"When two raging fires meet together, they do consume the thing that feeds their fury. Though little fire grows great with little wind, yet extreme gusts do blow out fire." - William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew.


"Removing the flag from this state’s capitol would not be an act of political correctness; it would not be an insult to the valor of Confederate soldiers. It would simply be an acknowledgment that the cause for which they fought - the cause of slavery - was wrong - the imposition of Jim Crow after the Civil War, the resistance to civil rights for all people was wrong. It would be one step in an honest accounting of America’s history; a modest but meaningful balm for so many unhealed wounds. It would be an expression of the amazing changes that have transformed this state and this country for the better, because of the work of so many people of goodwill, people of all races striving to form a more perfect union. By taking down that flag, we express God’s grace." - President Barack Hussein Obama.



Icheoku says a society which glorifies their very inhumane brutish past where fellow human beings were enslaved and used as workhorses cannot expect her citizens to be any better. Icheoku says Dylan Storm Roof was not born during slavery but grew up being indoctrinated by the "merits" of that discriminatory practice of his forebears which ironically still continues till today in the form of racism, racial inequality and racial discrimination in America. So why blame him for the massacre at Charleston when to him he was only helping to propagate the racist bigotry of South Carolina, a state which still honors and flies the slave racist Confederate flag, which according to their skewed logic is to honor their past and you ask why honor such reprehensible sordid past? But hey, until America braces itself to face its horrible past, present and most probable future of discrimination based on the color of skin, such murders as happened in Charleston will always be with us. Icheoku calls on South Carolina to take down that flag and NOW.


“I’m not that interested in material things. As long as I find a good bed that I can sleep in, that’s enough.” - Nicolas Berggruem, the homeless billionaire.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


The tear drop is the only window into a heart-filled with sorrow, at the oppressive, punitive and repressive Sharia system of warped laws unevenly applied to certain people in Northern Nigeria. It is unfortunate that evil men masquerading as custodians of Islam is afflicting untold hardship on people of Northern Nigeria for no just cause other than to repress and maintain a strangle-hold on her citizens and the Nigerian government tolerates this medieval devilish practice.
If the Northern Nigeria must enforce their sharia law, nothing stops them from doing so, but they must make such inhuman laws outside Nigeria - they can break away into their own Islamic State and enforce whatever laws they deem fit. But to remain in Nigeria as a part thereof and bring such odium and ridicule to the rest of Nigerians by their refusal to wake up and smell the coffee of modernity, should be condemned by all right-thinking people. Icheokudotcom says it is about time the Ms. Amina Lawal's of Nigeria are saved from further pain and suffering in the hands of some crazed-mullahs. The Nigerian National Assembly should legislate Sharia out of existence within any borders of Nigeria and if the madmen up North wants to riot, then dispatch the military to tame them. Such inhuman practice is a threat to national security of Nigeria and if it means wiping away as many of them that are hell-bent on this sharia nonsense, so be it. But a bona-fide Nigerian citizen must not be compelled to a dual law enforcement, one of which is so archaic that it smacks of 19th century Nigeria.
Ms. Amina Lawal, 32 years old, was facing a certain death by stoning for an alleged adultery? Meanwhile the man that raped her walked away Scott-free. But this Northern Nigerian mother finally won her appeal against her death-sentence conviction in March 2002, just for simply having sex out of wedlock! It is also instructive that she did not commit abortion but had a beautiful baby girl whose innocence face being breast-fed by her mother was not enough to dissuade these mullahs from handing down the death sentence by stoning. What would have happened to this little angel were the sentence carried out is left for anybody's imagination.
Under the Islamic (Sharia) law, which convicted Ms. Amina Lawal, the Islamic Judge ordered that Ms. Amina Lawal be buried up to her neck in sand and then have her head crushed by a barrage of rocks being hurled at her head in a public spectacle. Gory, indeed! Ms. Amina Lawal would have been stoned to death with rocks and boulders if not for the appeal which set her free; and this is in Nigeria and in this present 21st century? It is very shameful indeed that the Nigerian government could not override this barbaric sentence because of mere fear of the riotous Northern Nigeria. To hell with this, where were the men and women of the armed forces - just dispatch them up there to take care of business. Icheokudotcom want to particularly thank the government of Brazil for offering Me. Ms. Amina Lawal an asylum, which her own government in Nigeria could not do nor the Africa continent. At least they could have secured her and put her in a protective custody pending when the tensions cools down. SHAMELESS!

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