Icheoku says in the battle to free the Scots from their perpetual underdog position from England, fear won over pride. When it matter most to walk tall as an independent country among the comity of nations, the Scottish people chickened out. They scurried under the bed in trepidation, timidly accepting their fate that they are incapable of navigating the uncharted future of too many unknowns without big-brother England? Icheoku says the Scottish people were literally pulverized by fear of this and fear of that; and were convinced that they are too dumb to manage a future without England. A blitzkrieg marshaled by the NO campaigners with overreaching impetus from 10 Downing Street in the final hours of the campaign helped in no small way to seal the outcome.

Icheoku had no dog in the duel and acknowledged so earlier - that either way our palate for 18 year old Scotch would not be affected. Icheoku also said that in the event Scotland breaks away, provided Locness stays open for monster-hunt business and Dundee United still kicks the round leather, that Icheoku would as always still love Scotland. Now that the majority has spoken, maintaining that fear of the unknown is a safer bet to a brazen pursuit of pride in self governing, Icheoku cannot but congratulate the winners on their victory. To the losers, always remember that you are first Scottish and in protest just quaff down more of the golden liquid. Like in every contest, the YES campaigners successfully persuaded the undecided on the merits of remaining a united Kingdom entity. They also convinced these fence-sitters that the cost of mounting a sovereign Scottish blue flag is not a good trade-off for the doomsday scenario that freeing themselves from England would cascade on Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and throughout the land. They won and the other guys lost.

Icheoku says congratulations Scotland on your cowardice or lack of courage induced NO vote; at least you were given the opportunity at self governance but passed. Icheoku wishes that so many other self-governance seeking nations throughout the world, including the people of Biafra, could similarly be so opportune. What is fear if not an induced state of mind, after all the great United States of America was once a colony of Britain? Icheoku says may the monarchy reign over you never abates. Long live United Kingdom, Long live the Monarchy!


Once again all the doubters of the conspiracy theory surrounding the Ebola Virus Disease should now be assured that the journey has come full circle? Six months after the EVD has taken thousands of lives and a very big toll on the economy of the victim-countries, the American government has finally woken up and now ready to do something about it? Icheoku asks what took them this long?

America is known for rushing to the assistance of people in need within twenty-four notice - be it hurricane in the Phillippines or mudslide in Afghanistan or earthquake in some God forsaken part of the planet or even Evian Flu in Asia or Mesa Flu in Saudi Arabia; but Africa has been reeling under the scourge of Ebola for over six months now and suddenly, the mighty Yankees just remembered that some people in the jungle of Africa could use some help? Icheoku says it is all part of the agenda: - first Patrick Sawyer, an American, takes his deathly cargo to Nigeria on a mission? Then Western media, controlled by Americans, went to town crying fire in a crowded theater about the doomsday scenario that is ebola in Africa? From the blues came a vaccine out of San Diego, America, that could cure EVD, although a Spanish priest treated with the same vaccine died while the Americans survived? Several "infected" Nigerians equally survived and they never received this miracle-working American vaccine?

So after waiting in vain and nursing the disappointment that Patrick Sawyer's mission was not "accomplished", and seeing the Nigerian authorities declare triumphantly that the Ebola Virus Disease has been contained if not totally eradicated, they went back to the drawing board asking what happened with the plans to get something going in Africa's most populous country? The rest is now part of history.

Suddenly three thousand soldiers and few medical personnel are being sent to Africa to fight the EVD? Icheoku queries are these soldiers going to shoot or nuke ebola? Why soldiers instead of medical personnel? Icheoku asks why now? Why wait until after over two thousand Africans have been killed by this disease? Why now that Nigeria, to the surprise of the world, was able to manage and contain the EVD? Icheoku asks did plans to stir health crisis in African most populous country hit the brick wall and now another ploy disguised as aid must be put in the offing? Anyway, Icheoku urges the Nigerian authority not to accept this aid as they have no need for it any longer; moreso who knows the stuff hidden in the Trojan Horse aid package.

Ordinarily Icheoku is not usually a cynic, but paying closer attention to world's political economy and how certain objectives determine certain actions, it is increasingly becoming obvious that some things are just above certain pay grades. But one final advise to the Nigerian authorities, Icheoku urges them to be vigilant and watch closely before EVD would come back with a vengeance.


"The difference between the cinema and the church in Nigeria is that for the cinema you pay a gate fee before you enter but in the church, they let you come in before they take from you. Look at the population of people in church today and yet we have negligible righteousness in the country? So, something is wrong. I am not condemning what people are doing but if it is just a clever ploy to continue to control and manage people and get rich, then one day the people would say 'to your tent oh Israel.'" - Pastor Tunde Bakare. Icheoku says this pastor spoke for me and has possibly got a convert with his candid assessment of the 'casino royal' which all these churches have become in Nigeria. Just know the truth and the truth will set you free.


Icheoku says what an honor it is indeed to be so privileged to put the icing on the cake for one's country's World Cup win. Icheoku says congratulations to goal scorer Mario Gotze and his German national side for a well deserved victory over Argentina in the just concluded FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 finals. Germany is the new world cup champion, hurray!


Icheoku said it before and will say it again - Netherlands would have gone all the way to clinch the cup but for FIFA intervention and Icheoku stands to be corrected on this. Today they proved once again that they had the stuff champions are made of with their routing of host Brazil 3-0 and you wonder what a beautiful World Cup finals it would have been against Germany had FIFA's machination not so cruelly intervened. Anyway, their consolatory third place is not one of such cases where a half loaf is better than no loaf for Icheoku; and as a result Icheoku is not satisfied. The Dutch has been and remained Icheoku's favorite throughout the tournament and Icheoku will continue to believe they were forced out of the finals and no opinion can persuade otherwise. So long FIFA World Cup Brazil 2004 championship until Russia 2018; admitted Icheoku will tune in tomorrow to see how the finals is rigged. Congratulations Netherlanders, Ciao!


Icheoku says unfortunately we missed the mark and for this we are indeed very sorry for projecting a Netherlands win over Argentina as well as in the finals against Germany. Why the Dutch coach Louis Van Gaal did not bring in his penalty-kicks best keeping goalie, Tim Kral, is beyond everyone's imagination. What is done is done and the coach has his conscience to worry about on the real reason behind the unthinkable. Icheoku griefs the Dutch loss as avoidable. You may please scroll down to page one to read further analysis.


In the future of the FIFA World Cup 2014 championship holding in Brazil, Icheoku sees an all European championship final between Netherlands and Germany. Germany will defeat Brazil and Netherlands will defeat Messi and his boys during the semi finals resulting in an all European meet in the finals; following which Netherlands will emerge victorious. Icheoku remains steadfast in our projection that the Orange guys will carry the golden cup this 2014 and there is NO SHAKING in our conviction. Go DUTCH!


Icheoku tips Netherlands to win the cup - their performance against Spain in the opening and now Mexico, has irrevocably moved the process forward. Icheoku says 'Go DUTCH.'


To the kidnapped young school girls of Chibok, Icheoku says the world has heard your plight and is coming to your rescue, just hang in there. FYI:- Please you may scroll down for full commentary on this.


Icheoku says he made today's reality in South Africa possible, RIP Nelson Mandela.


Icheoku says President Bill Clinton played the saxophone; President GW Bush played and danced to the beat of African drums; President Barack Obama sang Al Green's Lets Stay Together; President Olusegun Obasanjo danced PSY's Gangnam Style; and even Madam Secretary of State Albright danced to Macarena and the other Madam Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also danced some South African tunes too. Now President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria just strung the guitar. Icheoku says whats up with all these presidents showing us the lighter side of themselves and displaying inert talents which duties of the state had somehow made redundant. Icheoku says the world especially Nigerians can use the million Naira smile on their President Jonathan's face. A country almost over-heating from stress of every kind can sure find some uplifting from their smiley president. Icheoku says GOOD for the country.


Icheoku says what mother Russia had put together, unbridled licentiousness and loneliness has put asunder; and so it is that the fabled strong man of Russia became a weakling on the home front and was not man enough to do what it takes to keep his home safe and secured. Russia's President Vladimir and First Lady Lyudmila Putin's marriage have gone with the wind; its center did not hold as cravings for younger skirts by Vladimir have driven the older love interest over the cliff and she had to walk away. Icheoku says yet another evidence that marriage does not work, never worked and will never work except for those who live in denial and put a facade of happily ever after. Icheoku says to Vladimir and Lyudmila, happy trails.


"Whenever Obasanjo disagrees with a person, he will carry the fight to his place of worship, to his dining table and sometimes, he will even be fighting the person in his dream. He is unforgiving and his method of disagreement with people is sometimes a matter of life and death." - Tanko Yakassi; reacting to the recent outburst of Obasanjo in Dutse castigating President Jonathan for keeping him in the dog's house and away from calling the shots in Aso Rock. Icheoku adds, may be it is about time the Otta deity is arrested and tried for his numerous misdeeds during his presidency including the Halliburton scandal. Further, Obasanjo's membership of the PDP should be suspended since he is now more of a problem than a solution to the wellness of the party; which has increasingly become more apparent since he lost his third term bid to cling to power. But only if Icheoku were Jonathan and Jonathan were Icheoku?


Icheoku says the Surgeon General Michael Douglas has warned men to beware, pause and ponder before going downtown on their women. He spoke from experience having nearly died from throat cancer which he claimed resulted from his giving too much head to his women. Icheoku wonders which of his women gave him the cutties. You may scroll down for further and fuller story on main page .............


"We don't know if we would have been able to stop the terrorists had they arrived here from Boston. We're just thankful that we didn't have to find out that answer." - Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York speaking on the Divine providence that stopped Boston Marathon bombers cold and prevented them from getting to New York to prosecute their terrorism act.

Icheoku says well put together Mayor and in a case where lack of desired answer was a preferred option.

However no one seems to acknowledge the hijacked guy, without whose cruel fate, those Boston Marathon bombers might still be on the run. Imagine a scenario where Boston operatives would have been looking for their suspects - "the dark-skinned" terrorists, while the real "fair-skinned" terrorists would be miles away in New York causing another mayhem. Thankfully a bad incident of a vehicle hijack led to the solving of such a heinous crime of no mean magnitude. As far as Icheoku is concerned, this guy is the real hero and deserves all the credits for solving the Boston Marathon crime and should get any and all available rewards thereto.

Also thanks to the technology of the IPhone and Mercedes' imbeded tracking devices which triangulated and honed operatives to the mad men of Russia from Dagestan Chechyna. The rest as they say, is now history and one lived in real time.


“We are embarked on a big and noble dream borne out of the necessities of our history and the imperatives of our justice, equity and fair play. While our history is a proud, large, and significant imprint in Nigeria, the reality of our contemporary existence has been rendered small by the politics of the Nigerian republic. This time calls for self-assertion and Igbo people must rise and answer the challenges with one voice." - Orji Uzor Kalu, speaking on the imperativeness of a united Igbo front to take on the Nigeria project. Icheoku agrees intoto; has said it before and again says it that in Orji Uzor Kalu lies the destiny of Igbo people of Nigeria in the Nigeria project. Igbo people must put aside their base restiveness and political disfunctionalities and follow the leadership being provided by this accomplished son of Igboland, the only Igbo man who other stakeholders of Nigeria from other tribes and zones truly respect and listen to. Peradventure this Orji Uzor Kalu's opportunity to lead the Igbos out of their political doldrums and into the promised land would be lost; but Icheoku strongly counsels against that as such golden opportunity rarely strikes twice. Icheoku loves the courage of Orji Uzor Kalu and prays he succeeds with the "Njiko Igbo" project whether in 2015 or any other future time.


Icheoku mourns a true son of the land who happened on the stage when Nigeria was not prepared for his kind. Regrettably the world reknowned scholar died frustrated at the rot that is Nigeria and the unwillingness of the ruling elite to fix the broken. Icheoku says sleep well Chinua and may the Almighty reward you for at least trying by speaking up against the decadence. His internment is scheduled for May 23, 2013 at Ogidi Anambra State Nigeria. Icheoku says so long Chinualumogu.


"I know you have'nt been in a position to actually execute foreign policy, but every time you've offered an opinion, you've been wrong." - President Barack Hussein Obama counselling Mitt Romney.


"What has consistently escaped most Nigerians in this entire travesty is the fact that mediocrity destroys the very fabric of a country as surely as a war – ushering in all sorts of banality, ineptitude, corruption and debauchery. Nations enshrine mediocrity as their modus operandi, and create the fertile ground for the rise of tyrants and other base elements of the society, by silently assenting to the dismantling of systems of excellence because they do not immediately benefit one specific ethnic, racial, political, or special-interest group. That, in my humble opinion, is precisely where Nigeria finds itself today." - Professor Chinua Achebe, an excerpt from his latest literary work "There was a country." Icheoku adds, this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; and anyone who does not like to hear the truth about the real and true situation on the ground in Nigeria should just jump off the bridge or like Zimbabwe's strongman Robert Mugabe would put it, go hang.


“I’m not that interested in material things. As long as I find a good bed that I can sleep in, that’s enough.” - Nicolas Berggruem, the homeless billionaire.


"I was being ironic on stage. Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim - though I know that plenty of people in this country think he is. And what if he were? The point I was making is that a good man is a good man, no matter who he prays to. I don't care what religion Obama is - nor should anyone else in America." - MADONNA, the material girl explaining her reference to President Barack Obama as a "black Muslim?"


"Yes, great minds like Abraham Lincoln, Mahtama Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Kwame Nkrumah made the world easier. Yet whatever they achieved was with plainness of approach, honesty and integrity. They were not attained with dourness and stupidity. They came out of a vibrant methodology and pragmatic visions. Jonathan lacks these qualities. Comparing the man Jonathan to these great minds is illusory and vain." - Dr Olusegun Fakoya



The safest place for the ship is the harbor but the ship is not made for the harbor; therefore to succeed, you must venture out of your comfort zone and mightily sacrifice.


"You don't have to hide who you love to serve the country you love - military's don't ask, don't tell, is over. That is what the promised change is all about and we delivered." Icheoku says, just the truth Mr President and four more years to "That One" who really gets it.


Study has established that nagging is the shortest and surest route traveled to bring a marriage to a crashing end. It is even considered deadlier than infidelity and adultery put together; so couples you now know - if you want to end it asap, just let that trap of yours run afoul without ceasing. On the positive side, couples who render each other their ears enjoy marital bliss using the Faiss principles of "give and take and compromise" as their guiding light. So chose today how you want your union to go and then do what needs to be done to get there.


Beware, thirty four (34) million people live with HIV/AIDS world world; SCARY?


Do you know that ADULTERY is a death-penalty offense in Iran and that APOSTASY is also a death-penalty offense in Saudi Arabia? Be thankful for your freedom, those of you who are not confined in both enclaves, especially the Elliot Spitzers and Arnold Schwarzeneggers of this world; and should we add former President Clinton, except that those mullahs do not consider polishing the knob sexual enough to qualify as adulterous.


"What's the point of being in the government if you don't try to make things better, which means trying to change things." - Richard Holbrooke, speaking as it would seem to Nigerian government officials who usually go into government only to enrich themselves and not make things better for the people, period!


"Listen when the song of the frog resounds from the marshes. Listen to what they have to say. It is good to come together. It is good to reach agreement. It is good to make the voices of many the single voice of all." - HRH Justice Eze Ozobu, citing the Battle of Herero as reference point to finding solution to Igbo peoples' problem of intractable dysfunctionalism.

His Royal Highness was analogizing the problems of rudderless adriftness, lack of a collective pursuit and single purposefulness as well as the absence of one identifiable leadership and/or spokesperson which are afflicting the Igbo people of Nigeria. According to this retired jurist and now traditional ruler of Owa Imezi community, Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria, for the Igbo nation to make any meaningful and serious political headway in Nigeria, they MUST first learn to become and fight their cause as an indivisible army of one. They must end being a motley of disorganized, noisy and often ignored mob-like people, each with his or her divergent, incoherent idea and agenda on how to move the process forward. Icheoku says with this pointy truth, this jurist has identified the single cause of Igbo peoples' problem and thus earned a place in the annals of Igbo history for pointing the light on the way forward for the Igbo nation. It is now left for the Igbo people to imbibe this message, a gospel truth. and learn to articulate and marshal their viewpoints as one indivisible and fully harmonized entity!


Take a gory excursion into the Islamic Northern Nigeria Hausa-Fulani barbarism at Jos, Plateau State of Northern Nigeria, click link:-

Saturday, January 3, 2009


To President John Akufor, Icheoku says this one is for you - the election of Professor John Attah Mills, pictured left, as president in waiting of Ghana! For remaining that erudite British-trained lawyer whose respect for the rule of law now extended to respect for the wishes of the Ghanaian electorates! For respecting the wishes of the Ghanaian people who preferred the opposition candidate as opposed to your own government party's candidate, despite your stellar performance in office! You are a pride of every blackman particularly in Africa whose leaders' penchant for sit-tight, poll manipulation, imposition of candidate or annulling a free and fair election because the outcome did not meet up with their pre-ordained expectation, or sometimes, even trying to change the horse mid-stream to elongate their tenure and when all their dribbling fail, imposes a sick weakling on a country.
To you, President John Akuffor, pictured here right, be all the glory of Ghana's successful election. You stood firm as the decent man you are and respected the wishes of the Ghana people. By this singular act of political decency, you have transcended into the realm where Nelson Mandela hitherto, was a lonely occupant. You have become a shining beacon of hope for Africa, by becoming an elected African leader to voluntarily allow a free election to take place in your country; you did not try to thwart the wishes of the people or perpetuate yourself in power either directly of by proxy and this is very commendable of you!
To the people of Ghana, Icheoku says you should be proud of the milestone accomplishment in democracy, you achieved today. You are now the only truly functioning democracy in Africa and we are proud of the decency of your president and electoral commission chairman. Please Ghana, do not ever drop the ball but keep the flag of democracy which you have hoisted, flying! It is for all Africans!
To President-elect Professor John Atta Mills, 64, of the opposition party National Democratic Congress, Icheoku says congratulations on your victory and please do not let the fire of democracy which President John Akufor has lit quench under your supervision. Your victory was possible because there is a sitting president who cherishes honor more than all the golds in the former Gold Coast. Know ye that you are now the president-elect of all Ghanaians and you should not disappoint the sacred trust which their vote now confers on you. The baton which President John Akufor has handed over to you must be passed on to the next guy when the time comes. Icheoku has no doubt that being the very educated gentle man you are that you will not be found wanting at the end of your term in office.
Professor John Attah Mills was born on 21 July 1944 at Tarkwa in western Ghana (see map of Ghana right showing Tarkwa). He graduated in law at the University of Ghana in 1967 before further legal studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He won a Fulbright scholarship at Stanford Law School in the US and later returned to Ghana where he taught law for nearly 25 years at his Alma mater the University of Ghana. He became a national tax commissioner under Mr Rawlings before being promoted to the vice-presidency. He is a keen hockey player and at one time was a member of the Ghana hockey national team. John Attah Milla also enjoys swimming and is married to his wife Ernestina Naadu Mills and has one son, Sam Kofi Atta Mills.

To the current government's New Patriotic Party's candidate, Attorney Nana Akufo-Addo, pictured here left, who have already congratulated President-elect John Attah Mills for his victory at the polls, Icheoku says, you are a civilized gentle man, who understands that politics is not a do or die affair. Thank you for choosing the part of honor and for placing Ghana above your personal interest. If all non-victorious candidates in every election will be as gentlemanly as you displayed, may be more decent and honorable people will find politics attractive.

To the monster Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, Icheoku says you should now cover your horrifying face in ashes and hide it under a sack-cloth filled with shame, for the sham election, nay selection in Nigeria that imposed Umaru Yar'Adua on Nigerians. Look at Ghana and be very ashamed of yourself for not living up to the calling when duty called; because your devilish third term ploy was thwarted, you imposed a very sick weakling Umaru Yar'Adua on Nigeria and today, the result is a Nigeria that has almost stalled completely. Shame on you Olusegun Obasanjo.

To the other Nigeria despicable fellow, Nigeria's INEC chairman Maurice Iwu, Icheoku asks, do you now see that the word integrity still exists as examplified in Kwodo Afari-Gyan of the Ghana electoral commission, pictured here right? With 50.23% of the votes, the electoral commission today January 3, 2009 declared the opposition candidate Attah Mills the winner of a tight presidential run-off in Ghana. In his glorious voice, Afari-Gyan declared, on the basis of the official results given, it is my duty to declare Professor John Evans Atta Mills the president-elect of the Republic of Ghana"! The present government party New Patriotic Party candidate Nana Akufo-Addo, 64, secured 49.77% of the votes.
With Kenya's Mwai Kibaki, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, Nigeria's Olusegun Obasanjo/Umaru Yar'Adua, the coup de tat in Mauritanian and Guinea as the poster-boys for undemocratic governance in Africa, Ghana has now proved that there is still some glimmer of hope in Africa. Icheoku says, congratulations to all Ghanaians!

Juxtaposing Ghana's President-elect, Professor John Attah Mills campaign slogan "I believe in Ghana" can any past and present leader of Nigeria so declare that he sincerely believes in Nigeria? However, Nigerians must not slumber but persist in their quest for the Ghana's example that one day, they may be able to elect a president-leader of their choice and stop being held hostage in a gulag by a cabal-imposed president. Another implication of the Ghana's election result is that Muhammad Buhari of Nigeria should not loose hope about winning the Nigerian presidency, since the President-elect John Attah Mills failed twice in his past presidential election attempts in Ghana. Until that day when Africa shall be free to elect her presidents, may what happened in Ghana be a symbol of hope that, that day shall one day come. Finally, Icheoku says, Ghana enjoy your well-deserved democracy!


Anonymous said...

UN chief commends Ghana on vote

John Atta Mills attended a church service to give thanks for his victory
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has praised the presidential election in Ghana as a democratic achievement and an example to others.

He congratulated the people and government for the orderly outcome of the vote which saw a narrow victory for opposition candidate John Atta Mills.

But losing candidate Nana Akufo-Addo is considering whether to challenge the result in the courts.

He told the BBC that results from some areas were questionable.

He said that intimidation had stopped his party, the ruling New Patriotic Party, from campaigning freely.

Mr Atta Mills has said he will be "a president for all".

Officials say there was no evidence of vote-rigging.

Analysts says Ghana's poll could help salvage the tarnished image of constitutional democracy in Africa after last year's flawed elections in Kenya and Zimbabwe and military coups in Mauritania and Guinea.

'No evidence of fraud'

Electoral officials announced the result after the last constituency to vote, Tain, showed him extending his lead over Mr Akufo-Addo.

Street celebrations in Accra
The ruling party had boycotted the Tain constituency vote.

The electoral commission said the results of the run-off showed Mr Atta Mills had won narrowly with 50.23% of the votes, against 49.77% for Mr Akufo-Addo.

"On the basis of the official results given, it is my duty to declare Professor John Evans Atta Mills the president-elect of the Republic of Ghana," the commission's head, Kwado Afari-Gyan, said in the capital Accra.

He said the commission had considered allegations of vote-rigging by both sides but "did not find the evidence provided sufficient to invalidate the result".

Outgoing President John Kufuor earlier urged both candidates to respect the final result.

He appealed for calm and said any complaints of vote-rigging should be dealt with by the courts after the new president is expected to be sworn in on Wednesday.

'Good fight'

Addressing jubilant supporters on the streets of Accra around the NDC headquarters, Mr Atta Mills, who had failed twice before to become president, said: "The time has come to work together to build a better Ghana.

"I assure Ghanaians that I will be president for all."

He also congratulated "all other contestants, especially Nana Akufo-Addo, for giving us a good fight".

Although Ghana remains a very divided nation when it comes to choosing a president, it has proved that democracy can work, BBC correspondent Will Ross in Accra says.

Mr Atta Mills, aged 64, is a former vice-president. He lost two previous elections to President Kufuor.

Mr Akufo-Addo, also 64, from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) won the first round of the presidential election but not by enough to avoid the run-off.

On Saturday, he was quoted by Reuters news agency as saying: "I acknowledge the electoral commissioner's declaration and congratulate Professor Mills."

A spokesman later told the BBC that, contrary to earlier reports, he had not conceded defeat, and that the ruling party would go to court to contest the result.

The stakes have been raised in these elections because Ghana has just found oil, which is expected to start generating revenue in 2010.

Anonymous said...

I’ll be president for all — Atta Mills
By Agency Reporter
Published: Monday, 5 Jan 2009
Ghana’s President-Elect, Prof. John Atta Mills, on Saturday said he had accepted the challenge to be the President and gave the assurance that he would be the President for all Ghanaians.

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Photo file
Ata mills

“There will be no discrimination. Atta Mills will be father to everybody,” he said, as he delivered his victory speech to thousands of supporters, who thronged the Osu Kuku Hill Campaign Office of the Mills Campaign.

Mills expressed his appreciation to God for brining Ghana so far and said he was also grateful to outgoing President John Agyekum Kufuor for declaring his intention to hand over power to him on January 7, 2009.

Sporting a white shirt, a black pair of trousers and black pair of shoes, and standing on a dais adorned by Ghana national colours of red, gold and green, he also expressed appreciation to the people of Ghana for the mandate given to him to be President for the next four years.

Mills said it had been a long struggle with sacrifices and with the elections over, there was only one Ghana.

“With the elections over, there is only one Ghana. There is no NDC Ghana; there is no NPP Ghana; there is no CPP Ghana. There is one Ghana,” he said to the roar of the milling supporters.

He congratulated his main contender, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party and leaders of the other political parties that contested the December 7 elections.

Mills said he hoped that together with all Ghanaians, he would be able to work to build a better Ghana.

He also expressed his appreciation to the Electoral Commission, security agencies and the media for helping to keep politicians and the parties on their toes during the electioneering process.

The President-elect advised supporters of the NDC to be moderate in their celebrations and not to do anything that would provoke others.

“We have to be preparing for the task ahead. This is just one step of a journey of a million miles.”

He said he would pray for wisdom and humility to steer the affairs of Ghana, adding “May we pray to God to continue to shower his blessings on Ghana.”

Soon after the President-elect left the dais, a huge bottle of champagne was popped to the enthusiastic crowd to welcome the President-Elect.

Ghana’s largely peaceful and credible presidential election was a rare example of a functioning democracy in Africa and should be a model for the continent, African leaders and voters said on Sunday.

Much attention in Africa and elsewhere was focused on the Ghanaian vote after a year of political crises, many of them violent, tarnished Africa’s democratic credentials.

Opposition candidate, Atta Mills was declared the winner on Saturday after the closely fought election in the gold and cocoa exporter was settled by a run-off.

“John Atta Mills‘ victory and the conduct of the people of Ghana provides a rare example of democracy at work in Africa,” Kenya‘s prime minister Raila Odinga said in a statement.

While some violence was reported, international observers say the vote was mostly peaceful, in contrast with many other African countries, where democracy was battered in 2008.

More than 1,000 people were killed in post-election violence in Kenya last year and in Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai have been deadlocked for months over a power-sharing agreement after disputed elections.

Mauritania‘s first freely elected leader was overthrown in a military coup in August and army officers in Guinea took power after the death of President Lansana Conte in December.

South Africa, is likely to go to the polls in March in what analysts expect will be its most tense vote since the end of apartheid in 1994, after a power struggle split the ruling African National Congress last year.

“The Ghanaian election bears testimony to the respect for democracy and good governance in Africa,” South African President Kgalema Motlanthe said. ”The people of Ghana ... have through the ballot paper showed their appreciation for democracy,” he said in a statement.

Ghana‘s neighbour and fellow cocoa producer Ivory Coast again postponed presidential elections last year and analysts say they are unlikely to be held before the end of 2009 due to delays in disarmament and voter registration.

Anonymous said...

Ghana Election, Lesson For Nigeria, Say CNPP, CD
By Oladele Ogunsola (Ibadan) and Olisemeka Obeche (Lagos)

Ghana's election of John Atta Mills as President from an opposition party still fascinates Nigerian democracy agitators, who concluded on Sunday that their country indeed has a lot to learn.

The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) applauded Ghanaians for conducting a free, fair and transparent poll, which Campaign for Democracy (CD) says takes the shine out of Nigeria's claim as the giant of Africa.

To former Oyo State Governor, Lam Adesina, the election is an example of a growing democracy worthy of emulation by other African countries.

"We salute Ghanaians for their exemplary principled stand and unwavering commitment in upholding the sanctity of ballot box, thus making their votes to count, in the midst of a close election of 50.23 per cent to 49.77 per cent, respectively for the National Democratic Party (NDP) and National Patriotic Party (NPP)," CNPP National Publicity Secretary, Osita Okechukwu, said in a statement.

"Ghanaians have in no uncertain terms entered their names in the hall of fame as beacons of democracy on a rudderless and clueless, undemocratic African continent.

"Their historic democratic growth is a memorable lesson to democratic pretenders like Nigeria, where democracy is vanishing, where the Electoral Commission is a department of the executive, where the judiciary is manipulated and political culture of do-or-die reigns.

"Whereas no life was lost in the Ghanaian election; Nigeria lost over 2,000 lives in the 2007 election and 400 lives in Jos North Local Government election in November 2008."

CNPP commended outgoing Ghanaian President, John Kuffuor, for allowing the election to be determined by voters, instead of manipulating it.

"We cannot forget the statesmanly and noble role he played by keeping his head above water, refusing to manipulate the election. And he was not swayed in the face of his party's defeat."

Okechukwu noted that Kuffuor's conduct was in sharp contrast to that of former President Olusegun Obasanjo during the election in 2007 which he called a "do-or-die" affair, and campaigned for Umaru Yar'Adua to succeed him.

"Our commendation also goes to the judiciary in Ghana for serving the cause of justice, upholding the independence of the judiciary, the doctrine of separation of powers, and resisting the temptation of the (NPP) to collaborate in truncating the election."

CD President, Joe Okei-Odumakin, said it is rather shameful that while Nigerian politicians are in a cocoon of the politics of do-or-die and acquisition of illegal wealth, their counterparts in Ghana play by the rules.

"Frankly speaking," she insisted, "the successful outcome of the Ghanaian Presidential election is a big shame on the part of the people who manage Nigerian elections. For the fact that we had the opposition winning the closely contested election after the run-off is an indication that Nigeria had fallen far behind.

"The outcome of Ghanaian election should cause a sober reflection by every Nigerian, especially our political leaders who have by their self-centered actions and inactions, made the country to retrogress instead of progressing.

"Obasanjo who introduced and perfected do-or-die politics should take a cue from his Ghanaian counterpart who kept his cool and allowed the votes of the citizens to decide who would succeed him."

Adesina, who was Oyo State Governor between 1999 and 2003, praised the election in Ghana, saying: ''It is unfortunate that what Nigeria found so difficult to attain in the last two elections was attained in Ghana. I will be the happiest man on earth when such a thing happens in Nigeria.

"It has got to a level that some of us who have suffered for democracy in this country now wonder whether we have not laboured in vain when a National Chairman of a ruling but non-performing party would tell us that they would remain in office for as long as 60 years.

"Doing what? Looting, squandering our common wealth. There is a serious problem in the land."

Adesina frowned at the lack of character and principle among the political class in Nigeria that makes people to jump round the parties for government patronage.

''Look at what happened recently in Nigeria with All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) abandoning Muhammed Buhari, its Presidential candidate during the election held on April 21, 2007. All in the name of the so-called Government of National Unity (GNU). See what has become of the unholy alliance between the ANPP and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

''What is the meaning of GNU if not for electoral exploitation and a subtle way of stifling the opposition? You can talk of a GNU if there is a national crisis, like war or any other thing, just for the country to stablise, not in our present circumstance when our democracy should be allowed to flourish and blossom.

"The PDP is capitalising on the inability of people to appreciate that you don't win election all the time to stifle the growth of democracy in Nigeria."

Anonymous said...

Yar’Adua Commends Ghana Polls

> As VP visits Bauchi tomorrow
January 5th, 2009

The election of Prof. John Atta-Mills as Ghana’s next president has vindicated Africa of alleged incompetence and unwillingness to conduct peaceful and hitch-free elections, Nigeria 's President,Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar'Adua has said.

The President, in a congratulatory message to Mills yesterday, said the election of the opposition leader is exemplary and should serve as a guide for the African continent.

According to Yar'Adua, the Ghanian polls , 'Has once again allayed insinuations on Africa 's competence to conduct a hitch-free democratic elections.

Yar'Adua's message was relayed to the Ghanian President-elect through the Nigeria's High Commissioner to Ghana , Mr Musiliu Obanikoro. He added that the way the country was able to resolve the stalemate of the election has made the country and continent proud. 'I am highly delighted to congratulate you on behalf of the President and the good people of Nigeria for this hard won victory. As Africans, Ghana has done us proud. We hope and pray that the spirit with which the election was tough and won will be nurtured and promoted not only in Ghana, but also in West Africa.

Atta Mills was declared winner of Ghana 's Presidential run-off election of December 28, 2008 by the country's electoral commission on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Vice President Goodluck Johnatan is to lead an inspection team to Bauchi State tomorrow to assess the football facilities in the state preparatory to the under 17 world football championship tagged Nigeria 2009.

Principal among the facilities the Vice President is expected to inspect are the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium, Zaranda and Awalah Hotels, Games Village , BACAS and The Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi.

While the stadium, the best of its kind in northeast sub-region, is expected to be one of the venues for the championship, the two hotels are to provide accommodation to players and officials. However spectators are expected to be accommodated at the Games Village while BACAS and The Federal Polytechnic will serve as training grounds for the players.

Zaranda Hotels which is wholly owned by the state Government is already being renovated and upgraded while the Games Village training ground is also receiving attention as carpet grass and other necessary materials are being put in place. All the facilities needed for hosting the event are expected to be in place as the experience in hosting international events like the world cup.

Chairman,Publicity Committee for the VP's inspection, Alhaji Maigari Muhammad Khanna, confirmed the information about the VP's visit to our correspondent yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Opposition Parties, Groups Hail Ghana over Poll
From Chuks Okocha in Abuja, 01.05.2009

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Torrents of accolades have continued to trail Ghana’s successful transitory elections which climaxed with Friday’s declaration of 64-year old Professor John Evans Atta Mills as President-elect. The new president is scheduled to be inaugurated on Wednesday, January 7.
Among groups and politicians that have hailed Ghanaians are the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP), Human Rights Groups and a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stalwart, Chief Sunny Iroche. In their separate reactions, they commended the sister West African of Nigeria for successfully holding its fifth consecutive fair and transparent general elections since 1992.
The CNPP, in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Osita Okechukwu, said: “We salute Ghanaians for their exemplary, principled stand and unwavering commitment in upholding the sanctity of the ballot box, thus making their votes count, in the midst of a close election.”
The conference added: “Our commendation also goes to the Judiciary in Ghana for serving the cause of justice, upholding the independence of the judiciary, the doctrine of separation of powers and resisting the temptation of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) to collaborate in truncating the election.”
The CNPP was also full of praise for the out-going president, Mr. John Agyekum Kufuor. “We cannot forget the statesmanlike and noble role played by President John Kufuor in keeping his head above waters, refusing to manipulate the elections or allowing himself to be swayed in the face of his party’s defeat.” They recommended President Kufuor for Mo Ibrahim award for good governance.
The CNPP described the Ghanaian historic democratic growth as “a memorable lesson to democratic pretenders like Nigeria, where democracy is vanishing, where the electoral commission is a department of the executive, where the judiciary is manipulated and political culture of do-or-die reigns”.
According to the Human Rights Writers Association (HURIWA), in a statement signed by Mr. Emmanuel Onwubiko, Ghanaians especially the outgoing President deserve commendations for overseeing a general election that has been internationally acclaimed as free, fair and peaceful. HURIWA said it was quite remarkable that Ghana’s recent presidential election witnessed the emergence of an opposition politicianas winner while the ruling party’s candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo, accepted defeat.
The rights group called on President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua to immediately set workable machinery in motion to implement the salient and strategic aspects of the recommendations of the Justice Muhammadu Lawal Uwais-led Electoral Reform Committee.
Along this line, it stressed the need for the strengthening and granting of true independence to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the sack of its incumbent chairman, Professor Maurice Iwu and other board members of the commission.
HURIWA argued that the continued stay in office of Iwu and his commissioners would sustain partiality and the kind of irregularities witnessed in the 2007 controversial polls in Nigeria.
In his own response, Iroche, who is also a banker, commended the Electoral Commission of Ghana while describing the successful election as a manifestation of the maturity of the electoral body. He called on INEC to emulate what its counterpart in Ghana has achieved.

Anonymous said...


When Nigerian politicians, mischief makers, thugs, trouble makers, elected officials, candidates and International observers/monitors discredit the election authorities like INEC in Nigeria working under the difficult conditions of over-heated transitions like in Nigeria ever unstable nation, it becomes humanly impossible for the natives or ordinary people to respect the law and order in place, if not the election outcome as well.

How can you expect your citizens to respect poll results declared by electoral umpires that have already been discredited by all manners of foreigners and Nigerians with doubtful intentions towards your country? No election is perfect and also cannot be expected to reflect values foreign to the locale where it is conducted like in Nigeria with their contempt for law and order and where breaking laws and corruption has taken over the nation in every sphere of the nation operation justifying the classification of Nigeria as a FAILED STATE in the mode and league with Somalia, Zimbabwe and Congo.

The Europeans learned from their mistakes and so, they should encourage Africans to learn from their own mistakes as well. Disparagement or reckless assessments intended to isolate the INEC and the electoral leadership will never cut it.

Part of the effort therefore is to encourage aggressive information management on the part of African governments of the day to counter any negative misinformation that attempts to discredit our electoral umpires and the institutions we have in place at the given point in time. Lessons can be learned from India, Taiwan, South Africa,Ghana and other emerging democracies which have done well at countering negative press and succeeded in projecting an acceptable level of some electoral purity. And most importantly, we must understand that electoral tribunals (and judgments issuing from them) are part of the overall process of all elections even in advanced democracies.

Therefore, we must refrain from this infantile tendency to celebrate yet another nullification of an election as further proof of how rotten our elections are. In our system of phased electoral process, INEC is merely the agency of original jurisdiction (much like a trial court with original jurisdiction), with finality of election outcomes residing with the tribunals and other higher courts. Thus, it will not be fair to call for resignation or attacking of an INEC boss merely because a result he declared had been overturned without also calling for the mass resignation of all trial judges whose judgments are overturned on appeal in case of River State Governor Rotimi Amaechi and in Anambra in case of Governor peter Obi.

Ugo Harris Ukandu
Nigeria Democracy and Justice Project
Washington, DC