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Monday, July 5, 2010


In local parlance, Nigerians “go say, e don happen again o! This time na for Tampa Florida USA where a Naija man again don kill im wife o!” Icheoku says stress, stress, stress and a foolish illogical attempt to put out the stress-source for good? Such stress-source under advisement here, most always, is usually hydra-headed and manifests in various forms from the mundane to the understandable; but does not justify or excuse such a heinous act as taking the life of another, especially that os a spouse. If Icheoku recalls correctly, there is a word in English Language known as ‘taking a walk’ which in Yoruba language translates to "Je ka alo". Icheoku does not think that any amount of stress given to a husband by his Nigerian wife in America, warrants the taking of her life; and we hereby once again condemn such act as both wicked and cowardly.
Admitted it is always easier to do the Monday night quarterbacking, long after the players had taken their shower in the locker-room; but at least you know our position on matters of life and death especially that of a spouse in the hand of the other? But what rational mind has ever taken the life of another one may ask, as in most cases? Such crime is always premised on the spur of the moment when maddening rage overtakes the accused's reasoning faculty and a hitherto reasonable man, overcame with the rage of a marauding beast, succumbs as he embarks on that journey to the land of infamy!
As a popular aphorism goes, anyone can remain an angel when no one ruffles their feathers; and anyone can also maintain his cool when no one unreasonably tasked his patience. So how many people can withstand the rude shock and odium of finding out that the child who you reasonably believed is your child, cared for, provided for, nurtured, dotted and loved so much, showering him with bountiful love and affection 24/7 until he turned eighteen years old, is not after-all your child? That the woman you called your lovely wife has taken you for a ride on a journey to lala-land; and deceived you for eighteen long years into believing that a love-child she had with another man is your child? We are talking about an only child and a male for an African man whose culture places very high value and premium on such male successor to the family lineage, tree, pedigree and name? Who will not loose his mind under the circumstance; but controlling it is where some people may differ with the accused in this case?
Imagine the pain of a father suddenly discovering after eighteen long years of bonding with his only child and “son”, watching him grow into a young man, attending his school’s basket ball games, going fishing with him, teaching him the ways of a decent respectful men, how to barbecue on July 4th as well as other holidays; and such other father and son familial relationships that transform boys into men, that he has been fooled by a wife who had an adulterous relationship and that the “son” was a product of that illegitimate sexual dalliances with her fringing adulterous lover? Like the biblical God’s quest to find a few good men in Lot’s Sodom and Gomorrah in order to spare them, Icheoku says, not many reasonable and rational men would be found under the circumstance.
Passion overtook his reasoning alongside his motors and turned a once rational professional man, husband and father into an incensed raging beast! The result, a bloody scene caused by gaping wounds on now lifeless female body and what used to be his wife? An industrious and well educated family man, who has never had any run-in with the law, now stands accused and charged with the murder of his wife and supposed mother of his only son? A pharmacist by training and trade, who owns a pharmacy and also doubled as an entrepreneur, president cum owner of a thriving African restaurant; who worked very hard and sometimes comes home frequently around 10pm, just in order to live and bequeath his family the American dream? Now suddenly he finds himself in orange jumpsuit, leg chains and body manacles just because of that lapse in judgment when he succumbed to his passion and the rest is now history as he stand accused of killing his wife of eighteen years and mother of his "son?"

A nightmare come to live of great proportion; and he must be wishing now that God never made him in the first place or that he never lived to see that day when everything he lived and worked for unraveled before his eyes and within a splitting moment, forcing some tears of "Had I known" out of his eyes as the judge read his charges in the court room. Icheoku believes that Pharmacist Olufemi Oladapo Ademoye was not crying because he is afraid of hanging or being giving the lethal injection or to attract sympathy or subtly ask to be sent home a freeman, no, Mr. Ademoye most likely was shedding, “the whys" tears?

Could he have taken a walk and never looked back, you bet. Could he have divorced the adulterous wife, what a good option on hindsight. Could he have adopted the child as he had done involuntarily all these eighteen years, what an excellent alternative? Could he have even committed suicide, after-all he is a pharmacist with access to some lethal cocktails, what a preferred option juxtaposed to what he is currently facing now? Execute him for what he did without his senses, Icheoku does not think it is a good option since there was no malice aforethought to warrant such excessive vengeful eye-for-an-eye punishment? Luckily enough he is charged with second degree murder which does not carry a death sentence. Send him away for good of his natural life, and then his “son” would have lost both his parents with no one to be there for him and see him take a wife in marriage. But should he just walk away a free man from killing his wife, no, as that will be belittling the value of human life; so he should be punished for letting his rage get the better part of him resulting in the loss of a life - that of his wife and mother of his "son." Like Portia said in William Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, just a pound of flesh and no blood:- just enough but no more which in this case will be a measured and proportionate reasonable jail term. With no priors or any incident or history of domestic violence, his lawyer, Fehintola Oguntebi also of Tampa, stands a good chance of getting a lenient sentence for his traumatized accused client, a psychological victim of a wife’s lies, deceit and conceit of 18 long years, passing off a love-child as his which made him to loose it and snap upon discovering the betrayal.

Olufemi Oladapo Ademoye, 52, a pharmacist, restaurateur and Nigerian, living in Tampa Florida USA, has joined the ignoble club of Diaspora Nigerian men wife killers. He was taken into custody on June 16, 2010 at 9.56 am by the Hillsborough County Sheriff office, Tampa Florida charged with second-degree murder of his wife and mother of his “son”. Juliet Ademoye, 53 died as result of a trauma to her head and upper chest region of her body inflicted be a blunt object. Mr. Olufemi Ademoye's weapon of choice was a “weapon meant for baseball," a baseball bat” which he deployed dutifully in smashing his wife’s cranium, thereby purchasing for her an express one-way ticket out of this world. The tragic incident happened at the couple’s home at 8615 Villa Largo Drive Tampa Florida, 33614. According to the story, Olufemi Ademoye came across several emails of his wife of 18 years, in which she told her lover in Nigeria of their love-child and that the couple’s only son does not belong to her husband but him, the Nigerian lover-boy? Icheoku says this means that all through the eighteen years during which she pretended to be a dutiful wife that she was in love with someone else? The source also confirmed that the late wife was already pregnant when she met and married Mr. Ademoye but never disclosed that foundational fact but misled her husband for eighteen long and tortuous years that he was the biological father of their only child-son. Recall American rap artist Kanye West had warned about such unknown fathering of another man's child in his killer song the "Gold Digger;" where a similarly situated man found out after eighteen years of being a dad to his woman's son that he wasn't his afterall; and that woman even used money meant for the upkeep of the son for her own personal matters?

Still wondering why the epidemic rise in number of Diaspora Nigerians, who are steadily having their hands bloodied with the crimson life-liquid of their spouses and mothers of their children? Still wondering if the malaise is an exclusive preserve of Nigerians at the bottom end of the totem pole of economic well-being in America like frustrated low income earners who are the constant butt of their ‘American-nurse’ wives’ callous wicked jokes and taunts?
No, not anymore as well paid Nigerian professionals are now joining the club of infamy of "Nigerian-men wives killers," and in great numbers. The latest entrant and ‘honoree’ to this "Hall of Shame" is a Yoruba Nigerian from Lagos State. Mr. Olufemi Oladapo Ademoye is a pharmacist owner/president of Crown Pharmacy of 1459 W. Busch Boulevard Tampa Florida 33612 with telephone number 813.514.6800. He also runs a restaurant, African Eateries, located at 320 W. Waters Avenue, Tampa Florida where he also employed his late wife. He is also a foundation member of Oduduwa Descendants of Tampa, Inc. Florida; a Marketing Services group which appears to be now defunct? So why would this educated and successful Nigerian take the life of his fellow Nigerian wife and mother of his “son”?

This would be the natural beginner’s question for any interviewer; but Icheoku asks, could the questioner start the interview by asking the accused person, “how long have you quietly suffered the torture that led you to the present; and what was the final straw that broke the camel's back for you and did you ever consider leaving by moving out and moving on? Series of questions could be asked; but hey, the did is done and whatever remained of his American dream will now be completed somewhere behind cold steal bars in the big house.
Pharmacist Olufemi Ademoye, Icheoku says to you, walking away would have been a far better option as the action you took, taking the life of another, your wife and mother of your “son” will neither bring you any sympathy nor resolve the problem that forced your hands or pushed you. Except of course you belong to the self-help school of thought that would rather see the source of their problem immediately go away forever and for good; ensuring that nothing is sticking around any longer as a constant reminder to them of failed endeavors and dreams aborted, it is going to be one heck of a ride of too many "Had I knowns." What an unfortunate rage that compromised this family's life:- a dead wife killed by a soon to go away for a very long time husband and a son without any parents, whose paternity triggered the tragedy. Simply put, another pathetic tragic case of a Nigerian lost in America, whose American dream has now gone sour, transformed into a living nightmare on his own Ellis Street!


Anonymous said...

Mr Ademoye has raised his son to be a most respected teenager and he must have been a wise dad since the son is awesome. This report may be inaccurate as the age of the son is not 18. If one aspect of the article is wrong, since the Ademoye son is 16 years old, more checking should be done. The reason of passion killing needs look at the marriage certificate and the boys birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should get your facts straight before publishing a story such as this one. A lot of things in this story are false! I understand that you want to keep your readers' attention but that should not mean embellishing facts!

Anonymous said...

It is very obvious that the person who wrote this story got his facts from a "source" who is a friend to Mr Ademoye. Did the police see the mails exchanged between his wife to her supposed "lover"? Is there any physical evidence supporting Mr. Ademoye's Claim of his wife's infidelity? I know these family well and this story is definitely incorrect!!! Mr. Ademoye just gave a "sob story" to cover up the truth....... the truth is, He cold-heartedly murdered his wife due to no reason at all! Until pieces of evidence are produced to prove otherwise,let people know what really happened!!!
I'll implore "icheoku" to get his facts right before spreading totally false stories!

Anonymous said...

I met the son at my daughter's sixteenth birthday party in April of 2009 and understood why my daughter spoke of this classmate. I was eager to meet him after she described how special he was. His spirit radiates joy, confidence and openness. My daughter forbade me from hugging him. I remember thinking about what a special home life he must have. Specifically, I thought about what wonderful parents he must have and wished I could meet them.
All in all his parents love him dearly. I want this son to know that he is dearly loved and missed by his friends from school in Tampa and by this mother. If he should ever read this, contact the birthday girl on FaceBook. She is your sister for life and I am your aunt for life. ... My/Our dear son.

Anonymous said...

This story is completely false. Did anyone see these emails??? Femi was an overpowering man. I last saw him when i was a child and he treated his wife horribly he was just too jealous i loved aunty toyin her and my mum grew up together and remained great friends the news of het murder burned our hearts and i hope Femi rots in jail.

frank afenkhena said...