ICHEOKU says they did it, deservedly and rightly earned; the boys from Paris. ICHEOKU says congratulations.



ICHEOKU says he is coming with a clear-eyed view of what the United States of America constitution provides and will not legislate from the bench. ICHEOKU says definitely the right pick, so CONFIRM him now and right away and without any delay or much ado. Congratulation.


Lisa Page: “Trump is not ever going to become president, right? Right?!”

Peter Strzok: “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.”

ICHEOKU says if this is not corruption of the worst type, what else so qualifies? So sad the length these guys went to truncate the will of the American people; yet they will turn around and accuse other countries of corruption and you wonder is it only when money exchanges hands that there is corruption. Pitifully SAD.


“The only obstruction President Trump committed was in obstructing Queen Crooked Hillary Clinton from the White House.” - Jesse Watters, Watters World.


“The United States no longer makes empty threats. When I make promises, I keep them.” - President Donald John Trump.

ICHEOKU says exactly why he is now fondly nicknamed the Promise Keeper and he keeps his promises, one promise at a time.


America will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail. We will not allow American cities to be threatened with destruction. And we will not allow a regime that chants “Death to America” to gain access to the most deadly weapons on Earth." - President Donald John Trump.


ICHEOKU says what does the Deep State have on AG Jeff Sessions that has purchased his quiet and inaction over the excesses of the Russian Collusion witch hunt? Something definitely does not look right and apparently seems awry that the Attorney General appears so constricted to do anything to bring the never ending "investigation" to a conclusion. How much longer will the American people wait to have the matter concluded and what will it take. As a member of Team MAGA, from the basket of deplorables, who defended him when the president was threatening to fire him, ICHEOKU is not particularly satisfied with the "playing it safe" attitude which Jeff has adopted thus far and urge him to find any possible way to make the investigators finish their job immediately and without any further delay.


ICHEOKU says he has all it takes to turn Nigeria around and Make Nigeria Great Again. He is highly cerebral; he is well traveled and is highly exposed internationally; he is a doer with a can-do spirit and attitude which translates to impossible is nothing as it does not exists in his dictionary; he is fully accomplished person who turned around the nearly moribund behemoth UBA and created thousands of jobs both in Nigeria and overseas; and above all, he is youthful and has age on his side and you ask yourself, what else is anyone looking for in a leader for Nigeria that is on bended knees and begging for leadership other than a man with his proven record. If he can do this in the private sector, he can also mission accomplish such in the public sector and resuscitate a Nigeria that is in distress. CHEOKU is emphatic that Tony Elumelu is a highly qualified, fit and proper person to lead Nigeria out of its present woods of near comatose and under performing achievements. Lets go to work Nigerians and make his candidature both viable and achievable. We can do this fellas; so lets urge Tony to run, run Tony run and together lets Make Nigeria Great Again. If Trump can do it, so can Tony.


"If the Syria regime uses this poisonous gas again on its people, it will be bombed again. The United States of America is locked and loaded. When our president draws a redline, our president enforces the redline." - Nikki Haley, United States of America Ambassador to the United Nations.



ICHEOKU says Russia's Vladimir Putin has one good opportunity to finally move back into the comity of civilized nations and stop his despotic mentality which always sees him flocking amidst his fellow dictators. But if he choses to remain in the cold and remain in Kremlin where he has been holed in since 1999, too bad. His too long stay in power is only damaging Russia but not helping it; and gradually turning Russia into a third world country where only one man dictates what goes on in the country. Putin, change your ways; let true democracy reign in Russia. Salute



ICHEOKU says you cannot get a more American American and he is a hardcore America First nationalist as they come. President Donald John Trump's pick to succeeded fired National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is the real deal. He is a hard-nosed American First protagonist, who does not shy away from projecting America's power through strength and who is not afraid to have America go it alone if need be. ICHEOKU says hopefully the president has found the very person who will help him achieve and implement his policy objectives in John Bolton. But as far as MAGA and AF agendas are concerned, Ambassador John Bolton is one heck of a good pick and a right fit for the job. He will help President Donald John Trump with doing his job for the American people. ICHEOKU says congratulations to the Mustachioed One. Let the governance of MAGA now really begin.



ICHEOKU says they pretend to be guardians of free speech but wants to tele-guide other peoples thinking by limiting what they can freely say; especially if you are a conservative and holds opinions which are favorable of President Donald John Trump and critical of Queen Crooked Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, they will not succeed but can only force people to opt out of the live wasting exercise of gluing one's eyeballs to the platform. An exercise which does not add anything of value to users, nor pays them anything for helping them bring more eyeballs to the portal. Instead of being grateful that people are helping them bilk advertisers of billions of dollars with their riveted eyeballs, they now want to micromanage everyone's thought as if they are doing one a favor by letting them waste their time using Facebook. ICHEOKU says will not be cowered nor intimidated; they can block ICHEOKU all the heck they want but ICHEOKU will not bow to Facebook's attempt to control ICHEOKU's thoughts and would rather permanently part ways with the Mark Zuckerberg globalist weapon of mass control than kowtow to a group thinking. To hell with this attempt to exact undue control and turn everyone into a herd mind.


"There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. There is also no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election." - Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General of the United States of America.

ICHEOKU says this determination, for every intent and purpose, now lays to rest the "Collusion with the Russians" hogwash; as nobody can be guilty of an offense which requires awareness to ground when he or she is not aware of it. Collusion is a conspiracy and requires a proactive participation coupled with a guilty knowledge to bring about the purpose of the conspiracy. Therefore, when will the Special Counsel address the nation and tell Americans that there is no there, there, in the Russian Collusion investigation and save America further bleeding both in resources, time and unity. Enough of the sore loser antics of the Democratic Party which does not know how to take a loss and learn to work to fix what went wrong, instead of continuously pointing a finger at a mirage that is the Russian Collusion, in its bid to find something to blame for its ineptitude that led to the epochal loss of November 8th, 2016.


"POTUS WANTS TO KNOW EVERYTHING WE ARE DOING." - Lisa Page to boyfriend Peter Strzok, two FBI officials.

ICHEOKU says the POTUS then was President Barack Hussein Obama, who had previously denied and lied to the American people that he does not dabble into any FBI's investigative matter. Really?



"Americans fill the world with art and music. They push the bounds of science and discovery. And they forever remind us of what we should never ever forget: The people dreamed this country. The people built this country. And it's the people who are making America great again. As long as we are proud of who we are, and what we are fighting for, there is nothing we cannot achieve. As long as we have confidence in our values, faith in our citizens, and trust in our God, we will not fail. Our families will thrive. Our people will prosper. And our Nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free." - President Donald John Trump.


ICHEOKU says congratulations to President Donald John Trump for successfully steering America's ship of States for a full year. What the naysayers said will not happen is a reality which they are finding extremely difficult to live with. But their preferences notwithstanding, Make America Great Again is on course and nobody will torpedo it. Once again, congratulations to the leader of Team MAGA on the anniversary of his being sworn in as the 45th POTUS.


ICHEOKU says following an examination of so many nominated individuals, we have determined that this year 2017's man of the year is President Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America. He came into office shooting on both hips and as the year draws to an end, his both guns are still firing and smoking. For standing up to the world and starring down American detractors and being the cheerleader and champion in chief of America, the leader of Team Make America Great Again has earned ICHEOKU's man of the year award 2017. Congratulations to President Donald John Trump.


ICHEOKU says a wisdom of Solomon come to judgment; it is about time the child is given to the rightful mother. Salute to the courage of President Donald John Trump.


"Together with our allies, America's warriors are prepared to defend our nation using the full range of our unmatched capabilities. No one — no dictator, no regime and no nation — should underestimate, ever, American resolve."



ICHEOKU says Queen Crooked Hillary Clinton was caught pants down colluding with the Russians and she has been trying so hard to pull the wool over the eyes of American people over whodunnit. What a lying, contriving, manipulative woman she is, who lies so easily that you wonder whether truth actually exists in her lexicon. Pitiful.



ICHEOKU says finally the circle is about being completed and American people and the world at large will come to know who in fact did the collusion. Queen Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Congress paid Fusion GPS to produce the fake Russian dossier which former CIA chief James Clapper said was the basis for the Trump investigation. Yet, the investigation is still ongoing, despite the now established fact that the basis of it was a manufactured phony. But hey, we shall see.

ICHEOKU says still wondering WHAT HAPPENED and the reason 33,000 emails were deleted and bleach washed? Hopefully American people will soon confirm their suspicion that those shouting themselves hoax with Russian Collusion might indeed be the ones who actually colluded with the Russians. So much for the Russian Reset button. Queen Crooked Hillary Clinton, simply too crooked.



ICHEOKU says another lucky one that survived the abortionist's pincers from the over 360,000 unlucky ones that get flushed out each year. May God help us all have a better resolution about unwanted pregnancies.


ICHEOKU says from being disrespectful to the flag to being unappreciative of the services of the military to overall being anti America; NFL players must learn to check their political activism outside the stadiums. They must not kneel on our dime. ICHEOKU supports the president 1000% on this and hereby calls on every player to respect the sensibilities of the many differently opined fans who paid to watch a game and not to be made mad by their personal political agenda.


“The United States Government is strongly committed to Nigeria’s unity. Important political and economic issues affecting the Nigerian people, such as the allocation of resources, are worthwhile topics for respectful debate in a democracy. Within the context of unity, we encourage all Nigerians to support a de-escalation of tensions and peaceful resolution of grievances. The Indigenous People of Biafra is not a terrorist organization under US law.” - Russell Brooks, United States of America.



"When you lose to somebody who has a 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things — Comey, Russia — you blame yourself. So what did we do wrong? People didn’t know what we stood for, just that we were against Trump. And still believe that." - Senator Charles Schumer, Senior Senator from the State of New York and Democratic Minority Leader in the Senate. ICHEOKU says the statement spoke volume and it spoke for itself. Finally it seems the Democrats have finally turned the corner and are now ready to face up to their abysmal performance in the last presidential election by acknowledging that the American people indeed choose Trump over their Hillary Clinton. Thankfully, they will also now rest their "Russians Did It" cockamamie and find a message they can present to the people and for the good of the country.. Time to move the process forward is now as American people did not buy into the crap of a Russian collusion which they tried unsuccessfully to sell to them.


"North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. As I said, they will be met with the fire and fury and, frankly, power." - President Donald John Trump. ICHEOKU says the Michelin Tire midget at Pyongyang is definitely courting trouble and messing with the wrong man. He probably thinks Barack Obama the redline president is still in office; but unbeknownst to him there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald John Trump and he does not mess around. Hopefully China can rein in the little man before he commits mass suicide with his North Korean people.



ICHEOKU says once again the diminutive midget of Pyongyang has been advised to heed the resolution of the United Nations firm stand against his continuing provocations; and that the total wiping out of his North Korea is now an option should he force the hands of the United States of American military. In a statement by the Defense Secretary Jim Maddog Mattis over its latest nuclear test, the secretary said “Our commitment among the allies are ironclad. Any threat to the United States or its territories, including Guam, or our allies will be met with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming. We are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely North Korea, but as I said, we have many options to do so.” ICHEOKU says does not really know the joker that guy has, but whatever it is will likely very soon be forced out. The world including ICHEOKU is waiting and watching.


ICHEOKU says the time has come and the time is now for the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra to be allowed to choose their self governance and exit from Nigeria going forward.. A referendum on the future of Biafra is a legitimate demand of the people and it is their right to so do. The people of the Nation of Biafra want to go their own way because of the hostilities from other member nations of Nigeria. Let the United Nations order a referendum and let the people decide their own Biafraexit.


"There can be no coexistence with this violence. There can be no tolerating it, no accepting it, no excusing it, and no ignoring it. Every time a terrorist murders an innocent person and falsely invokes the name of God, it should be an insult to every person of faith. Terrorists do not worship God; they worship death. If we do not act against this organized terror, then we know what will happen and what will be the end result. Terrorism's devastation of life will continue to spread, peaceful societies will become engulfed by violence, and the futures of many generations will be sadly squandered. If we do not stand in uniform condemnation of this killing, then not only will we be judged by our people, not only will we be judged by history, but we will be judged by God." - President Donald John Trump.


ICHEOKU says it is worth fighting for, self determination and it is not a crime for a people to aspire for self governance. Indigenous Peoples of Biafra are marching forward and hopefully they will soon get to the promised land. Viva Biafra.

"When two raging fires meet together, they do consume the thing that feeds their fury. Though little fire grows great with little wind, yet extreme gusts do blow out fire." - William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew


“I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have little joy. Non-stop pursuing of wealth will only turn a person into a twisted being, just like me. God gave us the senses to let us feel the love in everyone’s heart, not the illusions brought about by wealth. Memories precipitated by love is the only true riches which will follow you, accompany you, giving you strength and light to go on. The most expensive bed in the world is the sick bed. You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear sickness for you. Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost – Life. Treasure Love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends. Treat yourself well. Cherish others.” - SJ


"The threat of evil is ever present. We can contain it as long as we stay vigilant, but it can never truly be destroyed. - Lorraine Warren (Annabelle, the movie)


“I’m not that interested in material things. As long as I find a good bed that I can sleep in, that’s enough.” - Nicolas Berggruem, the homeless billionaire.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Icheoku says the deafening clamor for President Goodluck Ebelechuku Jonathan to run for president in 2011 is myopic and very short-sighted, juxtaposed with the long term benefit of zoning which is meant to periodically spread Nigeria's leadership throughout the six geographical zones of the country. Put in another way, the clamor is not considerate or sincere, but is fueled by greed, avarice and a certain degree of restiveness by a South-South zone which cannot believe the holly molly luck of their zone's president-by-default son; who became president without fighting for it and now wants to stay put. Icheoku therefore calls on these incensed mob of supporters to please temper the clamor with reason and attendant long term considerations. The Igbo people of Nigeria has a saying that 'when the blind man finished licking the apple (udala) which he managed to stumble upon, let him go and get another one;' and so it is that the South-South Niger Delta must respect what is and not because of opportunism, rock the boat for other minorities of Nigeria attaining the presidency.
Good enough the north has agreed to share their long held political power stranglehold with the rest of the peoples of Nigeria and this zoning and rotation therefore be sustained by every means and sacrifice necessary, including a President Jonathan's non participation in the 2011 presidential election. This spread of power will augur well for everyone in the long run and also will make for sustainability and continuity of political power rotation throughout the six zones of Nigeria. It also will give the North no reason to permanently appropriate power back for themselves, when it eventually gets back to them and will prevent them from refusing to let it go, no matter the premise or pretense. The good enough thing is that years run by very fast and before one knows it, four years would have come and gone; but any political damage resulting from the obstinacy of President Jonathan not to relinquish power to the north for them to complete their eight years term will last forever. Who wants such a permanent political damage, not Icheoku and we beleieve not a considerate and thinking President Jonathan.
The ideal thing for President Goodluck Jonathan to do with any 2011 presidential ambition is to suck it up, discipline himself and let it go for the time being; in order to enable the north to complete and serve out their eight years zonal mandate. He can subsequently thereafter in 2015, spring back as the shoe-in candidate from the South-South and then run his full eight years term. But should he insist, prodded by the political jobbers and praise-singers alike, and go against the grain of the existing zoning system under the subterfuge of completing late President Umaru Yar'Adua's term and eventually have his way, he will have himself to blame. Not only would he stay just four years instead of eight years in office, but he would have by his action, irreparably damaged himself politically as a no respecter of gentleman's agreement. He would also create permanent enemies within the northern political bloc which will forever militate against the people of the South-South who will thence be seen as untrustworthy and usurpers of a trusted mandate. Icheoku says, but a deft and adroit political player faced with President Jonathan's near political dilemma would use his northern vice president against the north, as the PDP's Northern candidate for 2011 presidential election. Thereafter, he would have the vice president now president switch back to him in 2015, based on a serious well-constituted agreement; and Vice President Architect Sambo looks like a gentleman who will not renege on such an understanding.

But unfortunately, surrounded and prodded by the likes of Edwin Clark and other political opportunists of the Niger Delta, President Goodluck Jonathan is speeding headfirst into a political moving train to the worst political disaster any South-South politician will ever make, totally and completely alienating the entire north just because of a four year stint in Aso Rock. Olusegun Obasanjo spent complete eight years therein and motivated by greed, wanted to go for yet another four years simply because he was busy hounding his imaginary enemies and did not know when the eight years sped past. While Obasanjo was there, he ministered only to the needs of his Western region while alienating the North and East regions; but unfortunately for his bloated and sordid ego, both regions survived his umbrage but his tarnished eight year term at Aso Rock did not survive the penmanship of historians of his presidency, which adjudged his time in office as the worst Nigerians have ever seen. So President Jonathan, ask yourself, what kind of tenure do you want to have from 2011 or the type of legacy you want to leave post 2011 in Nigeria by refusing now to relinquish what you supposedly hold in trust for the North as a result of the death of their brother and mandate-holder, the late President Umaru Yar'Adua.
Icheoku is not denying the eminent position President Jonathan held when the late President Yar'Adua died, being his running mate; but wants the current president to know that his temporary unelected presidency would not have been possible but for the misfortune which frowned at Yar'Adua and so should be mindful of karma in his decisions including whether to run or not to run in 2011. Please Jonathan, ignore all those selfish advise you are getting from Ijaw and Niger Delta people alike, emergency strongmen of Nigerian politics, who did not elect your presidency or in any way facilitated it; and do what is right and beneficial to all Nigerians especially the minorities of both North and South. These minorities would not be dreaming of a day in the presidency of Nigeria if not for the zoning arrangement of the PDP, which Icheoku considers sacrosanct and sacred and therefore urge you to respect both the letters and the intent for them to realize their presidential dreams. If any person or Nigeria should fight to uphold such all peoples' zonal arrangement, it should be the minorities in Nigeria which include the Ijaw-man as represented by your very self. But should greed and avarice overrun your reason, forcing you to ignore or discard such an iron-clad all accommodating 'zoning arrangement,' you might be the first and last minority person to ever smell the Aso Rock paints again as president of Nigeria and for four short years.
Icheoku says, a four year stint at Aso Rock is not worth the trouble of mortgaging the long term beneficial guarantee of recalling stays, each time it becomes your zones turn to produce a president; and so you should please be smart in whatever decision your supposed consultations finally brings you to. In view of the long term benefit of zoning of political offices in Nigeria against the backdrop of a Jonathan's 2011 presidential ambition, Icheoku strongly kicks against the attempt by the PDP to do violence to the letters of
S.7(2) (c) of their party’s constitution which stipulates that elective offices in the country would be on rotation basis. The relevant S. 7 (2)(c) of the PDP's constitution states “In pursuance of the principles of equity, justice and fairness, the party shall adhere to the policy of rotation and zoning of party and elective offices and it shall be enforced by the appropriate executive committee at all levels. Icheoku says never a time in the annals of political parties and politicking in Nigeria or elsewhere has the interest of minority ever be so protected and taken care of as in this embodiment of S.7(2)(c) of the PDP's constitution; and we expect the minorities of Nigeria, whose interest has been so protected not to fall for the pittance of a Jonathan's four year term of office in 2011 as opposed to the long vested subsisting terms of office, each time it is their zone's turn to produce a president.
Such auspicious moments will be legion instead of falling for this Jonathan's very tempting 2011 presidency. We are talking about long term benefits instead of this ad-hoc four year taste of the pudding, alongside a fractured polity including an estranged north. If President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is smart and very calculating, this is the time to show it; let him undercut the north by pulling of the rug underneath their feet with his surprise withdrawal from the 2011 presidential run. This will be the biggest political upheaval of this century and then so armed with a supposed lack of ambition, he will proceed to give Nigerians the most coveted free and fair election, with no cloud of an interested incumbent hovering the result of any election. President Jonathan will have nothing to loose, but will emerge a sterling statesman whose voice will always carry more weight as a selfless patriot, who shied away from a golden opportunity to just usurp the presidency of the country but passed it on for love of country. Icheoku says, nothing short of this is a good option; and history will come back to either validate this position or haunt Jonathan forever for being an opportunistic usurper who coveted a Northern mandate as result of death of its custodian.
Were Nigeria a nation or one country, may be this argument would have been mute; but no, Nigeria is a motley of nations, each clamoring for their time and opportunity to aggrandize and appropriate the country's wealth solely for their own region; and the North should be allowed to finish off what their late President Umaru Yar'Adua had started. No other argument holds water as majority of such thuggish apostles for 'Jonathan's 2011 presidency' are all in it for their own selfish economic, financial and political interests. But as with our positions always, Icheoku reiterates that the onus is on President Goodluck Jonathan to wise up and call home his advocacy attack-dogs and hounds, who are trying desperately to push and goad him into committing the worst and most egregious political suicide and sacrilege of all times. Jonathan should not jettison a well reasoned and thought out subsisting PDP's policy of zoning and rotation just because of a piece of porridge of a four year term. It is not worth it. It is selfish. It is self-effacing. It is greedy and it is opportunistic. An intelligent President Jonathan Ebelechuku Goodluck must and should not fall for it.
The nearness of President Jonathan to the 2011 presidential stool is very tempting but it is a trap festooned by sharp tongs which will surely pierce at the heart of Nigeria if not checkmated on time. Between 2011 and 2015 is a short 48 months period and hell will not freeze over if there is no Jonathan's presidency during this time; afterall there was no Jonathan's presidency during the last 48 months prior and Nigeria did not evaporate into thin air. The only thing a current transitional President Jonathan should ensure is that Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida do not in anyway, secure the PDP's mandate; and if he by crook purchases it and wins the election, to have it annulled in order to feed him with the same poisoned venison he force-fed Nigerians through MKO Abiola in 1993. So the strategy is simple, make Vice President Sambo the PDP candidate, get him elected and then turn around and reclaim the mandate in 2015, period. That way President Jonathan would have eaten his cake and had it back; Nigerians will sing his praises to the high heavens as the only man who declined a golden opportunity to become president, conducted a free and fair election and handed over power. So next time when he comes on stage to solicit their votes and support, he will get it one hundred percent having proved himself not to be greedy and hungry for power.
Icheoku urges President Goodluck Ebelechuku Jonathan not to be fooled or stampeded into the 2011 presidential bout by people who do not mean well for either him or Nigeria. Politicians are jobbers and as soon as Jonathan vacates the seat at Aso Rock he will find out the speed with which these current pretenders of love for his office, will readily turn their coats and start praise-singing the next man about town. Is it worth it, no; should Jonathan thwart and destroy the zoning arrangement just because of greed, Icheoku does not think so and hence craves that President Goodluck Ebelchuku Jonathan will do the right thing and let the zoning arrangement stay; and also let the north serve out their term provided it is not through the evil-one, IBB! But peradventure of the conspiracy of the universe, the skinny one, the Islamic fundamentalist Muhammadu Buhari is elected by default of the squabbles in the PDP; and his sole cardinal objective as is being speculated is to put away
the quartet of criminals Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida, Atiku Abubakar and Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, so be it. Nigerians will celebrate his resoluteness in going after and tackling these mongrels who single-handily ruined Nigeria as we know it. So in an ironical way, based on this Buhari's intent, Icheoku is secretly wishing that PDP implodes on its own with their presidential zoning squabble, just like they did with their Anambra State governorship which saw another party's candidate 'selected' in office.
Admitted that Icheoku is not a fan of Buhari for murdering Batholomew Owo and the three others based on a retroactive decree; but anybody who can determinedly go after Obasanjo, Babangida and Atiku primarily will get our support regardless of his past antecedents. Buhari together with Idiagbon also tried to instill discipline in Nigeria with their WAI except that he lost Icheoku when his ADC Jokolo smuggled 53 suitcases into the country without question. But hey, there is no angel in Nigeria without any reproach, so we shall be open to the possibility of forgiving Buhari's high-handed orthodoxy and accept his presidency once he can send these three musketeers, common criminals to prison or even execute them, the Jerry Rawlings style. Nigerians will understand meting out the Chinese treatment of corrupt officials on these three human specimens and will gladly approve of such a bloody measure taken to sanitize the polity.
Finally, President Goodluck Ebelchuku Jonathan, Icheoku implores you to do the right thing, do not run for president this 2011; let the north complete the remainder of their eight year zonal term of office, notwithstanding the temptation and the prodding by many 'funeral undertakers' masquerading as favored politicians who are supporting the move to covet north's term at the presidency. It is simply opportunistic, self-serving and does not do service to the memory of the late President Umaru Yar'Adua, who were he alive, would have been the rightful person now running for a second term. In the final analysis, Icheoku concludes that the flood of "Run Jonathan Run advocacy" is an embodiment of sycophancy in over-drive and must be ignored by a rational President Jonathan. It forebodes a doomsday scenario from which no one will come out unscathed; so defeat the evil of a 2011 run by saying no to these town-criers. Resist their baiting temptation! Please in the interest of one united Nigeria, equity, fairness; and for the future protected interest of other minorities of Nigeria whose dreams of ever getting to the presidency of Nigeria will be permanently foreclosed should you, Jonathan, proceed with the 2011 'zoning-defeating' presidential run, let the 2011 presidential ambition just go. 2015 is so much around the corner and would be yours for the asking; but for Jove's sake, JONATHAN please DO NOT RUN IN 2011.


Anonymous said...

This is a very good piece that jonathan needs to read. He should honor the gentleman agreement of his party.

Anonymous said...

Delta activist says Jonathan's ambition is selfish
August 11, 2010 04:00AM
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An ethnic rights activist, Omolubi Newuwumi, has criticised the proposed South-South youth affirmation and sensitization rally scheduled to take place in Bayelsa State, in support of Goodluck Jonathan's 2011 presidential ambition, saying the rally is against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) zoning arrangement.

Mr Omolubi said in a statement he issued in Warri, Delta State, that while he affirms his loyalty to the Niger Delta struggle where he has been a key player for years, he will not hide from the truth.

He said that though it is true that the south-south has not had the opportunity to rule the country in 50 years after independence, it amounts to hypocrisy if the region now wants to back out of the zoning arrangement because the table has now turned in their favour.

"For example, if not for zoning, would an Ijaw man from Bayelsa State be nominated to be the Vice Presidential candidate for the PDP or become the president? Would an Irsekiri man become governor of Delta State under the PDP, taking into consideration that politics is a game of numbers and both are from the minority?" he asked.

Advantages of zoning

"I also want the Itsekiri to know that the advantages of the principles of zoning are more in favour of minority ethnic nationalities like the Itsekiris, especially in a place like Delta where they have been betrayed, marginalised and sometimes treated with disdain by other ethnic groups because they have the majority."

He said those who are clamoring for the abandonment of the zoning arrangement are selfish and self-seeking individuals whose primary motive is to fan the embers of disunity among the six geo-political zones in the country.

"I also want to remind the people of south-south that zoning is even recognized in the constitution, as stated in the federal character commission which has the responsibility for the sharing of appointments, promotions, employments and even admission procedures in federal government establishments, parastatals and schools.

"Zoning has created peace in time of crisis; it has cooled down frayed nerves in the past. It is also true that without zoning, there will be no true federalism. It also depicts equity, justice and fair play," he said.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan May Not Contest 2011 Polls: Source-Reuters
Posted: August 17, 2010 - 17:48

Goodluck Jonathan
By Felix Onuah
ABUJA (Reuters) - Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is considering not standing in elections due next January but will make his intentions known by the end of the month, a presidency source told Reuters on Tuesday.

An election bid by Jonathan, who is from the southern Niger Delta, could split the ruling party due to an agreement that power rotates between the Muslim north and Christian south every two terms, meaning the next president should be a northerner.

The People's Democratic Party (PDP) has said Jonathan has the right to run, because he was previously vice president on a joint ticket with northern President Umaru Yar'Adua, who died mid-way through his first term earlier this year.

But the party also said that it would uphold the principle of "zoning" and that other candidates were free to contest at its primaries, expected to be held in September.

"He is not likely going to run, simply because his party has retained the zoning of the presidency to the north for the next four years," the presidency source said, asking not to be named.

"Though his party said he can run despite the zoning, the party said this because they didn't want to offend him."

The source said Jonathan would make his intentions public before the end of August. Presidency officials declined comment.

"(He) is a man that always ensures equity and fair play, so he may allow the north to have their remaining four-year term if that will ensure peace and unity," the source said.

A decision by Jonathan not to run would come as a surprise to many in Africa's most populous nation. Never before has an incumbent leader, constitutionally allowed to seek re-election, withdrawn from a presidential race.

It could also lead to protests from his restive Niger Delta homeland, the centre of the mainstay oil and gas industry. Jonathan is Nigeria's first president from the Ijaw ethnic group, the largest in the vast wetlands region.


Recent announcements by Jonathan's administration, from pledges to end chronic power shortages to the imminent passage of long-awaited reforms to the energy sector, have looked more like campaign pledges, heightening expectations he will stand.

"Everybody knows that groups and interests are campaigning for him, and they are well-funded ... Nobody is deceived," said Abubakar Momoh, politics professor at Lagos State University.

"I don't believe in this idea of mobilising but then saying, 'I'm not too sure yet'," he said, adding Jonathan's failure to declare was "impinging on his integrity".

But sources close to the president have been saying for weeks that he is concerned about the implications of ending zoning and about his own credibility as a candidate in polls he says he wants to make free and fair.

Should Jonathan not run in 2011 in order to uphold the zoning principle, his southern home region would be next in line to present a presidential nominee in 2015 and he would be in a position to stand with his credibility intact, his allies say.

Nigeria is roughly equally split between Christians and Muslims and is made up of more than 200 ethnic groups, all of whom generally live peacefully side by side.

But more than 13,500 people have died in religious or ethnic clashes since the end of military rule in 1999, according to U.S.-based Human Rights Watch, violence whose roots lie more in rivalry for land and economic power than in religious fervour.

The notion of sharing power between north and south aims to prevent such disputes becoming a factor in federal politics.

Two northern candidates -- former military leader Ibrahim Babangida, known by his initials IBB, and former vice president Atiku Abubakar -- have already declared they would run against Jonathan to seek the PDP nomination for 2011.