ICHEOKU says there is a female leader in Germany, another one in Britain; so lets get the French one. That way the three major countries across the pond would be on the same gendered leadership platform. Lets empower another woman, elect Mademoiselle Marine Le Pen president of France. She is exactly what the doctor ordered for a France in dire straits and in need of quick recovery from extreme Islamists terrorism. ICHEOKU says make France great again, Vote Le Pen. Help the French recover their homeland, Vote Le Pen. I am ICHEOKU and I approve of this message.

"When two raging fires meet together, they do consume the thing that feeds their fury. Though little fire grows great with little wind, yet extreme gusts do blow out fire." - William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew


“I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have little joy. Non-stop pursuing of wealth will only turn a person into a twisted being, just like me. God gave us the senses to let us feel the love in everyone’s heart, not the illusions brought about by wealth. Memories precipitated by love is the only true riches which will follow you, accompany you, giving you strength and light to go on. The most expensive bed in the world is the sick bed. You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear sickness for you. Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost – Life. Treasure Love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends. Treat yourself well. Cherish others.” - SJ


"The threat of evil is ever present. We can contain it as long as we stay vigilant, but it can never truly be destroyed. - Lorraine Warren (Annabelle, the movie)


Icheoku says regrettably his Vice President Osibanjo, a lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, is fidgeting around, while the president is wrecking havoc to Nigeria's hard fought democracy. Icheoku says by flagrantly disobeying court's orders, the president is doing grave damage to the very foundation on which every democracy is based. Osibanjo, Icheoku says defend your honor as a servant of the law and tell your boss that he has no choice in the matter of releasing detainees who have been granted bail.


Icheoku says the more they hold him, the bigger, the better and the larger he becomes; and more resolved on his quest for an independent homeland of Biafra. A thinking government of Nigeria would let him go and just monitor his activities if they have the time. Icheoku calls on President Muhammadu Buhari and his advisers to let Nnamdi Kanu go, moreso now that two courts of competent jurisdictions have granted him bail, one unconditionally.


“I’m not that interested in material things. As long as I find a good bed that I can sleep in, that’s enough.” - Nicolas Berggruem, the homeless billionaire.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Icheoku says radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh definitely got it wrong this time, trying to pigeonhole the victory of President-elect Donald John Trump in the last election, to conservatism. Icheoku disagrees that any one issue or factor or group or opinion played the most important role in his election. Donald Trump was propelled to victory by so many things and several factors, which appealed to the  disparate peoples from different political divides, as well as other groups which galvanized into Team MAGA. It was this coalition of different people with different political philosophies that came together to form the movement which put Trump into office. 

Therefore for anyone including Rush Limbaugh to now try to claim victory or attempt to do the victory lap flying only a conservative flag is a great disservice to the millions of people who are not conservatives but who chipped in, one way or the other, to bring about the election victory. Icheoku belongs to this class of "others", the non neo-conservatives and proudly so; and so also are the millions of Ross Belt blue-dog Democrats who turned out to help elect Donald Trump president. So Donald Trump won the election, not conservatism.Rush Limbaugh did not even endorse Donald Trump neither did he passionately campaign for him both during the primaries as well as the election proper; and was literally telling primaries voters to embrace Ted Cruz as being the most conservative of the two during the primaries. 

Taking the matter a little further, Icheoku says that Donald Trump himself is not even a conservative strictly speaking, the reason the conservative wing of the Republican Party never wanted him nor supported him during the presidential campaign. So many of them including Speaker Paul Ryan went on records to disavow their support for the president-elect; and many of them also backed Ted Cruz as the representative of their brand of conservatism. It is on record too that non of the conservative former presidents backed or supported him to the extent that some of them did not even vote for Donald Trump. Icheoku says but for the person and personality and resounding message of Donald Trump, Icheoku would have stayed out the election and would not have devoted a minuscule of time and energy and resources campaigning or being involved in the election campaign. But victory has so many details and with his victory now comes all these emergent fans of Donald Trump which as far as Icheoku is concerned, is not a problem; but emphatically says that neither Rush Limbaugh nor any other group of political ideology should claim ownership of the victory. 

Many people that voted for Donald Trump were swayed by his message and saw him as a centrist populist who has a great love for country and who wants to do his best for country. Donald Trump is not an ideologue and so are several millions of Americans who flocked to him; people who saw in him what they have been looking for in American politics - a moderate centrist, who encapsulates a little bit of this and that from both sides and who would meet many Americans half way. America has since moved on from far left this and far right that as many people wanted something in the middle and Donald Trump represents this craving. His message Make America Great Again is neither a conservative nor a liberal desire; it is all Americans desire. His message, create jobs for Americans is neither a conservative nor liberal agenda but an all American agenda. His message of America first sounds every inch an all American message regardless of the political philosophy of either partisans. His message to repeal and replace Obamacare was agreeable to most sensible Americans who knows that the healthcare as it stands cannot be sustained efficiently. His message to secure the borders and reform immigration is also an all American project. His message to appoint well qualified judges appeals to majority of Americans too. His message to renegotiate NAFTA, TPP and other trade deals and trade fairly is a message that every American, regardless of their political shade, appreciates. His message to African Americans what have they got nothing to lose also appeals to every African American, both conservatives and liberals alike. 

Overall, President-elect had a well tailored message which resonated among millions of Americans across the various political divides who trooped out to vote him into the White House. Therefore Rush Limbaugh and his ilk in the conservatives talking far-right should not hijack Team MAGA or in any way try to exact 100% ownership of the victory. They should also not try or attempt to alienate all those other non conservatives who took shelter under the umbrella of Team MAGA and who helped build the movement that facilitated the election of Donald John Trump president of the United States of America. Nobody will allow them to take ownership of the victory because they did not achieve it alone and all by themselves; and no one will allow them to push them out of the Team MAGA tent, period. President-elect Donald John Trump is a leader of a movement embodying various political lineages but not exclusive conservatism. Therefore these conservatives talking heads must allow peace to reign within the big tent of Team MAGA  and be more realistic that they would not be allowed to reap where they did not sow. They are just part of a whole but not the whole that made the election victory possible; and they must also understand this in order for peace to reign within the tent. Rush Limbaugh's latest cheerleading is okay but he should please keep it within bounds and not try to over push his current "conservatives ideas were voted for in this election" agenda, because it was not, admitted inclusive.

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