeed are delightful at the outcome of this election of Donald Trump. They are truly excited that they have regained what was nearly slipping out of their control, which would have slipped further and may be irrecoverably, had Hillary Clinton and Obama gotten their wish to completely annihilate white males' influence and control over America and by extension the world at large. Donald Trump sounded the alarm bell and sat on it until all of them woke up from their slumber and rushed to save the day for themselves and their future children yet unborn. It is like the revenge of the nerds and the white people just had their revenge against minorities of America who have been running around acting like they are now the new sheriff in town while the real owners were away trying their hands on other things.

Then add all the people who have forever lost their relevance in the Republican Party equation including Mr Stiff Penguin Mitt Romney, Mr Misery John Kasich; Low Energy Jeb Bush; and to some extent Paul Ryan and Lyin' Ted. The worst in this row is the Mitt Romney who has become so irrelevant that even his Mormon flock in Utah ignored him and voted for Donald Trump. A man who crawled on his knees to secure Donald Trump endorsement when he ran for the same office in 2012, including receiving one million dollar donation from Trump, to later turn around and drive the Brutus dagger on Trump's back, is the height of treachery and betrayal which shall never be forgiven. Mitt Romney went on to selectively attack Trump for some of his businesses that did not flourish, refused to endorse him even when the candidate he formerly endorsed lost and continued to attack him, refusing to campaign for him and even threatened to vote for a third party and said all manner of bad things against Trump. Mitt Romney's relevance going forward in American politics is suspect as millions of Trump's supporters including those in the basket of deplorables might not be ready to forgive Mitt, at least not so soon.

Among the group of those now gone is the crooked and corrupt media which were heavily biased and vested in the outcome of a "Madam President Hillary R. Clinton" and which went to the ends of the earth to carry her water in order to actualize this. Icheoku says if any Never-Trump group ever felt hopelessly useless, it was definitely the useless American media which was spewing hate and jaundiced vomit against Donald Trump while neglecting the rotten sewer that was Hilary Clinton. The media became possessed with what was allegedly said by Donald Trump rather than focusing their searchlight on criminal activities of Hillary Clinton. Anyway, American people saw through the charade and voted with their clear heads and today America has a new president-elect named Donald John Trump. The media has in the process been unmasked as a very biased cesspool of reprobates who are now degraded as irrelevant and nauseating enterprise. Gone with the disgraced media was also pollsters and useless pundits and political talking heads who were blown away into oblivion of irrelevance, having all their projections laid to waste. The media also damaged their credibility beyond redemption which has forced so many people to since tune out.

Icheoku says the other thing that took a heavy drubbing is the continued watering down of society's values which was voted down in this election as people were tired and embarrassed at watching the president of America discussing bathrooms laws and gay marriages. Two very rudimentary things that should be left where they belong - at state level and not made a national issue and preoccupation of the president. Icheoku says there are so many other things which also rode with Hillary Clinton into sunset but which would rather be left for future historians to capture them completely and concisely. Overall, what a far-reaching election it was that threw a complete spanner in the wheels of entrenched politics and now plans to drain the swamp and Make America Great Again. Icheoku says, can't wait.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Icheoku says radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh definitely got it wrong this time, trying to pigeonhole the victory of President-elect Donald John Trump in the last election, to conservatism. Icheoku disagrees that any one issue or factor or group or opinion played the most important role in his election. Donald Trump was propelled to victory by so many things and several factors, which appealed to the  disparate peoples from different political divides, as well as other groups which galvanized into Team MAGA. It was this coalition of different people with different political philosophies that came together to form the movement which put Trump into office. 

Therefore for anyone including Rush Limbaugh to now try to claim victory or attempt to do the victory lap flying only a conservative flag is a great disservice to the millions of people who are not conservatives but who chipped in, one way or the other, to bring about the election victory. Icheoku belongs to this class of "others", the non neo-conservatives and proudly so; and so also are the millions of Ross Belt blue-dog Democrats who turned out to help elect Donald Trump president. So Donald Trump won the election, not conservatism.Rush Limbaugh did not even endorse Donald Trump neither did he passionately campaign for him both during the primaries as well as the election proper; and was literally telling primaries voters to embrace Ted Cruz as being the most conservative of the two during the primaries. 

Taking the matter a little further, Icheoku says that Donald Trump himself is not even a conservative strictly speaking, the reason the conservative wing of the Republican Party never wanted him nor supported him during the presidential campaign. So many of them including Speaker Paul Ryan went on records to disavow their support for the president-elect; and many of them also backed Ted Cruz as the representative of their brand of conservatism. It is on record too that non of the conservative former presidents backed or supported him to the extent that some of them did not even vote for Donald Trump. Icheoku says but for the person and personality and resounding message of Donald Trump, Icheoku would have stayed out the election and would not have devoted a minuscule of time and energy and resources campaigning or being involved in the election campaign. But victory has so many details and with his victory now comes all these emergent fans of Donald Trump which as far as Icheoku is concerned, is not a problem; but emphatically says that neither Rush Limbaugh nor any other group of political ideology should claim ownership of the victory. 

Many people that voted for Donald Trump were swayed by his message and saw him as a centrist populist who has a great love for country and who wants to do his best for country. Donald Trump is not an ideologue and so are several millions of Americans who flocked to him; people who saw in him what they have been looking for in American politics - a moderate centrist, who encapsulates a little bit of this and that from both sides and who would meet many Americans half way. America has since moved on from far left this and far right that as many people wanted something in the middle and Donald Trump represents this craving. His message Make America Great Again is neither a conservative nor a liberal desire; it is all Americans desire. His message, create jobs for Americans is neither a conservative nor liberal agenda but an all American agenda. His message of America first sounds every inch an all American message regardless of the political philosophy of either partisans. His message to repeal and replace Obamacare was agreeable to most sensible Americans who knows that the healthcare as it stands cannot be sustained efficiently. His message to secure the borders and reform immigration is also an all American project. His message to appoint well qualified judges appeals to majority of Americans too. His message to renegotiate NAFTA, TPP and other trade deals and trade fairly is a message that every American, regardless of their political shade, appreciates. His message to African Americans what have they got nothing to lose also appeals to every African American, both conservatives and liberals alike. 

Overall, President-elect had a well tailored message which resonated among millions of Americans across the various political divides who trooped out to vote him into the White House. Therefore Rush Limbaugh and his ilk in the conservatives talking far-right should not hijack Team MAGA or in any way try to exact 100% ownership of the victory. They should also not try or attempt to alienate all those other non conservatives who took shelter under the umbrella of Team MAGA and who helped build the movement that facilitated the election of Donald John Trump president of the United States of America. Nobody will allow them to take ownership of the victory because they did not achieve it alone and all by themselves; and no one will allow them to push them out of the Team MAGA tent, period. President-elect Donald John Trump is a leader of a movement embodying various political lineages but not exclusive conservatism. Therefore these conservatives talking heads must allow peace to reign within the big tent of Team MAGA  and be more realistic that they would not be allowed to reap where they did not sow. They are just part of a whole but not the whole that made the election victory possible; and they must also understand this in order for peace to reign within the tent. Rush Limbaugh's latest cheerleading is okay but he should please keep it within bounds and not try to over push his current "conservatives ideas were voted for in this election" agenda, because it was not, admitted inclusive.

Monday, November 14, 2016


Icheoku says most people who watched the CBS 60 Minutes interview with President-elect Donald John Trump would agree that America's good days are here. He is The One we have been waiting for and he will deliver the goods and will not disappoint expectations. ahead. He was gracious; he was articulate; he was compassionate; he was responsive not evasive; he has grasp of the issues; he did not back down and above all he was in every inch particular, very presidential. Icheoku says his haters and critics alike, after watching the interview, will be roiling over and stewing in their bile that the man they had made out to be a two horned monster was afterall a very good caring person. A man sent from On High at this fork in the road of America as well as the greater world to fix what is broken, who the crooked and corrupt media wanted to derail his destiny, has bounced back and once again proved that the over 61 million people who cvoted for him saw through the falsehood painted by the extreme left and their media whores. 

Even before formally taking office, Donald Trump has already started influencing things world over. Now Mexico has agreed to pay for the wall provided their gravy train will continue running undisturbed and not stopped fully. Ford Motors too have agreed to move back its operations to the United States. China, Israel, North Korea, Syria and of course Russia cannot wait to turn the page on their relationship with America. Even Iran is gasping for the opportunity to cozy up to President Donald Trump and he is going to do it all at zero remuneration in salary and allowances. Icheoku says America will be glad they voted right; agreed that Donald Trump is truly the now messiah needed to straighten all the things made crooked by President Barack Obama muslim apologist anti-American regime. His passion is stellar; his energy spectacular and of course his love for country completely unadulterated. America will be glad indeed that they elected a leader for president and like with everything he touched, will put his Midas touch to work for America. Overall a great interview. Lets Make America Great Again. Salute. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Icheoku says the worse kind of people are those who do not learn from their mistakes and experiences, in order to avoid a repeat occurrence and then work towards becoming a better and much more improved person. Hillary Clinton, unfortunately and regrettably too, falls within this category and genre of people. Once again and true to her character trait, instead of taking full responsibility for her latest failed presidential bid, she is blaming others, the FBI. Instead of accepting her failure as self-induced, she is pointing her accusatory finger in the direction of the FBI's James Comy. Icheoku says really? 

In her inanity call to sponsors who bankrolled her campaign and to whom she would have beholden her presidency to had American people not rejected her at the polls, Hillary Clinton said her loss is attributable to the FBI. She blamed FBI director James Comy's letter to Congress informing Congress that the FBI is still looking into some newly discovered additional emails of Hillary Clinton for her loss, stating that announcement froze her momentum and that  she never recovered her mojo going forward. Icheoku says what a dumb excuse, especially when the same FBI came out a few days later to void the earlier announcement, stating that they have finished their review and there was nothing new or different to vary their July conclusion that Hillary Clinton has no case to answer. But as with every loser, it is always another's fault; they usually blame others rather than take full responsibility for their action. 

Query, if Hillary Clinton had not deleted and bleach-washed 33,000 emails and lied severally about them to cover it up, would anyone have talked about any emails? If Hillary Clinton did not try to hide and stonewall American people concerning her extreme recklessness with classified emails as well as her Wall Street speeches, who would have wasted their time talking about her penchant to hide stuff and her very limited veracity for speaking the truth? This is a woman whose middle name might as well be stonewalling and lying; yet she had the temerity to blame another person for the lackluster campaign which she ran and very clumsily too. 

She had no business ever being the candidate of the Democratic Party if not for the collusion of Democratic Party officials who rigged out Bernie Sanders, the candidate with wind of public opinion. A heavily flawed and heavily damaged candidate, whose longevity in politics was also a problem in a change election campaign year, but she would rather overlook that and instead blame the FBI for her failure. Icheoku says to Hillary Clinton, was it also the FBI's fault that she has been around the American political sphere for such a long time with nothing to show for as her landmark achievements during that storied period of time? So what exactly was Hilary Clinton talking about, blaming the FBI instead of actually checking to see where her four fingers were pointed to while pointing a finger at the FBI?

Icheoku says to Hillary Clinton, did the FBI put the words "irredeemable deplorables" in her mouth too, when she condescendingly called millions of Donald Trump's supporters, which turned out to be in excess of 30 million Americans, irredeemable deplorables? When she was weaving different baskets and compartmentalizing American people into various groups of lowly people, did the FBI also help her weave those baskets? When the Archbishop of New York suggested that Hillary Clinton apologize for what her campaign referred Catholics as ancient, did the FBI also make that reference to Catholics and Evangelicals of America, over 160 million of them? 

When her campaign referred to Bernie Sanders supporters as basement dwellers, that wasn't FBI name calling them or was it? When Hillary Clinton's campaign referred to Hispanics as needy Latinos, that wasn't the FBI's manufactured name for Latinos? When Hillary Clinton rejected a wise counsel to choose either a Hispanic or a black vice presidential candidate in order to woo that particular constituency, that wasn't FBI's doing or was it? But instead, in her arrogance she chose a fellow Caucasian who speaks Hispanic thinking Hispanics would be foolish enough to accept it as palliating enough. There was Julian Castro, the HUD Secretary, who she would have paired herself with but nope; there was also black Senator Cory Booker who was strongly recommended to her as a preferred veepee candidate but she equally rejected him. Now it is the FBI's fault?

This is a woman who heartlessly declared on national television that she has no scruples with aborting fully developed unborn children and millions of mothers to be and those still searching for the fruit of the wombs watched her vomit this abomination. But to Hillary Clinton, her bone-chilling words did not move a needle in voters minds including those who felt violated by what she said. A woman who nearly fainted publicly on 9/11 memorial in New York and who left a horrifying image in the minds of all those who watched the video clip of her bobbling head and wobbling legs as she was loaded into a vehicle; yet she would rather blame the FBI for her failure. 

This is a woman who did not give any press conference for almost 245 days; who avoided answering questions and who refused to provide explanations for her so many infra-digs, but it is okay to blame the FBI. Instead of seeing these things as contributory to her rejection by the American voters, she is blaming the FBI for her failed presidential run. A candidate who could not clearly defeat Bernie Sanders and who but for the heads-up questions she was provided during the primaries, would have been blown away by her primary challenger Bernie Sanders; but instead of seeing her very weakness as a candidate as a factor, is trying to shift the blame to the FBI. Icheoku says what a woman who is living in denial and who is incapable of telling herself the truth and who cannot accept responsibility for her actions. 

Icheoku says to Ms Nasty Crooked Hillary Clinton to please stop all these delusional nonsensical, looking for who to blame for the defeat suffered in the hands of American people. Instead of turning rocks to look under in search or to now blame the FBI, Hilary Clinton should look into a mirror and see the reason for her loss starring back right at her. Hillary Clinton is the reason and only reason why Hillary Clinton lost or rather was defeated in last Tuesday's presidential election. Nobody else was responsible for her  defeat but herself; not even the President-elect Donald Trump and neither was it the FBI nor the director James Comy. But the many years of her living a lie has drastically impacted her thinking and reduced her ability to accept the truth; the lines between truth and lies having been blended in her mind, hence no difference anymore. 

Hillary Clinton no longer knows when she is lying or telling the truth; as a result is presently oblivious of her present lie as to who actually cost her this election. She is a very weak candidate who previously lost to a black candidate Barack Obama in 2008 and it is rather very surprising indeed that she honestly thought she stood a chance and could defeat a good ole white boy this 2016. Donald Trump suffered more from the Access Hollywood hatchet job but he fought back, recovered, bounced back and successfully crossed the finish line and is today the president-elect. That is what championship fighters do, they overcome their adversities and they emerge triumphant and victorious; but Hillary Clinton is not there yet or rather is not made of the sterner stuff which champions are made of;  and good enough, American people saw through her charade and has now crowned her an irredeemable American reject. So long.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Icheoku says he did it his way; against all known political conventions and against all previously tried and tested political engineering, in defiance of accepted politicking wisdom. He was his own chief strategist as well as the chief operating officer. What he did and achieved have not been seen before as he literally re-wrote the book on how to win a presidential election outside the box. Simply put, he left every political operative and strategist, as well as  consultants gasping for air and struggling to survive. Icheoku says Donald John Trump, by the feat he achieved, winning the presidential election on his first try and his first foray into partisan politics, has rendered so many political jobbers irrelevant and their egotistic sense of indispensability, blown to pieces. Like Frank Sinatra song 'I did it my way', Donald Trump could unapologetically echo the same refrain, "I did it my way." Icheoku says congratulations to the President-elect of the United States of America, the next 45th POTUS, Donald John Trump. 

What a resounding victory it was, especially after he was severally written off by nearly every political pundit and their media allies, as the presidential candidate of a major political party that would be humiliated the worst at the polls. But a 290 electoral college votes plus a plurality of 60,100,000 popular votes is one heck of a mandate that he should govern as the peoples president, irrespective of whatever ruse the losing side might throw up. With such a mandate, the project "Make America Great Again" received much boost to its engines that it should roar into the stratosphere easily. Let us now try to examine and analyze how he did it; how a novitiate politician was able to pull the feat of winning the American presidency on a first try, despite the mountain of opposition that amassed to stop him. An opposition which stretched from the Democratic Party to his own platform Republican Party to various special interests from banking to industries to military to minorities to world leaders including the Vatican, as well as a crooked and very corrupt media that was heavily vested in achieving a Madam President Hillary Clinton's outcome. That Donald John Trump has cast a pall of mourning over a great swathe of these "Never Trumpers" is a fact which is still being felt throughout America and the world three days into his election as president of the United States of America on Tuesday November 8, 2016 . 

First on the list is the candidate himself; his personality was attention-grabbing and American people were forced to focus on everything he did and/or said throughout the campaign season without let or ever being tired or bored. Simply put Donald Trump was magnetic and captivating to everyone, admitted for different reasons. His high energy, very untiring personality, passionate love for country, unwavering cheer-leading for country, his can do attitude and  being the greatest champion of America captured the attention of American people and they responded in droves, gave him listening chance and this translated to his being today the president-elect of America. American people saw a fighter in him; a person they would like to follow because his cause was deep and he was unashamed being an American and puts America first. People admire leaders, people with great leadership quality so much that they are prepared to put up with whatever flaws such leaders might have provided they lead them to their desired destination where they will be safe and prosperous. Donald John Trump so qualified in the eyes of voting Americans and they responded by electing him their next president. 

Following so close to the candidate was the candidate's message to Make America Great Again. Icheoku says this was the most far reaching political messaging of this century as there is nobody who could not or did not relate to the idea of improving what was. No one quarrels with making things better, especially when they would be made great again. The message was so powerful and so riveting that it stuck in the subconsciousness of Americans, such that every attempt by the opposition to dismiss or diminish it fell flat. In marketing, messaging is everything and Donald Trump successfully sold his candidacy to the American people and they responded in kind by authorizing him through their election mandate to Make America Great Again. In so many interviews Icheoku conducted, the message was what most people confessed gravitated them to the candidate Trump before they finally decided to cast their vote for him, regardless of the so many accusations and innuendos about him which ordinarily would have forced man less courageous candidate scampering away with their tails in between their legs to forever hide their faces in shame. But not the Donald and this his fighting spirit and ability to push back was indeed refreshing to people, admitted many of them would pretend otherwise publicly - the hidden Trump votes that were not captured by the crooked pollsters. His many other messages including Build that Wall and Mexico will pay for it also resonated with his core voters.

Icheoku says Donald John Trump also had the good fortune of having a very flawed and irreparably damaged opposition candidate to run against, admitted no other Republican primaries contender would have withstood the barrage mounted against him by the Clinton machine. It took his no retreat no surrender attitude to continue moving forward despite the volleys of attacks and allegations, many of them trumped up and manufactured but he stood his ground and his perseverance paid off. Several times, people expected him to run away but he proved them wrong and stood strong. Hillary Clinton belongs to the old order, an establishment interest which a change election wanted gone and so fast. Hillary Clinton told so many lies and the master brander Donald Trump captured this very succinctly when he branded Hillary Clinton crooked and it stood. Hillary Clinton deleted and bleach washed 33,000 emails and American people were perplexed as to why such amount of emails was possibly generated and why she deleted them and acid washed them if not that she was covering some crimes? 
Then add to her stupendous wealth which she gathered post leaving the White House with her then president husband broke. People questioned how else if not proceeds of corruption. Hillary Clinton refused to release her Wall Street speeches too, telegraphing hiding somethings which she would rather American people not find out. Hillary Clinton is the most disliked feminist walking the grounds in America and people generally were tired of the Clintons, the Clinton fatigue and they wanted her gone and end the Clinton overbearing presence in American political sphere just like the similarly Trump retired Bush family. Then followed by Wikileaks revelations which reinforced peoples suspicion of her crookedness and massive corruption and which eventually sealed her fate of ever becoming the first female president of America. Icheoku says previously she lost to a nigger in 2008 and once again in 2016 she lost to a good ole white boy and with it, her dream of shattering the last ceiling marble once again became illusive, gone with her defeat by Donald Trump.

Icheoku says Hillary Clinton was indeed trying to climb a slippery mountain slope on a high heel shoes thinking to win a third straight term for the Democratic Party. Historically no party ever wins third successive terms in American politics, admitted one happened in the last seventy years when Ronald Reagan helped his then Vice President George Bush Sr win his one term presidency. Usually the country is tired after two terms of any party and ready to move on to something new and different; and unfortunately this was the time Hillary Clinton tried to achieve her life dream of becoming the first female president of America. To the American people, President Barack Obama's two terms are more than enough and continuing it was unacceptable to them and they decided to punt away to something new, different and more refreshing. That Hillary Clinton called American people names, disparaged many and weaved different baskets for them did not help her campaign for their hearts and minds either. Her irredeemable basket of deplorables comment was the gravest of them all and over 30 million deplorables responded in kind to stop her candidacy. Then add her crass feminism which threatened so many men that they sort of ganged up to curtail her excessive quest for power as they do not know what her objective was and how far she was prepared to will such wield. In short, the battle of the sexes played a big role in this election as America is still very much a macho society and would not want to have a woman telling them what to do.

Donald Trump also successfully read the mood of the country and figured out that immigration, economy, security and ISIS extremist threat were high on the people's concern and he milked it all the way to the presidency. He rehashed these themes and promised quick fixes for them and American people trust their faith in him and in his ability and promise to solve these problems and they gave him the mandate to solve these problems. Some of these problems have been there long before this election and people were waiting for that politician that will raise it and who indeed wants to solve it and Donald Trump came along and they flocked to him. Hopefully, he will not disappoint them and will be able to find solutions to them as quickly as he is sworn in. He also successfully rejigged his campaign team and so many times that the other side were mocking him as not being able to get his acts together and such frequent changes shows that he cannot run the government. But unbeknownst to them, only the Donald was insightful enough on the need to continue to rejig things until a winning campaign team emerged and the outcome shows exactly that - a man with great instincts to succeed and who can make decisions on a fly. Team Kellyanne Conway is highly appreciated for midwifing the Trump's presidency. The last shadow of a continuing FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton also raised further doubts in peoples mind, although it turned out of not having any effect in how people voted.

Lastly, the American Amish Community threw their weight behind Donald Trump during the last days of October and endorsed him for president. An act they usually do not do being apolitical and this endorsement resulted in his victory throughout the Ross Belt region of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan as well as Florida and North Carolina - states in the country with high Amish population. They came home to Trump and voted for him massively to help elect him president. That American Evangelical Christians, Immigration and Border Patrol, Police, Sheriff and so many unions endorsed him also helped. In the end, he defeated Hillary Clinton to clinch the presidency despite being outspent in the campaign by Hillary Clinton $1.36 billion to his $800 million. Icheoku says history and political science scholars will continue to study the election campaign of Donald Trump in many years to come, trying to figure out what exactly worked for him while developing a political engineering modeled after his campaign. Possibly a Trump Political arithmetic or whatever they might chose to call it. But America and the world were thrilled and entertained and they are still in shock how he pulled it off. As for Hillary Clinton, this blow sure hurts more than Obama delivered to her in 2008 as she was felled by a loquacious candidate whom everybody counted out except for those of us deplorables and other members of Team MAGA and he delivered. Icheoku says congratulations President-elect Trump and may the Lord guide and protect you.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Icheoku says picture speaks a thousand words as America and the general world are debating, questioning everything they have been told as to the presidential-worthiness of Donald Trump. On his first meeting as president-elect of the United States of America, with President Barack Obama, Donald Trump held his own and was in every material particular, awesomely presidential. Icheoku is happy that American people voted with their heads and they voted right by electing Donald John Trump, the next president of the United States of America. The meeting with Obama was overall good and their body language somewhat reasonable, all the bickering of the just concluded election considered. Icheoku says well done to both leaders and may their friendship blossom. Way to go fellas, politics without bitterness or bitterness well masked. Congratulations.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Icheoku says every kudos to the classy lady who made the election of Donald John Trump possible. She was drafted as campaign manager when the campaign was fledgling and by a man whose instinct is always right and who figured out that she could get it done and she indeed got it done. Kellyanne Conway, Icheoku says congratulations on delivering on your assignment despite the mountains and chasms that were layered along the way. It was not an easy feat and by accomplishing this, your place in American politics has been permanently cemented and lettered in gold. Like the feat pulled by David Axelrod with Barack Obama in 2008, you have actually surpassed it by taking a candidate Donald Trump through all the minefields into the White House. 

A candidate that the establishment and their whoring media accomplice did not want anywhere near and/or around Washington and came all out to sabotage his campaign; but you magically navigated through their IEDs laden roadway to safely land him into the White House. Americans are indeed grateful and Icheoku, a very proud member of the basket of deplorables, appreciates you and the very good work you did making this dream come through. Your selection actually vindicates Donald Trump that he not only respects and loves women, but has a knack for selecting the best there is and tasking them as he would any other gendered person. That you delivered speaks volume too both as to your capabilities and abilities, as well as Donald Trump's instinct and judgment. Once again, congratulations for a job well done.