ICHEOKU says she got the gravitas and she has the personality to use charm offensive to rebuild France and quickly too. Away with Islamist terrorism and help make France safe again, VOTE MARINE LE PEN for president.
"When two raging fires meet together, they do consume the thing that feeds their fury. Though little fire grows great with little wind, yet extreme gusts do blow out fire." - William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew


ICHEOKU says she got the gravitas and she has the personality to use charm offensive to rebuild France and quickly too. Away with Islamist terrorism and help make France safe again, VOTE MARINE LE PEN for president.


ICHEOKU says there is a female leader in Germany, another one in Britain; so lets get the French one. That way the three major countries across the pond would be on the same gendered leadership platform. Lets empower another woman, elect Mademoiselle Marine Le Pen president of France. She is exactly what the doctor ordered for a France in dire straits and in need of quick recovery from extreme Islamists terrorism. ICHEOKU says make France great again, Vote Le Pen. Help the French recover their homeland, Vote Le Pen. I am ICHEOKU and I approve of this message.


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Monday, April 11, 2016


Icheoku says President Barack Hussein Obama has nearly completed his two term of eight years presidency without any scandal so far. Icheoku prays and wishes the president well in hopefully riding out the remainder of his presidency without any scandal either; except that the Hillary Clinton's emailgate scandal is somewhat, increasingly, threatening to tarnish that unblemished record. Any attempt by the president to cover up for Hillary Clinton or in any way influence the outcome of the investigation might result in the biggest scandal of out time and might torpedo his presidency, the Nixon way. The whole world and Americans are watching and waiting and nothing else will provide the president's numerous critics and haters the opportunity to say I told you so than a president impeached for trying to pervert the cause of justice. 

To this effect therefore, Icheoku says the president must stay as far away as is humanly possible from entering or even nearing the fray and let the Department of Justice's Federal Bureau of Investigation do its job. If at the end of the day, they come up with any decision, the American people can live with it. But the president must not either by his body language or any other telegraphic message or suggestion or inference signal to the investigating authorities that he would rather Hillary Clinton is not found indictable, regardless of whatever trove of evidence that may be available to them, upon which Hillary Clinton could be indicted and possibly convicted. 

This is because when a president of the United States of America, the man who appointed the Attorney General, under whose jurisdiction, the Director of the FBI serves, suggests or seems to suggest that a person under their investigation did not commit the crime for which she is being investigated, such statement is indeed very far-reaching. It is capable of levying preemptive consequences on the investigation and thereby render useless whatever the eventual findings. If it were to find the former Secretary of State indictable, it  would conflict with the president's earlier position and no person appointed by the president would easily go against the wishes of such her appointor. If otherwise indictable and the appointees decide to save their jobs by not indicting, the findings will leak, resulting in a big scandal. If nothing was found, eyebrows of a possible influenced outcome will still be raised.

President Barack Obama would have cleverly stayed out by not offering an opinion; but by so stating his position, he has fully inserted himself in a matter still under investigation and such is inimical to fair administration of justice; both to the investigating authorities and the suspect. Either way there will be conflict - if she is indicted, it will be going against the president's wish and if she is not, it will be that the president influenced the decision. 

Icheoku is says listening to what the president said in the interview with Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace that "I continue to believe that she (Hillary Clinton) has not jeopardized America's national security;" the question then remains, would the president's judgment have been wrong if the FBI eventually comes up with indictable charge against Hillary Clinton? How could the president be so certain in his believe that Hillary Clinton did not jeopardize national security when investigation to determine that is still ongoing? Icheoku says the best practice would have been for the president to respond that the issue is still under investigation, hence he is handicapped to dabble into the matter by offering his opinion. But no, a president, rather anxious to burnish his former rival and former secretary of State decided to throw his weight into the matter and now Americans are wondering what is going on and if any official's arms is being twisted in favor of Hillary Clinton. 

Icheoku laments that the belated attempt to fix what he said fell flat because saying that there is carelessness on the part of Hillary Clinton in managing her emails is not enough. A person entrusted with such a high level security clearance cannot be careless in any way as to probably endanger the security of the nation in any form, including being careless with managing her official emails. Icheoku, like many Americans, are not buying it that a woman who engineered the killing of African King Moummer Gaddafi after he surrendered his nuclear weaponry program; paid compensation for the Lockerbie bombing; handed over the mastermind of the bombing; opened up his country for Western businesses, including his vast oil reserves and was making every effort to become a very good world citizen, is a resume of doing an outstanding job. 

Where then lies the trust and confidence among comity of nations, when a man who was misled into changing his old ways, believing in the veracity of assurances received from the West, was so betrayed? Which other rogue leader in the world, of whatever axis of evil, would ever again trust the West in reaching any understanding, with regard to conflicting issues, after the tragedy that was Moummer Gaddafi's fate in the hands of Secretary Hillary Clinton's State Department. Yet she did a great job according to the president? That Libya as we knew it previously is no more, courtesy of Hillary Clinton, is yet another bitter pill for the world to swallow. But the supervisor of the mayhem that is a failed Libya is being lauded by the president as doing an outstanding job. 

Icheoku says if the president is not trying to burnish Hillary Clinton's records, nothing else so qualifies. It was under Hillary Clinton's stewardship in the State Department that the laughable 'reset button' with Russia took place and Ukraine is a mess today as a result. The Arab Spring Revolution is still a spewing disaster in the Middle East and some parts of North Africa, including the birth of ISIS and it was also midwifed by the top American diplomat, Hillary Clinton, that did outstanding job, according to President Obama?

Icheoku says whatever the motive, if any, President Barack Obama must stay out of the ongoing Hillary Clinton's email-gate scandal investigation. Let the FBI complete their investigation and adjudge her accordingly - either or not indictable for mishandling classified information by using private email server for work related communication during her four long years as Secretary of State. Until then, the president must treasure and guard with all his sinew the remainder of his presidency, which he has almost completed without any scandal, and saving Hillary Clinton is not worth risking it being besmirched now with a scandal. 

America have enough scandals already and don't want another one; not after Iran-Contra gate; Watergate; White Water gate; MonicaLewinsky-gate and Weapons of Mass destruction gate. Americans are not ready to have yet another Emailgate scandal which a cover up or attempt thereat of the ongoing Hillary Clinton email scandal will foist. Let the tree fall where it is cut and if Hillary Clinton is indicted, so be it; but the president must and should butt out and stay out the ongoing investigation. That the president said he does not talk to the Attorney General or the FBI about pending and ongoing investigations is not enough; as the appearance of it suffices and the president must avoid this read or interpretation. Please Mr President, no more opinions on the ongoing email-gate scandal. Allow the FBI to do the deciding, whether or not Hillary Clinton breached national security by her conduct and action. 

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